The Best Cafes in Saigon: 17 Cute Coffee Shops you Must Visit!

as travel writers living in saigon (also known as ho chi minh city) and tired of working in our studio, we have had the opportunity to visit many outstanding cafes and coffee shops in the city.

One of the things I love about coffee shops in Vietnam is that you never feel pressured to rush or leave. They have a very laid back style and attitude, so once they deliver your order, you’ll be pretty much on your own. so if you need to work or just want to spend the afternoon enjoying a cup of tea and a good book, you can spend as much time as you want in any of these cute cafes in saigon.

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Most of the cafes listed below are fairly easy to find on Google Maps or TripAdvisor due to their rave reviews, but most are relatively hidden down alleys or narrow stairways. so you probably wouldn’t find them on your own, just wandering the streets of saigon.

Below is a list of my 17 favorite coffee shops and cafes in Saigon, grouped by the best for getting work done, the best with unique coffee concoctions, the best atmosphere, the best for delicious desserts, and the best for brunch. . They are not in any particular order as it would be impossible to choose the best coffee in saigon!

the best cafes in saigon to work

1. the hidden elephant books & coffee

the hidden elephant books & Coffee is both a cute coffee shop and a bookstore with a great selection of books written in English (which can be hard to find in Vietnam). the atmosphere here is very calm. it is meant to be a place to work or read, but not to socialize. so you’ll probably find yourself whispering your coffee order to the friendly staff members.

hidden elephant is a great cafe to get some work done if you thrive in a very calm and peaceful environment. they have lots of tea and coffee offerings and some sweet and savory options.

This saigon coffee shop is really hidden away on the second floor with only a small sign to guide you where to go. It is through a small alley and up a small flight of stairs. seating is very limited and people tend to stick around for a while, so you may want to have a backup plan in case there are no tables available.

Location: Second Floor, 35 Phan Chu Trinh, Phường Bến Thành, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

2. the workshop cafe

the workshop coffee is a coffee shop that takes its high-quality coffee very seriously. If you are a coffee connoisseur, there really is no better coffee shop in Saigon. they have a great selection of coffee beans and you can choose your preferred brewing style.

The atmosphere of the workshop cafe is quite modern and industrial. You’ll feel like you’ve been transported to Portland, Oregon or Austin, Texas. and although there are a lot of people working here, there are no noise restrictions, so it’s a great place to work if you don’t mind talking in the background. there are plenty of outlets to keep you loaded and some large shared tables to accommodate more customers.

the workshop cafe also has a full menu and some sweet dessert options in case you get hungry. my only complaint about the workshop cafe is that the chairs are too hard to spend an entire afternoon here. and the location is also a bit hard to find, being down a small alley and up several flights of stairs.

Location: 27 ngô Đức kế, bến nghé, district 1, ho chi minh city

3. teaspoon coffee & tea room

While the workshop is serious about coffee, teaspoat coffee & the tea room is the place to go if you are serious about tea. Not only is this adorable Saigon cafe full of unique teapots and teacups on display, but you can also choose from a wide selection of teas in various fruit and flower varieties, as well as black, green, and herbal teas. and you can select the intensity of your tea according to your preferences.

we recommend a teaspoon of coffee & tea room as a great place to work because they have some nice comfortable chairs near the big windows facing the street. They also have high back chairs if you need more support while you work. also, their wi-fi works very well and there are many points of sale throughout the place.

and if you get a little hungry while you work, teaspoon also has a box full of delicious desserts next to the coffee bar. flan, macarons, cheesecake, lemon meringue and red velvet are some of the ones that are usually available. We highly recommend the lemon meringue!

Even if you have nothing to do, you’ll want to check out teaspoon coffee & tea room to enjoy a cup of tea and the lovely atmosphere. It’s a laid-back place with colorful murals on the walls, comfortable seating, and the cutest decor. plus, the staff members are super friendly and if you’re lucky, they can even play you a tune or two on the guitar!

Location: 37 lý tự trọng, bến nghé, district 1, ho chi minh city

saigon’s best coffees with unique coffee concoctions

4. okkio coffee

Okkio Caffe is also a great saigon cafe to get some work done, but I felt compelled to add it to this section because of its delicious coconut coffee and egg coffee concoctions. In fact, it’s often considered one of the best places in Saigon to try egg coffee.

coffee in okkio is a bit expensive compared to other coffee shops in saigon, but you can tell that the quality of the coffee bean is high. they also offer cold beer and some yummy treats to satisfy your sweet tooth. But since both egg coffee and coconut coffee are really unique to Vietnam, it would be a shame not to try both while you’re here. and okkio is a great place to do it!

Like many of the other Saigon cafes on this list, Okkio Caffe is located in the middle of the bustling tourist area, but it’s a bit difficult to find as it’s off the street, up some narrow stairs. the atmosphere is a bit like a cute restaurant with small round tables and a colorful tiled floor. seats are limited, but it’s worth the wait!

location: 122 Đường lê lợi, phường bến thành, district 1, ho chi minh city

5. little hanoi egg coffee

another one of the best cafes in saigon to try vietnam’s famous egg coffee is little hanoi egg coffee. It’s a small, unassuming cafe that’s tucked away down an alleyway and not exactly easy to find. but that only adds to its charm!

