Low Calorie Dunkin Drinks | Every Option Has Under 50 Calories

This list has 30 of the best low calorie Dunkin drinks you can get! From coffee to tea to everything in between there’s a healthy Dunkin order for it. In fact, if you know what to order, you can get almost any Dunkin drink to have less than 50 calories! A compilation of low calorie dunkin donuts drinks.

best low calorie dunkin drinks list

one of the best things about dunkin donuts is their fully customizable drink menu.

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Now, of course, there are plenty of dunkin low-calorie drinks on their regular menu, but you can also customize a bunch of drinks to be just like that. and I’ll show you how to do it in today’s post!

so if you don’t know what low calorie dunkin drinks you can get, this list is exactly what you need!

tips for getting low calorie drinks in dunkin

Now, before you customize a Dunkin drink, you need to know which of their offerings are low-calorie and which ones to avoid.

You’ll generally want to avoid the hot chocolate and coolattas at dunkin, as they’re filling. with calories a small serving of hot chocolate at dunkin’s has 210 calories, while a small blue raspberry coolatta has 230 calories.

You’ll also want to stay away from anything with whole milk, sweet cream, and flavor swirls . these can add up to 160 extra calories to any drink.

the best low calorie toppings for your dunkin drinks are almond milk, oat milk, oat milk, skimmed milk, and coconut milk. however, keep in mind that their almond milk is sweetened with sugar, so you’ll want to limit your topping to just a splash.

plus, dunkin flavor shots are sugar-free and only have about 15 calories per shot, so it’s a good idea to choose those instead of the flavor swirls, which do have added sugar.

All that said, let’s get into this list of the best low calorie dunkin drinks!

dunkin low calorie iced coffee

1. iced coffee with skim milk

A clear cup filled with dunkin donuts iced coffee.

You can get your usual creamy iced coffee by swapping the whole milk for skim.

A medium-size drink will only have about 20 calories, and you can add any sugar-free flavor shot for an extra 15 calories.

by the way, if you love coffee and are trying to fit a little extra protein into your day, try this High Protein Iced Coffee recipe sometime!

2. Sweet Coconut Iced Coffee

To make this coconut-flavored iced coffee drink, order an iced coffee with coconut milk and a coconut shot.

is perfectly creamy & sweet and has about 30 calories for a medium-sized drink.

3. iced coffee

of course, you can never go wrong with a classic iced black coffee.

It only has a maximum of 5 calories for any drink size, and you can sweeten it with your choice of flavor for a total of 20 calories. I highly recommend French Vanilla or Caramel here!

4. icy americano

A clear cup of dunkin donuts iced americano.

If you prefer the taste of espresso to regular coffee, order an iced Americano. like iced coffee, it’s 5 calories max, and you can always add a splash of skim, oat, or almond milk and a shot of flavor.

5. Iced Coffee with Oat Milk

for a creamy vegan iced coffee, try ordering a medium iced coffee with oat milk. ordered this way, it will only have 30 calories.

You can also make almond milk if that’s your style. just keep in mind that your drink will end up around 45 calories if you do.

low-calorie latte, cappuccino and macchiato drinks at dunkin

6. cappuccino with skimmed milk

A white cup filled with dunkin donuts hot cappuccino.

you can enjoy a creamy, frothy medium skim milk cappuccino for only 70 calories. a shot of French vanilla would take the decadence over the top here and keep the drink under 100 calories.

7. hot unsweetened macchiato with oat milk

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The naturally sweet, toasty flavor of oat milk is the perfect complement to the double espresso in Dunkin’s hot macchiato. however, a medium drink goes up to 90 calories, so it’s best not to overdo it.

Also, if you’re looking for a tasty breakfast recipe to go with this delicious dunkin drink, try these Protein Pancakes!

oh, and by the way, if you want to make your own low-calorie macchiato at home, I have a delicious recipe for a caramel macchiato on the blog. you should check it out sometime – the entire drink is only 10 calories!

8. French Vanilla Skim Milk Latte

a latte is one of the highest calorie drinks you can get at dunkin because of the milk.

but if you really want the ultimate coffee experience with fewer calories, you can order a small latte with skim milk and French vanilla for around 82 calories.

9. almond milk iced latte with toasted almonds

The double almond latte can be made by ordering an unsweetened latte with almond milk and a shot of toasted almonds.

It’s a deliciously sweet and creamy drink that’s only 90 calories for a medium-sized drink.

10. iced cappuccino with skim milk

A clear cup filled with dunkin donuts iced cappuccino.

Like the hot skim cappuccino, an iced skim cappuccino is only 70 calories for a medium size. so you can happily sip this milky drink without feeling guilty.

11. Iced Double Coconut Macchiato

dunkin recently released a double coconut iced macchiato that is incredibly delicious and surprisingly low in calories. in fact, it’s only 45 calories for a medium.

