11 Best Cafés in Venice [2022]: The authentic coffee experience!

coffee was first consumed in ethiopia and first roasted in yemen. However, it was in Venice that the trade in coffee beans and its hot drink became popular, spreading across Europe and eventually the rest of the world.

It goes without saying that Venice has a strong coffee culture, and here you’ll find some of the best espressos and cappuccinos you’ll ever drink. Italians take coffee time very seriously, and Venice, the birthplace of that tradition, prides itself on some of the oldest and best coffee shops in the country.

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With that in mind, we compiled a list of some of the best coffee in Venice. in these places, you will find authentic and robust coffees for true coffee lovers and sweet pastries to follow suit, just like an authentic Italian breakfast.

11 Best Cafes in Venice

Visiting a cafe in Venice is a must, no matter how many times you’ve been to the city! the authentic culture of coffee in italy and the

historical significance is simply the perfect itinerary to sneak in for the afternoon, rain or shine!

each one with its particular charm, these cafes are part of the daily life of the Venetians, and we guarantee that you will fall in love with coffee and everything that happens around it.

Here are the best coffees in Venice, Italy.

1. doge’s cafe

caffé del doge is located near the famous rialto bridge and is already an enchanting sight from afar. Having been around since the 1950s, Caffé del Doge offers an extensive menu with different roasts and beans that will surprise even those already enamored with the bitterness of strong coffee.

They work with artisan roasts, highlighting unique aromas in the coffee they make. There are individual bean blends and roasts to choose from, allowing you to taste your way down the coffee flavor spectrum.

2. florian coffee

caffé florian is perfect for those interested in the history of coffee and venice in general. It was the first café to open in Europe, founded in 1720.

Three hundred years later, it remains one of the most popular coffee shops in Italy. the coffee here is a bit more expensive than elsewhere, but the historical dose that comes with it makes it well worth the price.

caffé florian, located right on the famous piazza san marco, clung to the elegance of its time. the interior décor takes you back to 18th century venice, with gilt-framed mirrors and renaissance art lining the walls. here you can immerse yourself in the legacy of former clients such as charles dickens and savor the historical and delicious coffee roasts.

3. cannaregio roasting

torrefazione cannaregio seems like the coffee that every coffee lover dreams of. Brick walls surround the space and mahogany shelves display barbecues from different parts of the world such as Ethiopia, Guatemala, Brazil, etc.

a cozy atmosphere takes over the place and the smell of coffee beans wafts through the air. you can order cheap espresso shots at a hot spot along the ormesini canal that taste like caffeine.

There is also the option to buy coffee sachets to go so you can take home the flavors of Venice. sit outside and enjoy the view over a hot coffee.

4. marchini time

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as you pass the hora marchini, you will notice the busy movement of people going in and out the door.

Inside, there’s no place to sit, just a long, narrow place that leads to the counter, where you can order shots of espresso and sweets to go with it. a large window display shows passers-by cannoli with different fillings, bottles of limoncello and many other pastries and food souvenirs.

People tend to ask for anything made with pistachio; they even have those chocolate covered strawberries for you to indulge your sweet tooth.

5. pasticceria dal mas

pasticceria dal mas is famous for its cakes and different sweet pastries. There are also pizzas, sandwiches and panini, but going in and not trying a piece of cake is a sin (we recommend the almond brioche, a classic flavor in northern Italy).

located near the busy santa lucia train station and right next to the lista de spagna tourist area, this cafe is always packed with people wanting a daily fix of carbs and caffeine.

Recipes for pastries and cakes have been passed down through the generations, and the family that owns the business never failed to impress newcomers and locals alike with their flavors and coffee roasts.

6. pasticceria tonolo

Pasticceria tonolo is perfect for those who can’t get over the sweet treat that comes with a freshly brewed cup of hot coffee.

Some of us even prefer cakes and order coffee as a formality, so as not to look bad. others feel they have reached caffeinated nirvana once the bitterness of the coffee mixes with the sweetness of the cake inside their mouths. whatever your preference, pasticceria tonolo will deliver.

canolli with mascarpone, jam tarts and freshly baked croissants will be your perfect Venetian breakfast. there are so many options that it’s hard to choose what you want, maybe try as many as you can!

7. rose saves

Rossa Salva was founded in 1870 and is now a place where you can have a quick espresso and watch local Venetian life unfold in front of you. What started as a delivery and catering service is now a famous coffee shop, with different locations spread across Venice.

There are many other pastries, from simple croissants to bomboloni, an Italian doughnut-like pastry filled with cream, chocolate, or jam.

Try a refreshing homemade gelato and sit outside with your family, enjoying the Italian summer breeze in the late afternoon (preferably with an appetizer in hand).

8. rosso coffee

caffé rosso is a bohemian place in venice, ideal for young hipsters and university students ready to join the parties around the campo santa margherita. It is perfect for a morning brew to start the day or a hot caffeinated treat in the late afternoon, watching the sun go down.

They’ve been around since the 1800s and have an iconic red wall exterior and popular spritzers and sandwiches.

9. great quadri cafe

since 1775, gran caffe quadri has been a classic spot for a quick coffee on the famous piazza san marco.

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As they have many international customers, gran caffe quadri is quite conscious of special diets and allergies, unlike many classic cafes in the city. besides coffee, you can find practically any Italian liquor or aperitif.

gran caffe quadri is the perfect combination of modern and classic. It was renovated in 2018 but still maintains much of its 18th century decoration and design.

10. pasticceria chiusso

This is where you’ll find the famous Italian temperament that people are always talking about.

The couple who run pasticceria chiusso are known for their unique character and talent for making some of the best breakfast pastries in the city. The crispy pastries with a cream of rice filling are famous among those who wander around the church of San Giorgio del Greci.

Here you can find the famous Neapolitan babas, sweet sponge cakes soaked in rum. Pair them with a cappuccino for a perfect afternoon snack.

11. sullaluna

sullaluna is where you will find coffee’s best friend: books.

Part café and part bookstore, you can browse a rich selection of unique books, from fiction to cookbooks to graphic novels.

sip a classic Italian coffee or a glass of prosecco and grab a vegetarian or vegan bite in the small bistro.

for those days when you’ve walked too much and need to rest, find sullaluna and relax in a small and cozy environment. brick walls are hidden behind bookshelves, while rustic furniture sets the theme for the café.

visit the best cafes in venice!

Italy has some of the best dining experiences in the world, which includes coffee, of course.

Venice is the cradle of coffee shops in Europe and still has some of the oldest and most famous places on the continent. the history of coffee is part of the history of the city, and you can find it on the walls and recipes of some of the establishments on this list.

Then these are the best places if you’re looking for your fix of classic Italian coffee. grab your Italian breakfast to go, or sit down for a while after a long day of sightseeing.

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