Which drip coffee maker makes the hottest cup of coffee

Coffee temperature is a funny thing. I like very hot or iced coffee. my wife, on the other hand, prefers lukewarm coffee. so she was wondering which coffeemaker makes the hottest coffee and if some of them let you change that.

Reading: Which drip coffee maker makes the hottest cup of coffee

This is what I discovered:

The Redline MK1 8-Cup Coffeemaker brews the hottest coffee, ranging between 197.6° and 204.8°, which is exactly what the Specialty Coffee Association recommends.

The optimal temperature for serving coffee is between 160° and 185°.

But there’s a lot more to know about coffee temperatures, what temperatures make coffee tastier, and even what temperature McDonald’s serves their coffee at these days.

so let’s keep drinking!

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keurig k-mini single serve portable coffee maker are you a coffee lover? Do you love to have a freshly brewed cup every time? but I bet your coffee maker is too big to carry everywhere and therefore sometimes you have to settle for stale coffee. pic.twitter.com/xlmhpbk9nu

— funideahub (@funideahub1) September 13, 2021

Which single-dose coffee maker makes the hottest coffee?

As I mentioned earlier, the optimum temperature for brewing coffee is between 197 and 205°F.

but that’s not for drinking, obviously, unless you’re also a fan of using old faithful as a hot tub (please don’t). the optimal temperature for serving coffee is a range between 153-175°. my wife likes hers on that low end, and I like my coffee hot!

Single-dose coffee machines, as their name implies, prepare only one cup at a time.

Like many other sizes of single-serve coffee makers, they also have drip, pour-over, pod, and even French presses. I must also say that there are many coffee machines that prepare quite hot coffee, so it is not fair to say that there is one that is significantly hotter than others.

It’s also worth noting that brewing or serving coffee at too high a temperature can make the coffee too acidic and bitter.

That said, in my research, the most popular single-serve coffee maker is the touch coffee touchplus t526s, which is a keurig-style pod coffee maker.

but I can’t recommend that one due to the overwhelmingly negative reviews on amazon (34% have 1 star). I will say that it brews the coffee at 200° and brews it very quickly (within 30 seconds).

But based on the reviews, don’t buy that one.

for the most popular single serve coffee maker that actually has great reviews, I’d get the keurig k-elite single serve k-cup pod coffee maker (click to see current price at amazon ).

It prepares your cup in less than 1 minute and allows you to select a range of temperatures to serve the coffee, between 187-192°. With almost 5 stars and over 1000 reviews, this one makes a lot more sense than the touchplus.

what is the highest temperature coffee maker?

if you have to drink your coffee hotter, you’ll want one that brews around 200°.

Especially if you’re putting a large batch in a thermos and then leaving for work, it makes sense to want it as hot as possible, so it doesn’t get cold on the disk.

but there are plenty of options when it comes to coffee makers:

  • drip coffee makers
  • French press coffee machines
  • single-dose coffee machines
  • percolators
  • spills
  • so what style of coffeemaker makes the hottest coffee?

    the specialty coffee association (scaa) has some strong opinions on coffee temperatures and which ones are best. they prefer coffee machines that brew between 197.6° and 204.8°, which brew in less than 4 minutes (so it doesn’t take that long for the coffee to no longer be hot), and also with precise brew points.

    The vast majority of scaa-approved brewers are drip brewers, though some pour-overs also make the list.

    sadly, while all scaa approved coffee makers make hot coffee, everyone I looked at had mediocre or poor reviews except for those over $300.

    Because I only like to recommend products that I own or have hundreds of great reviews for and are reasonably priced, I can’t in good conscience recommend any of the ones I saw on your list.

    but the redline mk1 8-cup coffeemaker has great reviews, costs just over $100 and brews between 195-200°. Did I mention the 2-year warranty and 60-day return policy?

    so if you want one of the most popular coffee makers with great reviews at a great price, that’s the one I’d get.

    Click here to see current prices on amazon prime.

    11 days until #autumn2019- ohio gets cold and my #keurig works out making my hot coffee pic.twitter.com/b4zzr5lzvn

    — chris michael ward (@chrismichaelw) September 12, 2019

    which keurig makes the hottest coffee?

