9 Best Coffee Shops in SoHo to Try Today

best coffee shops in SoHo

soho is a great neighborhood for coffee and local food, home to some of the best coffee shops in the city. Whether you’re looking for upscale chic or cozy style, Soho has a cafe to suit your needs. If you are a tourist, student or long-time resident, knowing the best coffee shops is important to have a first-class craft coffee. here are the 9 best coffee shops in soho:

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1. espresso for everyone

It’s impossible to talk about Soho coffee shops without mentioning espresso for everyone. Arguably one of the best coffee shops in all of New York, Everyman Espresso specializes in the highest quality coffee and espresso beverages for its local customers. With friendly staff and delicious baked goods to try, there’s no reason to pass this cafe without stopping first.

2. la colombe roasters

Specialty craft coffee is the main focus of La Colombe Coffee Roastery, which has a small but stylish cafe in Soho. their coffees are smooth and delicious, but their cakes are also delicious. If you’re looking for a coffee with a bold flavor and low acidity, visit La Colombe in Soho to experience this Philadelphia-born coffee.

3. ground support cafeteria

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The ground floor cafe is a great place to hang out with friends or read a new book, offering top-notch coffee and espresso drinks with communal tables. it has a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere that helps people relax and enjoy their coffee, which is what coffee shops are all about. if you’re in the soho area, stop by the ground support cafe for a delicious pick-me-up.

4. about coffee

about coffee it’s mostly about coffee but also has a good range of pastries and teas to choose from. their cozy little cafe is the perfect place to catch up on work or school while enjoying the best coffee in the soho area. this is an excellent cafe if you need to rest your legs and mind, especially if you are a tourist.

5. bari coffee

café bari not only serves some of the best coffee (de la colombe, our number 2 pick!), but its big claim to fame is the best hot chocolate in town. Whether you’re in the mood for a high-quality espresso or just resented by your hot chocolate sign, Cafe Bari is a local favorite in the Soho area. their food is great too, so this is a great place to try if you’re visiting soho.

6. coffee now or never

Now or never, coffee is less about the coffee shop and more about the community, celebrating creativity and artistry among locals and tourists alike. while the menu is small, the home-roasted coffee is some of the best coffee in town. this is a great place to enjoy that classic café vibe, some music, and of course, quality coffee.

7. mom

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maman is a local cafe and restaurant that specializes in French and American food and drinks, and that general cafe vibe. What started as a simple bakery has become a local phenomenon throughout New York, catering to celebrities, busy workers, and tourists who are simply curious about this stylish spot. this is a great place to sit and enjoy a hot meal and coffee after a long day in the city.

8. kaigo coffee room

Kaigo Coffee Shop started as an idea between two friends, but quickly grew into a legitimate coffee shop business. its main idea is to make specialty coffee more flavorful to drink and less intimidating to try, so it’s a great place to try a new trendy coffee drink. If you’re new to the niche that is craft and specialty coffee, Kaigo Coffee Room can help you find what you’re looking for.

9. soho summers

summers soho is a laid-back, laid-back cafe that can help you unwind from the city or help you start your day. It has a good variety of coffee and espresso drinks to choose from on its menus, as well as light and refreshing food to enjoy with your coffee. summers soho has vegetarian options as well as lunch, so it’s perfect if you’re visiting with friends and want a quick bite to eat. this is easily one of the best coffee shops in soho.

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