More Than Just Java: These Small-Batch Coffee Roasters Give Back

There has arguably never been a better time to make coffee at home. Gone are the days of being limited to plastic containers of mass-produced ground coffee; grocery stores now have entire aisles displaying high-quality beans from coffee roasters across the country.

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Reading: Best small batch coffee

See also: 14 Memphis Coffee Shops to Add to Your Must-Try List

Reading: Best small batch coffee

given the sheer number of amazing roasteries in the usa. In the US, and the wide range of preferences for how people like their coffee, it’s impossible to say who is the best of the best. instead, we are focusing on those who make stellar coffee and are forces for good in their communities. from sourcing sustainable ingredients to helping the underserved and more, the eight coffee roasters below are going the extra mile.

our favorite small batch coffee roasters

1. drift coffee

While many coffee roasters claim to have transparent ingredients on their bags (they list the type of bean and any additives, for example), driftaway coffee, a sustainability-focused coffee roaster from brooklyn, goes a step further. Everything about the company’s coffee sourcing is public record, including where the beans come from and how much farmers are paid. driftaway’s packaging is also 100% compostable (made entirely from plant-based materials), and the company offsets its shipping emissions as well.

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Reading: Best small batch coffee

2. nostalgia coffee roasters

baristas in coffee shops often work for tips, which can be a feast or a starvation existence. Taylorfields, the San Diego-based founder of roaster nostalgia, decided to change that: He created a salary structure so full-time team members never had to work two jobs (impressive considering San Diego isn’t a particularly cheap to live in). each staff member is paid a salary, or what the camps call “a prosperous salary.” the coffee is thriving, too: each of the nostalgia blends has earned at least 90 points in the coffee review.

3. greater goods coffee co.

With a name like greater goods, it’s no surprise this roaster has altruistic motives to go along with its signature blends. The Austin, TX-based couple behind the label partners exclusively with growers who follow sustainable farming practices and pay their workers fair wages. But that’s not all: every bag of higher-quality coffee sold helps support one of four Texas charities, and the company has even set up a training lab where you can learn everything from how to make latte art to how to become a coffee taster.

4. oakland coffee works

We won’t point fingers, but celebrity forays into the realm of food and drink can often be pretty lackluster. that’s not the case at oakland coffeeworks, a coffee roastery run by billie joe armstrong, mike dirnt and green day’s tre cool. The brand uses only certified organic beans from a network of small farms and cooperatives and follows fair trade practices to ensure farmers earn a living wage. When it comes to coffee, the label focuses on single-origin roasts, and that dedication has shown impressive results: it produces a genuinely flavorful, smooth java.

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Reading: Best small batch coffee

5. treeline coffee roasters

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it wasn’t enough for this bozeman coffee roaster, mt to make coffee that tastes good. the team behind the brand also wanted their coffee to be good. One barbecue, called al fresco (wo)man, utilizes an all-female supply chain in an effort to empower female growers, harvesters, and importers. The Unity Blaze Blend seeks to promote unity in the outdoors through a partnership with the Black Folks Camp organization as well. the owners are also very involved in the sourcing process and regularly visit their growers around the world. we recommend treeline’s roasted yu-ba-le-la, which serves up rich notes of dark chocolate and black cherry.

6. kaladi brothers coffee

did you know that anchorage, alaska has the second highest number of coffee shops per capita in the country? residents of the 49 state take their coffee consumption seriously. Chances are good that if you visit a locally owned cafe in Alaska’s largest city, the bean of choice will be a Kaladi brothers roasted coffee. The company is Alaska’s favorite coffee roaster for a reason: Not only is the coffee top-notch, but the brand actively gives back to the community in ways big and small (often through donations from its java that fuels the adventure at local events).

7. bean & coffee bean roasters

if you’re looking for a cup of coffee that packs an impact, bean & Coffee Bean Roasters in New York City is a solid choice. Not only can you trace the origin of your beans back to the farmer (who is often female, part of the brand’s ongoing efforts to close the gender gap in the industry), but the roaster also donates one percent of all Proceeds to the Costa Rica-based Sloth Institute to help injured sloths reintegrate into healthy ecosystems. be sure to try the honey coffee, it’s a little sweeter than regular coffee, so you can probably skip the sugar packet.

8. shared notes

When you consider what pairs well with white wine, coffee probably doesn’t come to mind. But Shared Notes, a joint venture by husband-and-wife team Jeff Pisoni and Bibiana González Rave, is unique in that it’s both a dynamic winery (brewing predominantly Sauvignon Blanc) and a coffee roastery as well. shared notes has some very specific requirements for the farms from which it sources the coffee beans. each farm must be 100 percent fair trade, organic, and women-owned. the result? a more equitable and sustainable supply chain, and very tasty coffee.

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