Coffee cups

take a break with a cup of coffee

The coffee break is a central part of everyday Scandinavian life. sit back and relax with a nice warm cup of coffee, and make the moment even better by enjoying it with a beautiful cup of coffee.

In our extensive collection of cups and mugs, you’ll find many high-quality coffee mugs in a variety of elegant shapes and styles. Whether you’re looking for classic coffee cups with saucers or more contemporary alternatives, you’ll find many beautiful options in our wide variety of coffee cups.

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what are the most popular coffee cups and mugs? cups?

Coffee mugs come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. Here you will find many popular designs and collections from well-known brands such as Arabia and Iittala.

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one of the most popular brands in scandinavia is broste copenhagen, with its nordic sea and nordic sand collections which have gained popularity for their handmade look and beautiful glaze which gives both series a wonderful rustic look.


top 3 most popular coffee cups & mugs

  1. tuokio 24h coffee cup from arabia
  2. marimekko unikko mug
  3. nordic sea cup with handle from broste copenhagen
  4. colorful coffee cups

    A set of colorful coffee mugs is great for a cozy atmosphere with a summer touch. In our wide variety of tableware items you will find many coffee mugs in beautiful colors and designs. Whether you go for a monochrome set of coffee mugs or a more daring set, adding color is a great way to make your table stand out!

    coffee cups with saucer

    When you think of a coffee cup with a saucer, chances are you’re picturing a classic china cup, perhaps with some pretty blue trim. however, coffee cups and saucers also come in very contemporary designs, perfect for a modern Scandinavian-style home, such as the jade cup and saucer from by on. Whether you’re looking for hyper-modern designs, timeless classics, or maybe something in between, you’ll find plenty of options in our extensive collection of high-quality coffee mugs.

    coffee cups & mugs with handles

    A classic coffee mug usually has a handle. This design makes it easier to hold the coffee cup even though the coffee inside is hot. coffee cups can also be a stylish design feature that can be sculpted in a variety of ways, such as with oyoy’s inka collection coffee cups.

    coffee cups & cups without handles

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    Coffee cup designs that lack handles are not uncommon, as this type of design has become very popular. here you will find a lot of coffee cups without handles, in different sizes, colors and designs.

    A great example of a stylish coffee mug with a handleless design is the fumiko mug from by on. the matte texture makes the coffee mug easy on the eyes and easy to hold.

    coffee cups & cups of different materials

    Our wide selection of cups and mugs includes coffee cups made from many different materials. here you will find ceramic coffee cups of various types, porcelain coffee cups and even glass coffee cups.

    how to remove coffee stains from coffee cups & cups:

    The cups and mugs you normally drink your coffee out of can sometimes be left with stubborn brown stains. even coffee pots and carafes can be left with these stains that no amount of washing with soap can remove. Follow these instructions to remove your coffee stains quickly and easily:

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    1. make a thick paste by mixing baking soda and water.
    2. apply the paste to the stains on the mugs and rub with a sponge or brush.
    3. Rinse the coffee cup once you’ve removed the stains. be sure to dry the cup with a soft cloth.

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