Unique Things You Can Sell in a Coffee Shop

unique things you can sell in a coffee shop

Unique Things You Can Sell in a Coffee Shop

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unique things you can sell in a coffee shop

If you’re opening a coffee shop, you’ll most likely be focused on two things:

  • who is your target market and;
  • How will you differentiate your coffee shop from the competition?
  • These two questions are finally combined into a single question: what are you going to sell in your coffee shop?

    Luckily, when it comes to selling things in a coffee shop, the sky is the limit!

    Things to sell in a coffee shop include coffee, of course! but we’re also talking about bags of coffee beans and grounds. while your customers can order a coffee and a muffin, they can take home a bag of whole beans. By offering coffee beans to take home, you can increase your sales and keep your coffee inventory fresh.

    In addition to coffee beans, other essential items you can sell in your cafe are various teas, smoothies, health drinks, seasonal beverages, alcoholic beverages, snacks on the go, merchandise and souvenirs, local art, plants, and coffee. preparation systems.

    what should you sell in a coffee shop?

    Graphic: What Will You Sell At Your Coffee Shop?

    unique things you can sell in a coffee shop

    everything related to coffee can be sold

    While you’re brainstorming your coffee menu, don’t take any items off the table yet.

    We say this with two important caveats. First, you want to understand your target market. Second, you don’t want to overwhelm your customers with too many items, or your sales could drop. too much stuff for sale can lead to shopper paralysis.

    However, you want to entertain useful and unique items to sell at a coffee shop that appeal to your targeted customers. In addition, what you sell in your coffee shop may require specific permits and licenses.

    We recommend that you take some time to study your target market, local competition, and other demographic information that can help you decide what to sell in your coffee shop.

    What will you sell at your coffee shop?

    things to sell in a coffee shop:

    make your customers happy, maximize your profits, & have fun exploring

    coffee beans

    Whole bean coffee offered by the pound or kilo is an essential item to increase sales at every coffee shop sale. Before marking each sale, consider asking, “Would you also like to take home a bag of our amazing Guatemalan coffee?”

    Not only does this help generate more significant sales per customer, but it also allows you to move your coffee inventory. moving your coffee inventory helps keep your available coffee fresh.


    Apart from coffee, teas are consumed quite frequently in coffee shops. You can estimate that 15% to 20% of all your orders will likely include a purchase of tea. that is, a family of three could order two lattes and a london fog, with earl gray tea.

    so you need to make sure you have exclusive teas available: herbal, caffeinated or medicinal. Fortunately, some wholesale tea suppliers can quickly ship directly to your coffee shop. In addition to offering fresh, hot tea to your customers, consider offering your customers tea to take home as well. You may have easily made loose tea bags to sell by the ounce. Of course, this helps if your teas are unique and hard to find.


    Smoothies are a major source of revenue for many retail businesses. With the incredible variation and endless topping possibilities, the great news is that smoothies can appeal to just about anyone, including your coffee shop patrons! offering shakes can increase your income and be a unique and easily customizable product for your customers.

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    healthy articles

    In addition to smoothies and teas, you can serve other healthy drinks such as freshly squeezed orange juice. additionally, you can offer freshly squeezed wheatgrass, aloe vera juice, chia seed drink, among others. there are plenty of menu options for your customers to drive sales.

    In addition to healthy drinks, you can also offer several unique products, such as milk substitutes. these can include soy milk, hemp milk, almond milk, and oat milk. You should seriously consider adding gluten-free items, vegan items, kosher items, and nut-free items to your cafeteria menu board.

    seasonal drinks

    Drink specials during specific times of the year can boost the holiday spirit as well as your bottom line. The good thing about offering seasonal drinks is that your customers will be attracted to what’s new. an inherent scarcity is built into their seasonal drinks that drives people to buy them because they know these drinks won’t be available any time soon.

