KeepCup Review: A Travel Coffee Mug for Trendsetters

Coffee to go is a lifesaver when you want to wake up on the way to work. but disposable cups and plastic lids are terrible for the environment.

Perhaps you came across our keepcup review because you were looking for a stylish and eco-friendly alternative? (we knew you were one of the good ones!)

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the keepcup review

keepcup was created with one purpose: to reduce and replace the use of disposable cups in cafeterias. that is why all its components are designed to be reusable and recyclable. We love that the creators have taken this approach, but how does it work as a travel coffee mug?

design – 4/5

the keepcup is so gorgeous it’s sure to unleash your inner hipster barista. unlike most reusable coffee mugs and travel mugs, it is made of tempered soda-lime glass and features a handy grip band made of natural cork >. as caffeine magazine points out:

Not only does it look elegant and sophisticated, but the glass and cork body makes it an environmentally friendly choice as it can be easily recycled. No wonder it won the ‘Most Innovative Product’ award at the London Coffee Festival! (1)

This tempered soda lime glass is quite strong and can withstand temperatures up to 100°c/212°f. however, this glass tumbler is not unbreakable. accidental blows and sudden changes in temperature could cause it to break, so we recommend handling it with care.

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The snap-on, BPA-free plastic lid has a splash-proof plug for the sip hole (better safe than sorry, especially if you drink while walking). you can choose from three different lid colors (black, gray and brown) and three standard coffee cup sizes: 8 oz, 12 oz and 16 oz.. there’s also a 6 oz keepcup, which is available in six different colors.

performance – 2.5/5

While the glass body is undeniably elegant and innovative, it means the mug has lower thermal insulation compared to other travel coffee mugs (less than one hour). If you’re looking for a travel mug that will keep your coffee hot for at least a couple of hours, we suggest looking at other travel mugs.

The cork band makes this reusable coffee cup comfortable and easy to hold. however, it is not removable, which means this mug is not microwave or dishwasher safe. however, it is still easy to clean. we recommend a quick rinse after each use and a good soapy wash once a week.

value for money – 3/5

keepcup is more expensive than your average reusable coffee mugs and travel mugs. Still, it’s not the most expensive, either: The Zojirushi mug and a few more of our favorite travel mugs are a bit more expensive. We also appreciate that most of the KeepCup’s components are made in Australia and Europe (2). it also comes with a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects and has a 30-day replacement policy for cork band or glass breakage.

Because of its lower heat retention and susceptibility to breakage more easily than plastic or stainless steel, this glass mug isn’t your classic travel mug that you can throw in your backpack for camping trips. nor does it offer the convenience of a handle or one-handed operation.

and don’t forget that many coffee shops offer a discount every time you bring your reusable cup!

don’t buy the keepcup if…

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You want a more durable option: If you simply want an option that’s more durable than glass, you can choose the original cup. however, if you’re an outdoorsy person who can’t conceive of a long hike or camping vacation without hot coffee, opt for something more challenging. we recommend stanley’s classic. Made of double-walled stainless steel and with a thermal lid, it will keep your coffee hot for hours. learn more about it in our stanley classic review.

You want to make and drink coffee on the go. Would you rather make your coffee on the go than pick it up at a coffee shop? Meet the ESPRO Travel Coffee Press! This stainless steel travel mug lets you brew like a French press and guarantees piping hot coffee for up to 6 hours. we really like espro’s version of a travel coffee press, and you can read about it in our review here.

Bike to work: Glass travel mugs and bikes don’t really mix. we recommend the camelbak forge if you want to take your coffee with you while cycling to work. It’s a strong and durable travel mug with a finger loop for attaching to your backpack. in our review, we found it to be particularly suitable for adventurous souls.

the verdict on the keepcup – 3.2/5

we understand that the keepcup was conceptualized to replace disposable coffee cups (3). In that sense, it’s a perfect eco-friendly alternative for coffee lovers who normally get their caffeine fix at coffee shops, perhaps during their daily commute.

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Thanks to its cork grip band and splash-proof plastic lid, this reusable tumbler is practical and practical. Plus, let’s be honest: who wouldn’t want to be seen drinking from such a fancy coffee mug with no excuses?

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