    Most Keurig coffee makers do not have a temperature setting.

    so, as I mentioned earlier, if you want a keurig coffee maker that allows you to adjust the temperature, the keurig k-elite single serve k-cup pod brewer is what you want (make click to see the current price on amazon).

    brews your cup in less than 1 minute and allows you to select a range of temperatures to serve the coffee, between 187-192°.

    withalmost 5 stars and over 1000 reviews, this one makes a lot more sense than the touchplus.

    I will say that the keurig k575 also has a lot of great features, including 5 temperature settings and it can dispense hot water on demand (for tea, cups of soup, etc) and those are great features.

    Unfortunately, the reviews aren’t great and it’s currently unavailable, so I can’t recommend it. while the overall star rating is good, 20% of reviews are 1 star, which just doesn’t work for me.

    something that always shows up with keurig coffee makers, or any single-serve coffee maker, is the dreaded descaling light.

    I have the keurig k-55 classic and I hate it when the descaling light comes on. For starters, it always seems to pop up before I’ve even had my coffee. Also, I don’t always have their expensive descaling solution on hand.

    But to make matters worse, sometimes when I use your descaling solution, that light stays on!

    Luckily, I’ve discovered a few tricks, so if you own a keurig, make sure you know what to do when descaling a keurig doesn’t work (click to read my checklist of tips).

    How hot is the coffee usually?

    The National Coffee Association of the United States recommends that coffee be served between 180 and 185°.

    but that’s not the only opinion out there. The National Institutes of Health also opines that “hot beverages such as tea, hot chocolate, and coffee are frequently served at temperatures between 160° and 185°.”

    they go on to say that “the preferred drinking temperature of coffee by consumers . . . (is) 140°” plus or minus 15°.

    As we’ve said elsewhere, there’s a brewing temperature and a drinking temperature. In both cases, using too high a temperature can damage the beans and damage the flavor, making it too acidic and bitter.

    therefore, the specialty coffee association prefers coffee machines that brew at 200° and not at a boiling temperature of 212°.

    Starbucks, on the other hand, the most successful coffee shop in the world, brews its coffee at 190° and serves it at 165°.

    How hot you want your coffee served is ultimately a preference, but 160° to 185° is about right.

    another question people have with their keurig brewers is can you leave them on all day or should you turn them off after each use.

    I take the question of can you leave a keurig on all day (click to read my article), including energy savings and if there is a risk of fire. so take a look if you leave yours on for long periods of time.

    the optimal brewing temperature for an #espresso machine is 200°f, & the correct pressure should be 9-10 atmospheres to extract the desired flavor from #coffee.

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    Coffee is quite oily and fine grained, so make sure you regularly clean your espresso machine!#coffeeknowledge pic.twitter.com/trunglfjar

    – coffee umbria canada (@caffeumbria_can) September 12, 2021

    what is the perfect temperature for coffee?

    perfect means many different things to many different people.

    Given everything we’ve learned in this article, I’d say the optimal temperature for serving coffee is around 160°. much hotter than 170° and most people would have to let it cool down, and the flavor of the coffee peaks right after brewing.

    We have already covered the optimal temperature for brewing coffee and the typical range for serving coffee. We also know that using too high a temperature to brew or serve your coffee is likely to result in a cup of coffee that tastes more bitter or burnt.

    That’s exactly why you’d never want to add boiling water to your coffee grounds.

    If you drop below 140°, we’re approaching temperatures for kids and lukewarm coffee, and if you’re like me, you’ll want hot or iced coffee and not something in between.


    The perfect cup of coffee is more complicated than you think, which is why quality varies so much from restaurant to restaurant. to get the perfect cup of coffee you have to have:

    • A freshly roasted, high-quality 100% Arabica coffee bean
    • ground to order or at least ground that day
    • high quality purified cold water
    • a brew temperature between 197.6° and 204.8°
    • brew cycle ideally completes in 4 minutes
    • coffee is served quickly at a serving temperature of around 160°
    • Remember that it is the heat of the water that releases the oils in the coffee and it is a delicate balance of temperature with both brewing and serving to get the flavor just right.

      I just found out about the “temporary for kids” option at starbucks. actually drink your order as soon as you sit down. amazing stuff pic.twitter.com/2pvxkvnrc6

      — matt villasana (@mattvillasana) December 10, 2016

      how high is the temperature of children in starbucks?

      if you have children, surely you have ordered a hot chocolate or if they are older, some luxury drink and you have ordered it at “child temperature”.

      my wife always asks that her coffee drinks at starbucks be temporary for kids.