    Finally, your customers expect seasonal beverage offerings and will be ready to make purchases. for example, around fall or autumn, they may be interested in pumpkin spiced lattes. in the winter months, they may want mint or cinnamon lattes. And of course you’ll get a lot of requests for cold brews in the summer months.

    the variety of seasonal drinks throughout the year makes each product unique to sell in your cafeteria.

    things to sell in a coffee shop

    (continued below)

    selling a coffee shop

    energy drinks

    Energy drinks are, in fact, a sales-driven item in your coffee shop. Apart from coffee, people flock to coffee shops to get their daily boost in other ways. trendy energy drinks like red bull or monster are standard. however, other plant-based energy drinks can create unique cafe drinks for your customers to enjoy as well. plus, these drinks have a wide variety of flavors, a higher-than-average profit margin, and could bring in repeat business.

    alcoholic beverages

    Alcoholic beverages in individual coffee shops and cafes can certainly appeal to a completely different target market. this is especially true if your coffee shop is open later in the day or at night.

    Alcoholic beverages bring a completely different concept, marketing, and operational setup to your business that you’ll want to explore further. Still, adding alcoholic beverages to your cafe menu is a great way to offer unique items to sell in your cafe.

    snacks to go

    The name of the game in most coffee shop businesses is convenience. many of your customers will be in and out in minutes. while many would love to stay, sit and chat, many customers will have to grab their coffee on the run. To sell more items in your coffee shop, you’ll need to offer convenient options that are attractive. can provide individually packaged snacks. just make sure they are high quality items. your customers will feel better if they don’t have to sacrifice quality for comfort.

    learn how to start a successful coffee shop


    Sell t-shirts, coffee mugs, thermos flasks or baseball caps with your traditional coffee shop items and be a great sales booster. Plus, your merchandise is a one-of-a-kind item that your coffee shop customers can’t get anywhere else.

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    The great thing about selling products is that it builds customer loyalty, generates revenue, and develops great brand awareness. if you’re a board game cafe, you can sell games.

    Finally, with your unique coffee shop merch in hand, you can also work to develop your coffee shop website. In addition to selling coffee online, you can also offer specialty branded items on your website.


    Depending on your location, your coffee shop could be a great place to offer tourists unique local souvenirs. unique souvenirs for visiting customers could attract customers and improve sales.

    coffee preparation systems

    If you run a coffee shop, chances are most of your customers make coffee at home. Selling brewing systems or devices can be a unique product offering that could also improve your sales. While you may not sell full-size espresso machines, you might consider selling pour-over coffee makers, aeropress devices, and conical filters, for example.

    local art

    Selling art supplies in your coffee shop does a few essential things. Art supplies are among the unique items you can sell in your coffee shop. they can also generate significant revenue, attract new customers, and provide your coffee shop with a uniquely changing environment.

    plants & flowers

    Plants and flowers can be a beautiful addition to your coffee shop’s product line. With several plant and flower options, you can drive sales through the roof. It’s also easy to start small. just set up a shelf outside with buckets of bouquets or potted succulents and small plants.

    unique services

    selling unique items can also become exclusive coffee shop services. There are many exceptional services that you can provide in your coffee shop business. You can offer a coffee and food delivery service. You can work with your local college or poetry groups to host a poetry night.

    In addition to poetry, you can host a movie night, open mic night, or music concert and collect at the door. Finally, you can add some basic groceries to your product offerings. this all ultimately depends on your location and customer needs, particular zoning issues, and the terms of your lease.

    what should you sell in a coffee shop?

    the marketing strategy of your coffee shop

    All of your product offerings could play a role in your coffee shop’s overall marketing strategy. Your menu items will be key elements in your effort to differentiate your coffee shop from the competition. Each product should affirm your overall coffee shop brand, customer service, and even your barista hiring options.

    For example, if you decide to serve fresh baked goods, this should be integrated into your marketing and promotions. If you serve alcoholic beverages and host open mic nights, you can promote your coffee shop in a completely different way. If you’re wondering how to market or promote your coffee shop, start with your menu.

