Quilted Fabric Coffee Cozy Tutorial

last updated on June 8, 2021

I use a lot of pretty cotton fabrics in my felt flower hoop designs, but I end up with a lot of scrap pieces. the patterns are so beautiful and I hate throwing away perfectly good fabric so I’m thinking of creative ways to use up leftovers. one of the things i made recently was this quilted coffee. it’s a great way to use up little pieces of fabric and it’s super cute! these also make very sweet gifts, for a coffee or tea drinker. So I thought I’d share this cozy cafe tutorial (including a pattern) with you so you can start making your way through your very own fabric scrap pile!

Reading: Quilted coffee cup cozy pattern

DIY quilted fabric coffee cup cozy. This is a great project to sew up in a hour and give as a last minute gift! A cute coffee cozy tutorial using fabric scraps. Free pattern and instructions included for this easy DIY sewing project.

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I’m a big tea drinker. we are talking about 3 cups a day minimum. and I will drink my tea during all seasons, no matter the temperature. I think most people are just as committed to their hot beverages as I am, which is why this cozy coffee makes a great gift all year long!

This particular design works best on mugs that are a uniform size (like the ones in the photos) or are slightly narrower at the top.

This is a super quick DIY that should only take about an hour to make. That’s great news if you need a last minute gift!


Here’s what you’ll need:

quilt patchwork fabric scraps – 11″x4.5″ hair elastic cute button printed pattern – just click to download

each of my little fabric scraps was 2 1/8″ x 4 1/4″ and I needed 7 of them for the front and back. you will need enough fabric to form an 11″x4.5″ rectangle when sewn together.

If you are wondering about the scissors in the picture, they are easy action scissors with micro tips from fiskars. they are really great for cutting detailed patterns. so it’s not really necessary for this project. LOL! I was looking for a pair of scissors to add as a prop to the photo and these were within reach. however, I use them for many other projects, I promise!

DIY Quilted Coffee Cup Cozy - Materials Needed


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Since the pattern is curved, you will need to “stagger” the fabrics. unless they’re already tall enough to cover the entire pattern, which mine weren’t.

Place the fabrics to make sure you have enough to cover the pattern

Use a 1/4″ seam allowance and join the fabric pieces together. press to open seams. I arranged my fabrics to be the same front and back because I’m elegant like that. 🙂

Pin pattern to assembled fabric pieces and cut out. also cut one of the wadding.

Cutting out the assembled fabric for a quilted coffee cozy.

Lay out your pieces, batting on the bottom with the fabrics right sides together on top.

Sew all the way around, tucking in the elastic halfway down one side. stitch over the elastic a couple of times for added security.

make sure to leave a 2″ gap in the seam so you can flip to the cozy right side.

Sewing up a fabric coffee cozy tutorial

turn the cozy right side out and stitch all the way around, about 1/8″ from the edge.

Next, quilt the cozy by stitching all the layers within the confines of the stitched outline. I think it would look weird if the padding went past the outline.

I chose to sew in an x/diamond pattern that went from corner to corner on each strip.

did any of that make sense? lol 😀

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add a colorful button and all is well!

Quilted Fabric Coffee Cozy - Pretty and Functional! This quick DIY would be a great gift for mom!

Add a cute button closure to your DIY fabric coffee cup cozy.

look how cute this is! I’m planning to give it to my mom for mother’s day.

The kids and I made cookies yesterday to use up the last Easter chocolate. They were perfect photo props and a delicious reward for a job well done! 😀

DIY Quilted fabric coffee mug cozy. Easy and quick tutorial for a cute coffee sleeve.

Easy sewing tutorial for a coffee cozy. Quilted fabric cup cozy tutorial. DIY last minute gift idea!

I really love these quick projects that can easily be done in an afternoon. with 2 kids running around, I often can’t commit to the bigger sewing projects I’d like to do. it’s quite satisfying to do a project from start to finish.

Also check out this tutorial for a DIY toothbrush travel wrap for another quick afternoon project, or these waste-free DIY grocery bags. Plus this post of 22 DIY Projects Using Fabric Scraps for more ideas on how to use those scraps!

and don’t forget to download your free pattern for this cozy coffee tutorial.

Have fun sewing!

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