Where to Buy Coffee Beans Locally

As many of us now work from home, daily trips to our favorite coffee shops near the office have decreased. And since we can no longer rely on office coffee, many of us are making our own morning cups of joe. Whether you’re getting tired of instant coffee or running low on your favorite blends, there are plenty of coffee beans to try in the Twin Cities.

an important fact about minnesota: we were the launch site of the third wave of the coffee economy. Many of our favorite local roasters feature Fair Trade coffee that directly benefits the farms and communities from which our coffee originates. On top of that, many are also eco-friendly through their packaging, delivery methods, and recycling efforts. here are some local places you can support right now.

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peace coffee

What began with a desire to help farmers out of the family farm crisis of the 1980s grew into one of the largest providers of fair trade coffee in the state. co-founding member of coffee cooperatives, creates fair and sustainable trade relationships with farmers to import coffee directly. Support their mission with bean packs like the Twin Cities and exclusive Tree Hugger blends. cafe de la paz.com

wesley andrews

The sustainable and ethically sourced brand hopes to offer a coffee that also serves as a “conversation piece.” make yours with their jasmine and nectarine stuffed Ethiopian danse mix, or their rwanda kanzu that features flavors like cassava, sweet potato and banana. wesleyandrews.cc


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When choosing a new roastery to try, it can be difficult to choose your first blend. Do you go with the flagship, your favorite kind of blend, or a wild card in the hope of a delicious find? in bootstrap, you can do all of that (plus one more!) with a selected sample package. Try beans like the no-nonsense blue-collar mix, or their Honduras cabpriel that is bursting with fresh-harvest flavors. bootstrapcoffeeroasters.com

misfit coffee

If you want to know where your coffee comes from down to the farm and altitude, Misfit Coffee is for you. blends include notes like plum and sugar cane juice, and you can even join the bean team subscription plan. Stop by to pick up your brewed bottles of lattes, cold brews, and teas. misfitcoffee.com

kopplin’s coffee

kopplin’s works hard to support its workers, producers and community. Whether it’s providing living wages for their employees or supporting local farmers, they make sure to put themselves out there. support them and stay connected with your co-workers with care packages containing a variety of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, candy, candles, small soaps and more. We won’t judge if you also send one to yourself. kopplinscoffee.com


While their Uptown location may have closed, you can still get your favorite beans at the other three Dogwood locations or online. roasts have flavor profiles that appeal to a broader audience. options include bear hug, which is like a chocolate cake topped with berries, and neon coffee filled with tart and citrus fruits, among others. dogwoodcoffee.com

north cafe

Fill up on Minnesota-themed coffee beans from Northern Coffeeworks. From the dark chocolate and maple syrup notes in the cabin vibes, to the cocoa tip and green grape flavors of the Boundary Waters blends, it’ll be hard not to feel like a true Minnesotan. They also have instant coffee for when you don’t have time to grind a fresh cup in the morning. northerncoffeeworks.com

five watts

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For those of us who miss live music, five watts can help keep the nostalgia alive with mixes like the first act and daddy’s rock. While the smoky flavor of the cocoa-and-caramel-laden Dad Rock Dark Roast may not replace the smokiness of your favorite concert hall, it will certainly taste better. Eight packs of their cold pressed coffee and caffeinated water are also available to order. fivewattscafe.com

coffee roasters

Get everything you need for your home brewing station here. up coffee roasters has the beans, syrups, milk alternatives and more. they travel the world in search of sustainably grown beans and roast them in small batches. Choose from a variety of roasts ranging from a light city roast to a dark Italian roast. upcoffeeroasters.com

round table coffee works

this street. Paul Coffee Shop built its brand around appreciation, whether it’s for kindness, a simple cup of coffee, or the coffee-making process itself. their coffee bean rotation is freshly roasted and constantly changing, so keep your eyes peeled or join the subscription plan. roundtablecw.com

city girl cafe

This instagrammable Duluth coffee brand is more than just an eye-catcher. In addition to being sustainable, they work to raise awareness and equalize women who work in the coffee industry. With every coffee purchase, they send a portion to non-profit organizations that support the women where the beans originated. Buy a sip, or one of the small-batch roasts like Mama Java or Blondie Brazil. citygirlcoffee.com

crazy coffee

folly coffee beans are available at kowalski and lunds & byerlys locations around the metro, but you can also stop by the st. louis park roaster for a tour and tasting to see the beans before they are packed. On the lighter side, the house blend balances brightness with sweetness. follycoffee.com



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