Top 5 National Parks Coffee Table Books for 2022

The centerpieces of any avid reader’s living room, coffee table books are large and often quite heavy books, packed with detailed information. often, as is the case with the following national parks coffee table books, they also contain many beautiful photos and amazing illustrations.

Although they may be too bulky to take along on trips or hikes, the wealth of information they contain makes them great planning resources.

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in fact, if you want to read about the parks, their features, history, geology, wildlife, etc., I can’t think of better books than these.

Below, I’ve listed my favorite coffee table books on national parks, from highly visual picture-filled books to in-depth resources on the usa. uu. national parks.

Top 5 Coffee Table Books on National Parks for 2022

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5. roaming america: exploring all the national parks – renee and matthew hahnel

Created by Renee and Matthew Hahnel, a couple who are both travel photographers and famous for their beautiful Instagram content, Roaming America takes you on a road trip in a van through America’s national parks.

this magnificent tabletop book includes stunning photos of 59 national parks, with stories and personal experiences written by the hahnels themselves.

You’ll also find round-up lists of underrated parks and the most scenic spots, as well as tips, itineraries, and interesting facts for national park road trips.

Overall, this is a light-hearted national parks coffee table book packed with great photography. while it’s not meant to be an in-depth travel resource, its inspiring images will definitely make you want to hit the road.

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I received this book as a Christmas gift and I enjoy it so much that I simply have to include it here in this summary.

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4. United States National Parks: Wonderland – DK Eyewitness

Both a great coffee table book and a useful national parks travel guide, America’s National Parks: Wonderland celebrates America’s majestic national parks, from the rugged mountains of Alaska to the swamps of Florida.

full of amazing photography, covers 62 national parks (published before new river gorge became a national park in 2020).

A wealth of information is provided on each individual park, including detailed maps, fun facts and informative charts, suggested activities, and much more.

Whenever I plan an upcoming trip to the national parks, this is one of the books I rely on the most, in addition to guides to the individual parks I intend to visit.

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3. treasured lands: a photographic odyssey through america’s national parks – qt luong

If you’re looking for coffee table books of national parks with beautiful photography, look no further than treasured land.

Having won over a dozen national and international book awards, this is a very visually captivating coffee table book on national parks. It’s packed with stunning photos by Qt Luong, arguably America’s best large-format national park photographer.

plus, the foreword was written by none other than dayton duncan, which definitely suggests the quality of the book and his eye for detail.

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2. National Parks: America’s Best Idea – Dayton Duncan / Ken Burns

the only reason this coffee table book on national parks isn’t number one on this list is that nat geo published the book below in 2019.

That being said, however, co-authored by Dayton Duncan and Ken Burns, The National Parks: America’s Best Idea is a must-have coffee table book on national parks for all parks fans.

The companion book to Ken Burns and Dayton Duncan’s legendary 12-hour PBS series, this beautifully illustrated, immersive book dives deep into US history. uu. national parks.

From Native American heritage and early sightings of white explorers to conservation pioneers like John Muir and Theodore Roosevelt, to the importance of individual parks and much more, this glorious book covers it all.

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1. National Parks Atlas – Jon Waterman / National Geographic

If you’re looking for the definitive book on America’s national parks, this is it. Written by a former ranger and published by none other than National Geographic, this giant tabletop book is packed with information, maps, photos, and charts about all of the parks.

it’s a lot of fun to navigate through and enjoy the large maps and photos, but you’ll also find tons of background information, historical facts, and a look into the future (especially with a focus on climate change and its consequences) for each park.

I honestly can’t think of a better gift for the national parks enthusiast in your life. Of the dozens of books I have on national parks, the national park atlas is by far my favorite. it is a true collector’s item and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

get the national parks atlas here!

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Do you have any other recommendations for coffee table books on national parks? which ones have you read or have? tell everyone in the comments below!

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