      I’m a little curious about how good kids temp is at starbucks. after all, we know that coffee is ideally brewed at 200° and served between 160° and 185°.

      the temperature of children in starbucks is exactly 130°.

      now we know why our @starbucks venti non-fat three splenda extra hot lattes take forever to prepare… #gameofthrones pic.twitter.com/599ko2hps2

      — (@shatontv) August 2, 2017

      how hot is “extra hot” at starbucks?

      As I mentioned, Starbucks brews their coffee at 190° and serves it at 165°.

      extra hot, by comparison, is served at 180°. Ironically, that’s still way below what McDonald’s served in the most famous lawsuit of his (more on that below).

      of course, you don’t have the ability to change the temperature of your already brewed drip coffee.

      so we’re talking about their espresso drinks. With any drink where the store adds frothed milk or you will add cream, always remember that even steamed milk will cause the temperature of the coffee to drop.

      so a cup of coffee served at 180°, to which 1/4 cup of half and half is then added, can easily fall below 160°.

      so if you want your coffee to be hot and stay hot longer, ordering extra hot at starbucks may be the way to go.

      #coffeetip: to keep your cup warm at home, fill it with hot water while you wait for the coffee to brew ☕️ #coffeeworks pic.twitter.com/aenbqazlmu

      — coffeeworks (@coffeeworksuk) December 21, 2017

      Does the coffee brew faster if you use warm water?

      no, it’s the short answer.

      But even if I could, you wouldn’t want me to. we need heat or time to extract the oils from the coffee beans. That’s why when you make cold brew coffee you have to let it sit overnight for it to really taste like coffee.

      but too much heat results in a more bitter and acidic cup of coffee.

      As I go on, most coffee makers have a set brew cycle that stays the same no matter the temperature of the water going in. In other words, if your coffeemaker has a 6-minute brew cycle, it still takes 6 minutes to go through that cycle regardless of the water temperature.

      so start with fresh, purified, cold water for best results.

      It is important to clean the coffee maker daily to ensure that the quality of the coffee does not change and that the coffee maker works well. tip: use lemon and salt or hot water to clean your coffee maker. #coffee #tips #coffeetime #coffeeaddict #coffeeday pic.twitter.com/8rwz0wn8qy

      – barista thailand (@barista_th) May 26, 2021

      is it bad to put hot water in a coffee maker?

      yes, is the short answer. but not just for the reasons you might think.

      For starters, never put boiling water from the stove into a coffee pot; especially a glass-walled French press. The inner workings of a coffee maker aren’t designed to be poured directly over boiling water, and the beaker of a French press, while optimized for heat, could break when it comes into direct contact with boiling water.

      on the other hand, many coffee makers have a basic heating cycle that does not change whether you use hot or cold water.

      run the same cycle and if the water you put in is significantly hotter going in, it will be much hotter coming out, and if it gets too hot, as we discussed elsewhere in this article, your coffee can taste bitter.


      but the other reason is that scientists don’t recommend drinking hot tap water, period.

      according to the new york times, “hot water dissolves contaminants more quickly than cold water, and many household pipes contain lead that can leach into the water. and lead can damage the brain and nervous system, especially in young children.”

      In addition, hot water that has been sitting in the water heater tank may also have sediment, rust, or other contaminants. that’s true even if your plumbing is modern and lead-free.

      The lower the quality of water you use, the lower the quality of your coffee.

      so always start with cold water in your coffeemaker, ideally filtered water (although many coffeemakers these days have water filters).

      Does the grinding of the grains affect the preparation temperature?

      yes is the short answer.

      The fineness of the grind also affects the quality of the final cup of coffee. the oils inside the beans are where the flavor lives and are extracted with heat.

      Too low a water temperature can make both a weak cup of coffee and a sour cup. too high a water temperature can make your cup of coffee acidic and bitter.

      then the fineness of the grind is important as it affects the amount of flavor we can extract from the beans.

      going back to the specialty coffee association of america (scaa) which I keep mentioning, they recommend the following in terms of coffee/water ratio and fineness of grind:

      • use between 3.25 and amp; 4.25 ounces of freshly ground coffee per 64 ounces of water
      • brewing temperature should ideally be between 197.6° and 204.8°
      • use a burr grinder instead of a blade grinder to get a consistent medium grind across the beans
      • Now, how does grinding affect temperature?

        the irregularity in the grinding, but also the fineness is what most affects the temperature.

