7 Best Espresso Knock Boxes for 2022

So you’ve spilled used coffee grounds on your kitchen for the last time and you’re ready to invest in a hit box. wise choice!

now don’t make the mistake of buying something too flimsy for a good hit. or too big for your space.

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Instead, check out this espresso punch box review. we have 7 great selections! one of them will surely be the best espresso box for your home espresso bar.

the 7 best boxes of espresso in 2022

If you’re an avid home espresso maker, experts agree that a punch box is a vital tool in your toolbox:

So, here are seven espresso shot boxes, covering all shapes and styles. one is guaranteed to be perfect for you.

It’s no surprise that breville, maker of high-quality grinders and espresso machines, offers our favorite coffee box of the year. the bcb100 barista style has a good name; even professional baristas love this product.

is the largest on our list.

This will save you time by not having to empty and clean it frequently, especially if you enjoy several espressos a day.

On the other hand, it can seem a bit cramped in a small kitchen.

Its exterior is die-cast metal, with the same attractive brushed finish found on Breville espresso machines. If you already own a Breville coffee machine, this knock box is a perfect aesthetic companion. the base is equipped with a non-slip polymer ring.

the interior is made of plastic, with the bar integrated in the inner cup. so even though the whammy bar can’t be removed separately, everything inside comes out for easy washing in the dishwasher.

if you love the look and build quality of the bcb100 but don’t need a large capacity, the breville mini is for you. Its compact size makes it easy to store in a drawer or store under the group head of your espresso machine.

according to breville, the mini is for “aggressive use”. (then don’t drop it)

if you like taking your frustrations out on your whammy bar, you’ll find this very satisfying (1).

Has an attractive and durable stainless steel exterior with a plastic interior. the bar is removable, so it rinses clean, but the mini punch box is not dishwasher safe (2). a rubber grip on the bottom keeps it steady on the countertop, even when you hit it aggressively.

The grindenstein is the most popular plastic box on the market.

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It doesn’t have the same weight or longevity as metal, but plastic keeps it light, easy to handle, and affordable.

has a sleek and modern look available in 3 colors: black, red and silver. Not coincidentally, these are popular colors for many amazing models of espresso machines.

So why do we award a plastic box as the most durable? We did it thanks to DreamFarm’s patented shock-absorbing removable crash bar with a stainless steel core and a santoprene rubber liner. the company has declared it “really unbreakable“, and we haven’t found anyone to dispute it yet.

Like the breville mini, this compact knock box fits neatly under your espresso machine’s group head for storage. But unlike the mini, the ABS plastic grindenstein is dishwasher safe. if you want a little more capacity, a larger model (4.9″ diameter x 5.3″ height) is available for a small charge.

Gardeners will love that each grindenstein comes with a booklet detailing how to use a hit box to fertilize your garden (3).

A dresser drawer like this premium one from joefrex is a great way to have a high-capacity dresser without cluttering your counter. This stainless steel item fits perfectly under your espresso machine or grinder. so all you add is about 4.5 inches in height.

The other advantage of a drawer-style box is that it is tidy. you won’t need to see or smell used coffee grounds on your counter.

Slam box crates are a huge increase in price from the simple bins we’ve talked about so far. so they are generally marketed to business users. however, if you have the budget, they are a great option for home espresso enthusiasts.

The joefrex cajon frame is stainless steel and the pull-out bar is silicone coated aluminum for a quiet and pleasant playing experience. the bottom part is equipped with rubber feet, so the drawer will not slide or scratch the countertop.

The Homee Knock Box is a simple and inexpensive design, both of which are attractive features to the average home coffee drinker. You can remove the whammy bar to quickly empty debris. Plus, the bar is made of dishwasher-safe ABS plastic, so cleaning it up is a piece of cake.

Its compact size is perfect for storing in your espresso machine’s drip tray, even if you have a small lever machine. A rubber gasket at the base means it stays firmly attached to your counter. and if you slide it, it won’t leave scratch marks.

