The 10 Largest Coffee Brands In The United States

When you wake up early in the morning, there are a few things that first come to mind. turning off those alarm beeps, brushing your teeth, and most of all, getting to that morning cup of coffee as quickly as humanly possible. that burst of caffeine can perk a drinker up for the day ahead.

For people who depend on a cup of coffee to get going, coffee is a necessity of life. That’s why America’s largest coffee brands collectively generate billions of dollars in revenue annually and sell in thousands of grocery stores around the world.

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The largest coffee brands sold in the United States include:

Americans drink 146 billion cups of coffee per year

10 most important coffee brands in the united states

  1. starbucks. seattle, washington

    2021 annual revenue: $24.61 billion year founded: 1971

    With over 30,000 locations in 78 countries, it’s impossible to ignore Starbucks’ impact on the global coffee market in 2021. Based on revenue by a wide margin, Starbucks is now the world’s largest coffee brand , and its size is estimated only to grow more in the coming years.

    The coffee chain opened its initial location in 1971 in the Seattle Pike Place Market. Its three founders were inspired by the success of Peet’s Coffee and Tea when creating the concept of Starbucks.

    After its first decade in business, Starbucks had opened four locations in Seattle that were becoming increasingly popular for their fresh, high-quality coffee.

    Its era of expansion continued slowly throughout the 1990s, with stores throughout North America as the company changed hands from founders to Howard Schultz. In the 21st century, Starbucks went global and secured its position as the world’s largest coffee producer. a title the company has held ever since.

    starbucks has achieved its incredible level of success due to the powerful brand and customer experience they have created. a customer can go to starbucks in new york city or bangkok and receive an identical experience.

    In recent years, expansion of the Starbucks coffee brand had extended to grocery stores when Nestlé took over this faction of the company.

    Although the company was initially hesitant to sell its coffee brand in other stores, Starbucks has been successful in this arena for similar reasons. Customers know what they’ll get when they buy a bag of Starbucks ground coffee anywhere.

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    dr. keurig. pepper snapple group (green mountain coffee roasters). flat, tx

    annual revenue in 2021: $12,683 million year founded: 1981

    The early history of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters is best told by explaining its founder, Robert Stiller. Stiller stumbled into the coffee business a bit after founding the wider E-Z cigarette rolling paper company. He bought a retail coffee shop in Vermont on a whim upon tasting his delicious brew.

    A few years before Green Mountain Coffee Roasters turned a profit, it finally took off. However, in the 1990s, the company began to move away from stores and leaned more towards wholesale 80 varieties of coffee to its more than 2,000 customers along the East Coast.

    the following year, green mountain coffee roasters were shipping internationally and devoting all their energy to ground coffee products.

    In 1997, Green Mountain Coffee partnered with a company called Keurig to become the first roaster to offer its revolutionary single-serve technology in the form of K-Cups sold in grocery stores.

    Within the decade, Green Mountain acquired Keurig, Inc. completely and changed its name to keurig green mountain to reflect both companies.

    The most recent occurrence on the company’s timeline has been the hiring of dr. pepper snapple group for $18.7 billion and changed its name to keurig dr. Pepper. As a whole, this beverage conglomerate generates more than six billion dollars a year, but the coffee portion of its operations only represents a small percentage of this revenue.

    Due to the organization’s ties to the coffee industry and its continually popular k-cup products sold in grocery stores, it is still considered one of the largest coffee brands in the world.

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    lavazza. turin, italy

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    annual revenue in 2021: $2.34 billion year founded: 1895

    Established more than a century ago, Lavazza is one of the most popular and longest-selling coffee brands in the United States. The two billion dollar brand began as a single grocery store in Turin, Italy, opened by Luigi Lavazza. The espresso company is still run by members of the fourth-generation Lavazza family today.

    By the turn of the century, Lavazza’s only grocery store was set to take over Italy’s coffee scene. it was a big goal, but lavazza became a big contributor to the espresso culture taking over italy.

    The brand finally started exporting its packaged coffee all over the world. their use of canned containers allowed their products to stay fresh during long import trips to other countries.

    The Lavazza name is synonymous with Italian espresso throughout the world, thanks to the company’s diligence in mass exporting its products. The brand allows you to enjoy the traditional taste of Italian espresso from the comfort of your home in America.

    lavazza continues to be one of the fastest growing coffee brands in the world after 126 years in business shipping its beans and coffee beans to more than 90 countries.

    dunkin brand group. canton, ma

    annual revenue: $832 million foundation year: 1950

    dunkin’ donuts was founded by william rosenberg in quincy, massachusetts, when he saw a hole in the market to feed shipyard workers his lunch. he sold a variety of items, but noticed that the top sellers were donuts and coffee.

    capitalized on this trend by opening a store called dunkin’ donuts with these specialties. the store quickly saw enormous success. Dunkin Donuts began opening locations in Massachusetts and would soon become a predominant coffee force globally.