        An even, even grind causes more of the coffee to come into contact with the water. the size of the grind also directly affects the amount of coffee particles that are extracted in the final brew. As you might suspect, the finer the ground, the more oils and coffee flavor are extracted.

        if you are using a blade grinder and have inconsistently ground beans, more water will pass through rather than be absorbed by the coffee.

        which can give you a slightly hotter cup of coffee. but it will also give you a smoother cup of coffee.

        It is also important to note that the ounce. of coffee is weight, not volume, as 1/4 cup of coffee and a half gallon of water would make a fairly weak cup of coffee. so true coffee aficionados actually have a small coffee scale that they use to weigh their coffee.

        but we can calculate from weight to volume if you don’t have a scale.

        Following the scaa guidelines, if you wanted to go on the high side (4.25 ounces of coffee by weight), you’d use a little less than 1 1/2 cups of ground coffee per 64 ounces of water; perfect for a standard 8 cup drip coffee maker.

        – //™// (@derpanzerwaffle) September 12, 2021

        how to get the right grind consistency for your coffee beans

        You’ll notice I said burr grinder.

        See also: 19 Caffeine-Fueling Park Slope Cafes

        A burr grinder ultimately gets a much more consistent grind than those that spin a sharp metal blade at high speed.

        Blade metal grinders can also heat the beans in the process. unfortunately, that adds to the cooking of the beans; not very good for the taste.

        A burr grinder is where the beans are ground between 1 moving part with a rough surface against a stationary part with a rough surface. If you’ve ever seen olives crushed for olive oil, that’s basically a giant burr grinder.

        There are two types of wheels, flat or conical.

        the tapered is what you normally see at starbucks. the one where the beans are kept in a transparent funnel above the grinder. and do not worry; the ones for domestic use are not so big.

        both types of burr grinders produce a very consistent grind.

        That’s why coffee lovers prefer them to blade grinders. If you’ve ever used a blade grinder and opened the lid only to see mostly ground coffee, but also some whole or half beans floating around, that’s exactly why they’re not a favorite.

        see all my coffee product recommendations (click to see my list) including great but inexpensive coffee grinders!

        I never knew 1) convenience and 2) pure bliss could be found in upgrading to a single serve coffee maker. my trusty old dripper has found its place in a dusty cabinet now that i have truly experienced life through my cup of coffee. ♥ pic.twitter.com/yhrpwlcrui

        – kyota izuma (@kyotaizuma) September 19, 2021

        How hot does a drip coffee maker get?

        There are plenty of drip coffee makers out there.

        You can pay $40 for one and potentially hundreds for another. so it makes sense that not everyone brews coffee at exactly the same temperature.

        As I mentioned earlier, the scaa says that a machine’s brew temperature should reach 197.6° within 1 minute of brewing and not exceed 204.8°. they also want the prep time to be ideally 4 minutes, but not to exceed 8 minutes.

        Unfortunately, many of the less expensive drip coffee makers don’t reach those temperatures or take much longer to brew, all of which can give you a poor cup of coffee.


        then if your goal is not just hot, but the perfect brewing and serving temperature, skip the $40 mr. coffee pots. Look for something closer to $100, ideally one that says scaa certified. that way you will know it reaches the correct temperature and brew time.

        that’s why we needed a new coffee maker ☕ the hot plate was broken pic.twitter.com/vabnuxvka6

        — sarah forde pin reservation ✨! (@sailorastera) March 28, 2020

        how hot does the heating plate of a coffee maker get?

        These days, it’s becoming more and more rare to find a hot plate or warming plate in coffee machines.

        but in the case of old school drip coffee makers, you still see them sometimes. the heat of the hot plate varies by manufacturer. some even allow you to adjust the temperature. but normally they are heated between 120° and 140°.

        The hot plate essentially keeps the carafe warm while the coffee sits in it, preventing it from getting cold.

        sounds good, right?

        Not really. leaving your coffee on a hot plate is not good for your coffee as you are essentially cooking the coffee. if you’ve ever been to grandma’s house and smelled that sour, burnt coffee smell (or heck, you just walked into an old-fashioned greasy spoon diner), you’ve smelled the smell of coffee that’s been sitting on a warmer for an hour or so.

        That’s why these days, high-end coffee makers don’t come with warming plates.