    At first, it can be difficult to forecast the sales of your coffee shop, but as you learn more about what your customers want, you will increase your profits.

    A graphic of how your coffee shop products play within your marketing efforts.

    unique things you can sell in a coffee shop

    As you can see, there are many unique things you can sell in a coffee shop. Finding the right one that works for your coffee shop will take a bit of research. your offerings may also depend on your coffee shop concept. For example, if you have a mobile coffee truck, you may need to modify your product offerings due to your space capacity.


    • determine who your target customer is
    • know what your customer wants
    • stay true to your concept and brand
    • We have covered many possibilities that you can sell in your coffee shop. Below we will summarize the things you can sell in a coffee shop:

      • whole bean
      • teas
      • smoothies
      • healthy drinks
      • seasonal drinks
      • alcoholic beverages
      • snacks to go
      • merchandise
      • memories
      • board games
      • video games
      • coffee preparation systems
      • local art
      • unique services
      • delivery
      • poetry
      • music
      • grocery store
      • what to sell in a coffee shop?

        what your coffee shop customers need

        Study your coffee shop location and target market and look at the potential customers you will serve. then constantly review your concept and ask yourself these questions:

        • Who will be your main customer?
        • Is this locale compatible with your target market?
        • will the local target market support your concept?
        • Where will most of your customers be during the day? For example, they may need a quick cup of coffee before starting work, or want to relax with friends after work.
        • what do your customers want the competition to offer?
        • what do your customers want that the competition can’t offer?
        • To answer these questions, you may want to visit local coffee shops and other places in the community, count customers at your competitors’, talk to local businesses, schools, and neighbors, and even conduct an online or offline survey. online (through your website or email marketing).

          Understanding what your customers need will help you determine what you will sell in your coffee shop.

          what customers expect from your coffee shop

          As a coffee shop, many customers will have certain expectations about the products you are likely to have. this would include espresso-based drinks, teas, and hot chocolate.

          plus, you can have a variety of baked goods, like muffins, pies, and donuts.

          The concept you’re trying to implement in your coffee shop may not resonate with local customers. this is why you need to find out who your target customer is in the first place and find the area populated by your ideal customers. If you’re starting from the opposite end, for example, you already own or rent premises in a particular location and want to open a cafe there, study the local customers and their food and drink needs.

          what the competition is doing

          It is essential to understand what your coffee shop’s competitors offer that might be attractive. For example, will you offer any variety of beverages or foods that will directly compete with your competitors or replace competitors?

          It’s probably not a good idea to open a coffee shop in an area with several chain coffee shops and a self-service coffee stand. However, if you are sure that the concept of him will make you stand out from the crowd, you may want to give it a try. First, you need to explain the reason behind the higher prices: it could be your superior coffee, service, or pastries that no one else has.

          what to sell in a cafeteria

          exclusive coffee shop offers

          In addition to the basic offerings of your cafeteria, you can proudly offer your own exclusive offer: a signature coffee or food.

          this could mean anything from their nitro coffee mix to their famous cherry tarts.

          You can work with your wholesale coffee roaster to create a unique coffee blend that will only be served in your coffee shop. the same goes for their other vendors – you can partner with them to create a unique set of cakes, ice cream or chocolate.

          You may already have an idea about your unique menu item. however, finding what your customers appreciate can take some trial and error.

          Along with exclusive items, you may want to offer seasonal food and beverage options, usually great to increase profits.

          your cafeteria usp

          your unique selling proposition (usp) is that special element that makes your coffee shop different. it’s that unique competitive advantage that you have that others really can’t copy, even if they could. maybe it’s your freshly roasted beans, your mom’s apple pie recipe, or your assortment of ice cream. whatever it is, your usp sets you apart from your competitors.

          Your usp can’t just be great coffee. Your customers must feel that they benefit from your USP. they should see the value in holding your cup of coffee or bringing home pastries in a bag with your logo on it.

          high margin items

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          While coffee is generally known to be a very high-margin product, you can’t expect to live off it alone, as costs are also high. therefore, you’ll want to add high-margin products to improve your cafe’s sales.