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The interior of this charming little saigon cafe is cozy and all the staff are very friendly. They have a small menu of different toast options if you are hungry, the most popular being the avocado toast with egg. And of course, it would be a farce not to try their famous coffee with eggs!

location 1: 119/5 yersin, phường phạm ngũ lão, district 1, ho chi minh citylocation 2: 212 lê lai, phường phạm ngũ lão, district 1, ho chi minh city

6. cong ca phe

Some may argue that Cong Ca Phe (Vietnamese: Cộng Cà Phê) doesn’t deserve a spot on the list of Best Coffee Shops in Saigon because it’s actually a chain with locations all over Vietnam. but honestly, when I want a delicious coffee, it’s always the place I choose! They not only have coconut coffee, but also other coconut concoctions like coconut chocolate and coconut green rice. so if you’re not in the mood for coffee, you’ll be spoiled for choice here!

the atmosphere of cong ca phe is like a tribute to the viet cong during the vietnam-american war. the baristas and servers wear green military uniforms and have a small gift shop with war memorabilia. coffee shops are usually in old multi-story buildings with old tables and lots of old books. It is a popular place for young and trendy Vietnamese children to hang out with their friends and study.

many of the cong ca phe locations have some outdoor seating, perfect for people watching. i love hanging out at this cafe in saigon, sipping my coconut coffee and watching the world go by. definitely worth a visit during your stay in vietnam!

7. hummingbird coffee

if you’re looking for one of the best cold brew coffees in saigon, look no further than hummingbird coffee! not only is it delicious, but the presentation is also quite impressive. you will be served a glass full of frozen coffee cubes and a glass bottle of cold beer on a wooden board; it is enough to enjoy two full glasses.

the hummingbird cafe has a large shared table in the center of the cafe with smaller tables around it. there are small sitting areas upstairs that are perfect for posting to read a good book or work. they also have delicious baked goods that will perfectly complement your cold brew!

location: 5h Đ. tôn Đức thắng, bến nghé, district 1, ho chi minh city

the best cafes in saigon for an amazing atmosphere

8. flower padma

If I had to pick the most beloved coffee shop on this list, then padma de fleur would probably win the top prize. It’s both a coffee shop and a flower shop, so you’ll be surrounded by beautiful flower arrangements while enjoying your perfectly presented coffee.

spent an entire afternoon working on padma de fleur and had the best experience! the space is incredibly calm and relaxing, the drinks are served in the most perfect way and the lunch is really tasty. plus they just leave you alone and never pressure you to buy anything. They even let me order decaf since they don’t offer it on their menu (I was pregnant at the time).

Location: 55/6 lê thị hồng gấm, phường nguyễn thái bình, district 1, ho chi minh city

9. ca phe co ba

another amazing cafe in saigon with a lovely atmosphere is ca phe co ba (Vietnamese: cà phê cô ba). They have lots of small comfortable seating areas, including chairs on their balcony where you can enjoy the view. Large wooden chairs, antique decor, and a tiled floor create a cozy, homey atmosphere in this Saigon cafe.

In addition to a large selection of delicious coffees, Ca Phe Co Ba also has an extensive menu, making it an ideal place to spend an entire afternoon. the atmosphere is lively as it is a popular place for local youth to meet up with friends. it’s possible to do some work here if you don’t mind background noise.

location: 4-6 Đồng khởi, bến nghé, district 1, ho chi minh city

10. the loft cafe & bistro

the cafe loft & bistro is another saigon cafe that will make you forget you are in the asian sea! With exposed brick walls that have been painted a rich white and a huge round window clock, it has a modern vibe that is popular with locals and expats alike.

you can stay with one of their delicious coffee drinks or take a look at their extensive food menu. there are plenty of tables to choose from, and if you don’t mind relatively hard chairs and small talk, it can be a good place to work.

location 1: 26 lý tự trọng, bến nghé, district 1, ho chi minh citylocation 2: 95 pasteur, bến nghé, district 1, ho chi minh city

11. khom coffee & tea

khom coffee & The Tea is a little further from the center of Ho Chi Minh City, but it’s worth the commute for the lovely, laid-back atmosphere. the space is light and bright, with lots of pretty flowers lining the entrance. Wicker furniture gives this cute cafe a homey feel and you’ll love spending a few hours enjoying the relaxing space and delicious coffee.

We highly recommend trying the coconut coffee – it’s creamy, delicious and has delicious candied coconut flakes sprinkled on top.

location: 5 trần quý khoách, tân Định, district 1, ho chi minh city

the best cafes in saigon with delicious desserts

12. marou house

If I could only eat at one dessert place, anywhere in the world, for the rest of my life, I would choose Maison Marou. that’s a serious statement, I know, but their chocolate really is that good. after first discovering this cafe in saigon, which is actually more of a chocolate lover’s paradise, i came back every day for a week straight. They sell the best brownie in all of ho chi minh city!

maison marou offers some standard coffee and tea drinks, but their real specialties are their drinking chocolate concoctions and a box full of desserts. Cocoa comes from the Mekong Delta and chocolate is produced locally in Vietnam. They also have award-winning packaged chocolate bars available for purchase that make great gifts for friends and family back home.