That said, if they don’t have it in your area, you can make your own by ordering a coconut milk macchiato with a shot of coconut.

12. whole milk cappuccino

if you really miss the taste of rich, creamy whole milk in your dunkin drinks, you can order a small whole milk cappuccino for about 70 calories.

13. iced macchiato with skim milk

A clear cup filled with dunkin donuts iced macchiatto.

When you order your skim milk macchiato, be sure to ask your barista to skip the flavor swirl!

In total, a medium size of this drink has just 70 calories.

14. coconut milk latte

Swap the regular milk in your medium latte for coconut milk for this creamy treat that’s only 50 calories.

oh, and if you want to amp up the coconut goodness, add a shot of coconut for an extra 15 calories.

low calorie tea drinks at dunkin

15. Unsweetened Iced Green Tea

order the iced green tea at unsweetened dunkin for a refreshing drink with only 5 calories. Green tea has about ⅓ the amount of caffeine as coffee, making it a great way to add some energy to your day without the jitters.

16. hot herbal tea

A white cup filled with dunkin donuts hot tea.

dunkin has 6 delicious herbal tea flavors to choose from to warm you up when the weather is cold. all have 5 calories or less, and most have zero calories.

17. raspberry iced tea

you can make unsweetened raspberry iced tea at dunkin for just 20 calories if you order their unsweetened iced tea with a raspberry shot. the flavor shot brings a little extra sweetness and just the right amount of fruity tartness.

18. unsweetened iced tea

A clear cup filled with dunking donuts iced tea.

If you’re in a hurry and want to order a tea without the fuss, Dunkin’s Unsweetened Iced Tea is naturally low in calories with only 5 calories for any size drink. and if you want to add a bit of sweetness, you can use any sugar free sweetener packet of your choice.

19. Raspberry Unsweetened Iced Green Tea

The raspberry-flavored shot tastes just as delicious mixed with iced green tea as it does with regular iced tea, and it’s also only 20 calories. so if you like a bit of spice in your tea, this is a fantastic choice.

20. blueberry iced tea

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If you’d like a flavor other than raspberry tea, ask for a blueberry shot in your unsweetened iced tea.

The total is only 20 calories for any size and tastes delicious.

low calorie hot coffee at dunkin

21. hot black coffee

dunkin’s classic hot coffee only has about 0-5 calories in any size. however, if you want it sweeter, you can add a caramel flavored shot, or any other flavored shot, for only 15 extra calories. I think it’s worth the few extra calories.

22. hot coffee with skim milk

A white cup of dunkin donuts coffee.

Swapping the regular whole milk in your hot coffee for a splash of skim milk is a great way to keep the milk taste the same, and you’ll only get about 20 calories for any size!

23. hot american

if you prefer espresso, you can order a hot americano instead of the usual hot coffee. has 5 calories maximum in any size.

24. hot coffee with cream

you can get a small hot coffee with cream for 90 calories. And while it’s higher in calories than most options here, sometimes you just need a shot of ultra-rich, creamy coffee to get you through the day!

25. shot of espresso

A small white cup of dunkin donuts espresso.

When you just need a quick, strong hit of energy, you can have an espresso shot (or two) at Dunkin for about 5 calories per shot.

26. hot coffee with almond milk

for a hot vegan-friendly latte, add a splash of almond milk to your medium-hot coffee for just 25 calories. And as a bonus, it adds a little extra sweetness too!

low calorie cold drinks at dunkin

27. ice cold beer

A clear cup of Dunkin Donuts cold brew.

If you love iced coffee, you should also try Dunkin’s Cold Brew Coffee. it’s less acidic than regular coffee and also has much less bitterness, giving the beans’ natural flavor more room to shine. oh, and it’s only 5 calories or less!

28. toasted almond cold brew

A shot of toasted almonds is the perfect way to sweeten up your frozen drink for only 15 calories. the roasted flavor is a fantastic complement to the flavor of the coffee.

29. vanilla and hazelnut cold brew

This sweet cold drink almost tastes like Nutella!

order your ice cold beer with a shot of French vanilla and a shot of hazelnut. the total order comes out to just 30 calories total.

30. Cranberry Oatmeal Cold Brew

dunkin’s blueberry oat cold brew is an unexpectedly fantastic combination. and you can get it at 30 calories for a medium and 45 calories for a large!

If they don’t have it in your area, however, you can make your own with cold beer, oat milk, and a shot of blueberry flavor.

wrapping it

well, that’s my list of the best low calorie dunkin drinks you could ask for!

Everything on this list is under 100 calories, and most are under 50 calories.

and many of them taste so deliciously sweet and creamy, you’d never guess they’re low in calories!

That being said, these are just a few of many customizable healthy drink options you can have at Dunkin. so feel free to experiment with adding flavor shots or splashes of low calorie milk according to the tips above.

Anyway, let me know which drink on this list is your favorite by leaving a comment below.

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