          These may include:

          • beer
          • wine
          • spirits and cocktails
          • sushi
          • artisan pizza
          • Are you thinking of selling alcohol in your coffee shop? read, should you sell alcohol in your coffee shop?

            inventory management

            Managing your cafeteria inventory will be vital to understanding what works and what doesn’t in your cafeteria. Plus, real data from your coffee shop’s POS system will help you monitor the best vendors.

            More efficient inventory management will help you maximize profits by reducing spending on unwanted items.

            your point of sale system

            You’ll want to choose a coffee shop POS system that processes transactions quickly and helps you track your sales. As mentioned above, your selection of items to sell in your coffee shop and your follow-up will help determine which products are the winners for your coffee shop. To learn more, read our post, The Best POS Systems for Coffee Shops.

            promote your items for sale

            Whatever items you choose to sell in your cafe, be sure to promote them. Promote your items through various channels, including indoor or outdoor signage, create a coffee shop menu board that grabs your customers’ attention, and post images to your social media accounts.

            related questions:

            How can I sell unique items and stay true to my brand?

            With so many potential items to sell in your coffee shop, where do you start? where do you stop? this is a challenging question for many coffee shop owners.

            The first recommendation is to remember three important things:

            • always work to understand who your customer is.
            • Sell what your coffee shop customers want.
            • Consider your coffee shop’s brand and mission.
            • You don’t want to overwhelm your customers with thousands of different products. the more items you have, the higher the risk of customer paralysis, which makes each product offering significant.

              what are the dangers of offering unique things to sell in your coffee shop?

              The sheer volume of products you have on hand can also possibly overwhelm you and your staff. therefore, you’ll want to find a balance to offer exciting and unique things and products that don’t overwhelm you and your customers. if your customers have too many options, they may not buy anything.

              plus, buying so many products can tie up much of that much-needed cash in inventory. If those inventory items don’t sell, you’ll likely suffer a financial loss.

              While you may know your customers, it’s okay to ask for minimum inventories.

              Also, consider that you want your non-perishables to be perennial. Evergreen items say relevant and have a long shelf life. In other words, don’t order 1,000 thermoses with last year’s date stamped on them.

              Pro Tip: When approaching suppliers, negotiate a small minimum order, especially at first. tell them that you would like to try their products and that you would like to see if they would sell them at your particular coffee shop.

              some providers have certain minimums – that’s how they make money. And that’s fine, but you want to make sure you don’t end up with huge amounts of products that you can’t sell. therefore, negotiate with them. If they don’t want to negotiate or can’t offer you other options, like returns or credit, consider working with other providers.

              Where can I find unique items to sell in my coffee shop?

              Assuming you’ve studied your target market and know what your coffee shop customers want, now is the time to look for your signature items.

              In addition to a google search, you can look for cool things to sell in your coffee shop on places like instagram or etsy. Many creators, bakers, or artists post their items on Instagram and Etsy to drive sales. contact them and see if you can work with them.

              Also, look at what other companies are not in direct competition with you and see what products they are offering. For example, maybe a local bakery creates some amazing donuts or chocolate that you’d like to sell in your store. ask if they accept wholesale accounts and start the negotiation process.

              Are there such things as “too unique” to sell in my coffee shop?

              yes! While it is essential to differentiate yourself with unique products and services, you could be at risk of being too unique. that is, so unique where your customers can look, and admire, but never buy. I met the owner of a coffee shop that offered excellent coffee and exhibited wild art sculptures that never sold.

              While you want to be unique and offer high-margin items, keep in mind who your customer is and what they would be willing to buy from your coffee shop.

              Is there a sure way to know if my products will sell?

              yes, one of the sure ways to know that your products will sell in your coffee shop is to ask your customers what they want.

              question. listen. repeat.

              Your customers want to be heard and appreciate that you value their feedback. instruct your baristas to post any feedback or collect suggestions on your website or social media accounts.

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