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Wi-fi can be quite spotty and the store gets very crowded, so Maison Marou isn’t necessarily the best place in Saigon to work in the afternoon. but if you’re looking for afternoon coffee and a delicious dessert, you absolutely can’t go anywhere else!

location 1: 167-169, calmette, phường nguyễn thái bình, district 1, ho chi minh citylocation 2: no.90 xuân thủy, thảo Điền , district 2, ho chi minh city

13. villa royale antiques & tea room

if you want to enjoy a delicious dessert that doesn’t necessarily involve chocolate, then villa royale downtown antiques & tea room will satisfy your sweet tooth. the most popular dessert, in this case, is the dalat raspberry cheesecake, and we are partial to the carrot cake with passion fruit icing. other delicious options include apple pie, lemon meringue pie, and salted caramel pie.

and if you want an excuse to dress up, you’ll love that the royal villa hosts afternoon tea. while enjoying your tea, you will sit at one of the quaint little tables surrounded by one-of-a-kind art and antiques. You’ll forget you’re in hot and humid Vietnam!

villa royale downtown antiques & the tea room has two locations – one in the city center and one in arrondissement 2. while both locations are quite charming with similar food offerings and excellent service, we’re partial to the arrondissement 2 location. decor is more eclectic and you can buy many of the antiques on display!

And for a real treat, be sure to try a freshly baked scone with jam and whipped cream. Baked goods are few and far between in Saigon, so you may want to take some back to your hotel to enjoy later.

location 1: 25 hồ tùng mậu, phường nguyễn thái bình, district 1, ho chi minh citylocation 2: 3 trần ngọc diện, thảo Điền, district 2, hồ chí minh city

the best coffees in saigon for a delicious brunch

14. l’usine

l’usine has several cafes scattered throughout saigon and you really can’t go wrong no matter which one you choose. They also have a small store attached where you can buy some unique gifts made in Vietnam. the atmosphere of the restaurant is quaint and unpretentious – it’s a good place to work or catch up with a friend over a cappuccino.

l’usine’s menu includes a wide selection of delicious breakfast items (including several variations of Eggs Benedict), as well as burgers, sandwiches and Asian favorites. the dishes are expensive here, but the portions are big and the food is very tasty. my personal favorite dish is vegetarian lasagna!

If you don’t mind venturing into District 2, l’usine thao dien offers a weekend “boozy brunch” with wine and craft beer for just VND290,000 per person. It’s one of the best brunch deals in town!

location: you can find all l’uisine locations here.

15. the vintage emporium

the vintage emporium is the cutest coffee shop in saigon located in da kao just outside the tourist area of ​​district 1. not only do they have delicious coffees, teas and juices but they also have some unique lattes flavored with beets, matcha or turmeric.

And while it’s possible to just order coffee at the vintage emporium, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to pass up their delicious brunch menu! Offering super fresh smoothie bowls, eggs benedict and other brunch classics, you’re sure to find something you’ll love.

note that the vintage emporium is quite popular with expats, especially on weekends. so get there early or a little later in the afternoon to make sure you get a table.

location 1: 95 Đường nguyễn văn thủ, Đa kao, district 1, ho chi minh citylocation 2: số 1 Đường số 39, thảo Điền, district 2, ho chi minh city

16. marcel coffee

another extremely popular brunch spot is cafe marcel – this lovely little french style cafe is located in the thao dien neighborhood of arrondissement 2. it’s not very big and quite busy during breakfast and lunch so So if you just want to grab a coffee and enjoy a book or conversation, better go later in the afternoon after the lunch crowd has died down. And if you plan to go to brunch, it is best to make a reservation to avoid waiting.

If you fancy a western brunch like pancakes, a bagel sandwich, or even a grilled cheese sandwich, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the menu at Cafe Marcel. I recommend the mushrooms and eggs or, my personal favorite, the croque-marcel. there are limited tables which makes the interior cozy and intimate.

Of course, with Western food comes Western prices, so expect to pay a bit more for your brunch here.

Location: 28 Ngô Quang Huy, Thảo Điền, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City

17. Godmother Baking & lunch

if you’re looking for the most instagrammable coffee shop in saigon, you’ll definitely want to check out godmother bake & lunch. With a light pink color scheme, comfy velvet chairs and sofas, and perfectly presented food and drinks, it’s impossible not to take a few photos here.

the godmother is also one of the few places in saigon to get a grilled cheese sandwich with a side of creamy tomato soup. prices are reasonable considering the size of the portions. if you want to enjoy the classics of decadent and comforting brunch, this is the place to do it!

location: 4 Đồng khởi, bến nghé, district 1, ho chi minh city

that’s it: the most beautiful cafes in saigon! Do you have a favorite coffee shop or cafe that we missed? let us know in the comments below!

Are you going to travel to Vietnam and want help planning your trip? Check out our favorite travel guides!

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