        Do you want a big cup of coffee? get good quality whole Arabica beans. grind them to order. then use cold purified water in a good quality coffee maker and make fresh water.

        Want more in an hour? just repeat that process. only takes a minute. and it will be significantly better than keeping your coffee on a hot plate for an hour.

        Imagine not having a mr. Twelve-cup coffee maker with “auto pause cup” and on/off indicator light. pic.twitter.com/ac76vycirt

        — future former lawyer (@futureformerjd) March 7, 2021

        does mr. coffee boil water?

        some people like the idea of ​​their coffee pot getting hot enough to boil water.

        after all, if the water has been boiled, then it has also been purified. or they may just want to use their coffee maker to make boiling water for other purposes.

        The boiling point of water is 212° at most altitudes.

        If you just want to know that your coffee water has been purified, the good news is that yes, most drip coffee makers, including the mr. coffee brand, bring the water to boiling temperature as the water contacts the heating coils.

        then, after the coils, the water passes through a tube where it finally comes out and comes into contact with the coffee grounds.

        As the water passes through the tube, it loses some heat, so it’s not yet at boiling temperature when you pour it into the jug, although it will still be very hot.

        Note that you do not want to pour boiling water directly over the coffee grounds. if you do, it will end up tasting very bitter and will basically ruin your cup of coffee.

        For a great cup of coffee, you want your water to be between 192 and 205°F.

        That way, there’s enough heat to interact with the beans, extracting the oils from the coffee and allowing the coffee to pass through the filter.

        what temperature is mcdonald’s coffee now?

        Currently, McDonald’s coffee is served between 176 and 194°F.

        That said, it’s still hot enough to cause burns. it could also be said that it is a bit hotter than it needs to be. so be careful when holding, drinking or opening the lid of a coffee cup no matter where you buy it.

        “mcdonald’s hot” is a common term these days when something is very hot.

        the phrase originated after mcdonald’s was sued in 1992. that lawsuit was over 79-year-old stella liebeck being handed a cup of coffee at the drive-thru that later spilled onto her lap. she actually spilled the entire cup of coffee between her legs while trying to add cream.

        how hot was mcdonald’s coffee when they were sued?

        at the time, the mcdonald’s training manual specified that coffee should be served at “195 to 205 degrees and held at 180 to 190 degrees for optimal flavor.”

        As I mentioned earlier, by comparison, Starbucks drip coffee is typically served at 165°.

        now we could certainly blame her for buying her coffee at mcdonald’s instead of a more reputable restaurant or coffee shop. we could also blame her for being clumsy. after all, you really shouldn’t be paying attention to dump an entire cup of coffee on your lap.

        but the reality is that he suffered third-degree burns because mcdonald’s had served him incredibly hot coffee.

        The jury agreed and awarded him nearly $3 million in punitive damages, plus a little more in compensatory damages. appeals ultimately reduced his payment to an undisclosed amount of less than $600,000.

        ironically,she originally only asked for $20,000 to cover lost wages and medical expenses. mcdonald’s refused and only offered her $800 (i guess some number keeper lost her job because of that stupid move).

        and in case you were wondering if this was a place like chicago in the dead of winter where you’d expect the coffee to be piping hot, it was actually albuquerque.

        To be fair, places like starbucks have also been sued for hot coffee burns. But the McDonald’s suit is by far the most famous and the highest paying.

        during the trial it also came to light that mcdonald’s had more than 700 similar cases and had paid lower amounts many times and yet had never changed the serving temperature of the coffee.

        Did we cover all your questions about which coffee maker makes the hottest coffee?

        In this post, we take an in-depth look at the world of coffee.

        We examine the proper brewing temperature and serving temperatures. Then I talked about the proper grind and answered all the top questions related to which coffeemaker makes the hottest coffee.

        We also answered that question specifically with my recommendation of the Redline MK1 8-Cup Espresso Maker, which is a great drip coffee maker with great reviews and really does make a great, hot cup of coffee.

        what is your favorite way to make coffee?

        see all my coffee product recommendations (click to see my list) with additional features and direct links to amazon for easy shopping.

        I always hand-select items that I own, have used, or have thoroughly researched to ensure they are excellent. I also offer not only top-of-the-line alternatives, but cheap ones as well, so my options work for any budget.

        See also: The Ultimate Guide to Coffee Candy


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