The whammy bar is tough rubber, firm enough to take a beating but soft enough to keep quiet about it. if you want to hit it, you can upgrade to a rubberized metal bar for a few bucks.

note: we found the cheaper option met our needs, but the metal version has a cute coffee bean pattern on the rubber that might catch your eye.

Open bottom hit boxes (also known as hit box ramps) are generally reserved for commercial settings, but there’s no reason they wouldn’t work in a home. a hole is cut in a counter or bar top, and the punch box fits snugly into it.

A bin below collects discarded discs.

If you’re a high-volume espresso user and have no qualms about installation, a knock box chute is probably the most efficient way to dispose of your used pucks, which is why they’re so popular in busy places . coffee shops.

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If you want to go down this road, we love amazon’s top rated open bottom punch box, the rattlewear 25102. It features heavy duty stainless steel construction and a welded metal bar designed to hold up in a commercial environment.


Osaka’s little bin-style punch box is as functional as any on this list, but it stands out from the crowd thanks to its cool style. If you’ve already invested a lot of money in your home cafe setup, keep the aesthetics intact with the Japanese-designed Osaka Knock Box (4).

osaka claims to offer “the perfect balance between aesthetics and performance“, and we think they hit the nail on the head with this slam snare. even the color choices are well thought out: red with gold, brown with rose gold, and gray with silver.

Of course, a hit box shouldn’t just be a decoration; it also has to work. This one is made of a special ABS plastic that prevents the growth of bacteria and is equipped with a non-slip rubber ring at the base. It is sized to fit under the group head of your espresso machine.

For easy cleaning, the foam-coated steel bar can be removed and the bowl is dishwasher safe.

how to choose the best espresso box

Does the sheer number of hit boxes on the market feel overwhelming? all those shapes, sizes, styles and prices.

don’t worry! This buyer’s guide is here to make sure you find the perfect box for you.

what style of coffee box is for you?

There are three main styles of punch boxes: cubes, drawers, and shutters. the containers are more common for home use, while the other two are more often found in commercial settings.

  • basket boxes, also called bash bins, are small, extra-tough trash cans with a thump bar on top. They’re usually the most affordable option, compact and easy to store, easy to clean, and come in a variety of colors and patterns to match your décor.
  • knock box drawers are drawers with an integrated knock bar designed to fit under your espresso machine or grinder. This saves counter space and keeps your used records hidden, for a less cluttered overall look. the only drawback is that they tend to be expensive.
  • Slam Box Slides are designed to blend into your countertop, making them most popular in commercial settings. but if you make a lot of espresso at home, they are the most efficient way to get rid of your grounds. they’re also incredibly durable and less expensive than a drawer.
  • how much espresso do you make?

    countertop space and the amount of espresso you make should determine the size of the punch box.

    If you only have a drink or two a day, choose between smaller hit boxes. they are less expensive and easier to store and clean. For reference, mini-sized punch boxes with sides around 4 inches can hold around 20 pucks of espresso.

    If you make a lot of espresso, larger punch boxes will be more efficient because you won’t have to empty and clean them as often. if counter space isn’t an issue, a large-capacity container will fit the bill. however, it might be worth spending a little more money on an open-bottomed drawer or knockout box if you have limited space.

    materials and maintenance

    The most common materials for hit boxes are plastic and metal.

    Metal options are heavier, stronger and more durable. they are a great option if you make a lot of espresso or if you are aggressive with your shots. on the other hand, they are usually more expensive and often not dishwasher safe.

    Plastic models are usually made of abs plastic. It is a relatively inexpensive plastic that is highly resistant to scratches, cracks, and corrosion, and is dishwasher safe. As a thermoplastic, it has the great advantage of being easily recyclable (5).

    You want something strong enough to pry the record out but soft enough to do it quietly. if you’re a soft hitter, you might be able to get away with a plastic or rubber bar.

    the verdict

    Adding a tap box to your home coffee setup is an easy way to save yourself a lot of trouble and hassle. This year, we’re big fans of the Breville BCB100 barista-style punch box. it has the ability and durability to handle anything you can throw at it – or hit it with!

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