    It wasn’t until the mid-2000s that Dunkin’ began selling its brand of ground coffee and beans at retailers like Wal-Mart, Kroger and CVS. this was done to expand their brand in the grocery sphere as their competitors were doing at the time.

    The expansion proved successful, as Dunkin’ Donuts remains one of the best-selling coffee brands in the United States, offering customers nearly twenty varieties of ground coffee in bags for purchase.

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    peet’s coffee. emeryville, ca

    annual revenue: 500 million dollars year of foundation: 1966

    peet’s coffee started its brand in california and expanded from there. Alfred Peet, a Dutch immigrant to the United States who had family ties to the wholesale coffee bean and roasting business, established it as a unique location near the University of Berkeley campus.

    Unlike many stores, Peet’s Coffee only sold its hand-roasted beans to customers by the bag instead of brewed cups. This business model proved fruitful as Peet’s Coffee quickly opened more places to sell its products.

    Peet’s Coffee has changed hands several times over the years, including falling into the hands of Starbucks co-investors for a time. throughout it all, the brand has managed to maintain its business consistently.

    Today, there are 236 Peet’s coffee retail stores in the United States, and the wholesale bean sells it in 14,000 grocery stores and colleges.

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    caribou cafe. minneapolis, mn

    2021 annual revenue: $262.0 million year founded: 1992

    Caribou coffee is one of the youngest competitors in the roasting market at just thirty years old. Kimberly and John Puckett founded Caribou Coffee after a backpacking trip to Alaska that inspired them with euphoria. They came up with the brand name after seeing a herd of wild caribou on the descent of their hiking trip.

    The goal was to enter the burgeoning gourmet coffee market that had penetrated the United States and the rest of the world. they met this goal.

    caribou became another great coffee brand that grew out of a single location in a small town. Today, there are 443 Caribou Coffee locations in the United States and about 200 more around the world. In addition to its store locations, Caribou Coffee also sells its products in grocery stores to gain a competitive edge in the homebrew landscape.

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    the folger coffee company. orville, oh

    annual revenue: 204.7 million dollars year of foundation: 1850

    folgers is the largest producer of ground coffee products in america. The brand’s origins date back to 1850, when James A. Folger started a unique coffee importing company for its quality standards. Folger’s began to grow dramatically during the 1900s, when Frank Atha’s marketing improved marketing operations.

    folgers was at the forefront of developments in the grocery store coffee market throughout history, such as the rise of instant coffee in the form of “folgers crystals”. “the best part of waking up is folgers in your cup.”

    In 2008, Folgers was acquired by J.M. smucker company and has continued to experience consistent success ever since.

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    bustelo coffee. new york, ny

    annual revenue: $150 million foundation year: 1928

    Café Bustelo was founded nearly a century ago by Gregorio Bustelo in Harlem when he was inspired by the robustness of Latin American espresso. The coffee brand began as a simple effort to bring the bold flavor of Cuban coffee to a small corner of New York.

    The success of the brand quickly accelerated and café bustelo began distributing its products in convenience stores in nearby districts.

    the café bustelo brand continued to slowly expand its availability network in small stores. in 2011 café bustelo was obtained by j.m. smuckers company, and the brand began reaching homes nationwide.

    While the café bustelo brand was born many years ago, today, it’s hard to miss its bright yellow canned espresso found on grocery and convenience store shelves across the country.

    eight o’clock coffee. montvale, new jersey

    annual revenue: $106 million year of foundation: 1859

    eight o’clock is the oldest coffee brand that continues to participate in the market today. The company was established by the large Atlantic Pacific Tea Company to sell bags of whole beans to consumers. in its first decades, the eight o’clock mark had captured more than a quarter of the US market.

    eight o’clock has continued to diversify its products in the 21st century to include ground coffee to compete with the other big brands sold in grocery stores. They managed to accomplish this task because Eight O’Clock remains one of the largest coffee brands available in the United States.

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    maxwell house. tarrytown, new york

    annual revenue: $20 million year of foundation: 1892

    Founded in 1892, Maxwell House is another coffee brand with a long history in the United States. The brand is named after one of the café’s earliest loyal customers, the Maxwell House Hotel in Tennessee. After receiving an overwhelmingly positive reaction from customers, Maxwell House began to define and expand its coffee brand.

    Much of Maxwell House’s success is attributed to its early marketing days in the 1920s. The brand began using the catchy slogan “good to the last drop” to market its coffee and invested much of its capital in radio, television and print advertising.

    maxwell house broke a record for its huge spending on advertising and quickly became the best known coffee brand in the united states at the time.

    maxwell house was also attuned to the technological advances that emerged in the late 1990s, such as automatic drip coffee makers. they made the necessary adaptations to their products to adapt to these innovations.

    While not as influential in today’s marketplace, their approach to the coffee business has established Maxwell House as one of America’s largest coffee brands more than a century later.

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