My Cafe Level 20 Alice Carroll Hypnosis questions answers – walkthrough 2022

In a smartphone game, my level 20 coffee, Alice Carroll, gets a doctor’s appointment to the mental health clinic and undergoes hypnosis. in this level she asks you 3 questions and you have to give her the correct answers.

alice carroll first visits my cafeteria on level 17. she is koffsky’s girlfriend and leopold’s first wife. She thinks that she is unlucky and attracts bad things and accidents into her life.

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First, order a cupcake with galangal, honey and coconut to calm her down.

later, she goes to the doctor at the mental health clinic. the doctor suggests that a series of hypnosis can help her deal with her problems.

my cafe level 20 alice carroll hypnosis questions and correct answers:

1st question:

How to open Alice’s path through a moat full of water?

during the first session, she imagined herself at the edge of a water-filled moat about thirty feet wide. she then gets frustrated and ends the session.

Alice Carroll asks you to serve her a cup of tea with aniseed, cinnamon and lemon. help her choose the correct answer.


  • find a fairly long pole and use it to jump over the pit.
  • Try to climb the tree and cross the moat using one of the branches.
  • Try to jump over the pit. however, the long jump world record is about 27 feet and the pit is about 30 feet wide.
  • answer: try to climb the tree and cross the moat using one of the branches.

    second question:

    How will Alice Carroll face her greatest fear, the tiger?

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    Alice passed the first test and is about to start her next session. this time he will win the biggest fear of him: a huge tiger. His subconscious mind offers him 3 unusual types of weapons: a water gun, a hanger, and a vacuum cleaner.

    Alice asks you to give her a bagel with nutmeg, lemon and coconut to get over her fear.

    what would be the perfect weapon to kill the tiger?


    • Turn on the vacuum and point it at the tiger.
    • Shoot the tiger with the water gun. cats are afraid of water.
    • Put the tiger in the eye with the perch!
    • answer: turn on the vacuum cleaner and aim it at the tiger.

      3rd question:

      how to save the grand piano from koffsky’s burning house?

      you have to pour him a cup of tea with milk of galangal, ginseng & honey.

      what should Alice do during the next session?


      • try to put out the fire yourself.
      • Firefighters will never arrive on time. push the grand piano out of the house yourself!
      • follow your original plan: call the fire department.
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        answer: follow your original plan: call the fire department.

        In the last round of this hypnotic process, Alice Carroll has to figure out a solution to her own problem. This time there will be no questions, he just has to think about the past of him looking at a photograph.

        after serving her a stoplight tart, she tells you about her past and finds a way to change her life for the better.

        thanks you with 3 diamonds and 120,000 points. 😊

        watch the youtube video of the tutorial here

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