My Cafe: Recipes and Stories Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide for Running a Successful Restaurant

My Cafe: Recipes & Stories is a new restaurant management game for Android and iOS from Melsoft Games, and we’d say it’s a bit different from others of its kind. Although there are many features that it has in common with other restaurant or cafe management games, the key difference here seems to be the narrative: after all, there is a reason why the second half of the game title is “recipes and stories”. ” In addition to cooking, buying furniture, and decorating your diner, bakery, or diner, you can also interact with your regular customers and choose responses that will dictate the flow of the story.Melsoft promises that each story in this game will be unique, so you’ll want to take the right choices in more ways than one if you want your story to have a happy ending.

That’s the game in a nutshell, and considering how complicated it can seem compared to other titles in its genre, we’ve decided to make it easy for you to get in…and then some. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or expert player, we think you’ll find something you can use in this unique my cafe strategy guide: recipes and stories. We’ll cover all sorts of general tips and tricks here, but as we always do, we’re going to start from the beginning and give you some basic information.

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1. do the service yourself

In this game, the service will mainly be done by your friend in the game and the best employee, Ann, as well as the employees you hire for your restaurant. but don’t just stand there and let them do all the dirty work; you can also help them and do the service yourself. touch a customer, press the “what would you like to order?” button, make a note of their order, and voila.

my cafe recipes and stories tips

You can prepare their food and drink, and if you forget a recipe, you can tap the teacup icon at the bottom right of the screen to see the list of recipes. once you’ve prepared your order, you can tap on that same customer and press “here’s your order!” button to serve them. don’t be useless just because you’re the boss: if business is improving, then go ahead and serve some customers.

2. How else can you be of help serving?

That’s the basics of serving customers in the game, but you can also help Ann and the rest of your staff by tapping the machines and serving drinks to your customers. Since the AI-controlled characters will have to wait until a machine works to make drinks, you may want to jump into action and speed them up, allowing everyone to serve customers quickly and efficiently. tap on the empty machines while your team serves customers and create drinks for any customers that might come in, and make sure all those machines are working.

3. more servers means faster service

If you want to make tons of in-game profits, you’ll want to have enough servers on deck so you can speed up your service. Leveling up brings a new customer to your cafe, and if you’re not playing, your servers will help Ann as she serves your customers’ orders. And as you keep serving customers quickly, your profits will increase. listen when ann tells you that a new server can be hired, and don’t forget to buy a service desk (found in catalog > furniture) to continue the hiring process. Hit the hire button when you see a server you want to add to your employee list, and prioritize skills above anything else. still, don’t spend too much on hiring servers and take a good look at their price tags as well as their skills. and if you’re not satisfied with the current list of servers, you can come back to search for a new list in about an hour.

4. employee skills basics

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You will see an up arrow above Ann’s head when she levels up – tap on it and tap on the “tell me about your skills” button so you can see the skills available to train. her particular skills are the daily simple gift, the prices of all items and speed, although the skills of other restaurant employees may differ. Tap on a worker’s skill icons and focus on his strengths when it comes to those upgrades so you can get more profit from your restaurant. Note that you can only upgrade one of the three skills when an employee levels up, so make sure you’re making the right choice.

5. update the prices of all ann’s items first

We mentioned Ann’s skills earlier, and considering she’s your most valuable employee, you’ll want to be very sure you’re upgrading the right skill for her. our suggestion is that he work on the pricing skills of all items, as he places a premium on the price of all items being sold in her cafeteria. for example, upgrading to level 1 will increase the prices of all items by 6 percent, and once you’re at level 10, any item can increase by 30 percent.

my cafe recipes and stories menu

after updating ann’s skill accordingly, you can set new prices for unlocked items, although you should try to avoid setting prices too high; when selecting price increases, stop when you see the color is dark green and don’t let it get to yellow. once an item’s price is in the yellow, customers will tend to avoid that item, simply because it’s out of their daily budget.

6. update the daily simple gift for… well, more gifts

The next skill you should upgrade for ann would be the daily simple gift. if you upgrade this skill to level 1, you will get a simple gift per day. once you have her at level 5 you will get 2 gifts per day, and when she is level 10 you will get 3 gifts per day. So what’s in the simple gift? these can include spices, which you can add to your drinks; after that, you can sell the finished product to customers at a higher price.

7. get special spices, that’s how

Special spices, for starters, are the seasoning you would need to make special recipes. add a little spice to a drink or other food, and you’re cooking up an item that costs a lot of money; sometimes prices can be much more premium than one would normally expect. but how do you get them anyway? The first thing you need to do, so that you can access the rare spices in the game, is to build a stall and buy a spice box. which would allow you to collect and preserve any spices you obtain through the methods that we will indicate below.

One of the easiest ways to get special spices is to log in to the game every day or get them as a daily gift. we explained that in the last tip, emphasizing that after you’ve upgraded ann’s price-related skill, you can move on to her gift-related skill. more daily gifts means more chances to get special spices! Also, you can order the spices over the phone, but that can only be done from level 6, where you unlock the phone. (As an aside, this also allows you to accept takeout orders.) Also, you can get some spices from customers; be sociable, talk to your customers regularly, and who knows, you might be rewarded with spices. Normally, it’s koffsky and mary who will probably give you spices.

8. ask customers first if they want something special

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Special items, as we hinted at in the tips above, cost much more than common, regular items. they could burn a hole in your wallet in real life and in the game. so before you serve a specialty item (and make one by adding a little special spice to it), you should ask customers if they want “something special.” then they will tell you a certain recipe with a certain spice and how much they are willing to pay for the food.

9. decorate your coffee shop: what should you do to benefit from it?

my cafe recipes and stories decoration

We’ve covered a lot of tips related to food and skills, but now we’ll move on to another detailed topic that we think you should be familiar with: furniture. You can get additional tips from customers through the decorations you use for your cafe, and if you’re not sure what kind of furniture to use, you can catch the tips your customers will leave through your conversations. as such, pay close attention to what they say.

In addition to being aware of what your customers are saying, you should also try to decorate your coffee shop in a style e.g. English, Chinese, French or Italian. so if you have a mix of English and French furniture in your cafe, you won’t earn as many tips as if you had gone for an all-Chinese approach, for example.

10. pay attention to those conversations

Speaking of customer conversations, we said earlier that you need to pay close attention. But what if your attention span was too short? well, you can always tap the book icon (found in the top left of your screen) if you need to go back through conversations, whether they’re new or old. You’ll also see avatars for your customers, which you can tap to learn about their favorite recipes or decorating themes, or perhaps gossip they’ve shared.

But not all conversations are made up of idle chatter. you may notice that there are some sentences that end with a diamond icon. these are actually quests, which you can then complete to earn a free gem, which is the game’s form of premium currency.

11. know what your customers can do

a great thing about my coffee: recipes and stories is the fact that all the characters have their own personalities and characteristics. that means they can help you in their own unique ways. For example, you can get decorating tips from Margaret, as well as from the president of the Society of Cafes and Restaurants, Fernando, who will also reward you with VIP points if you talk to him about decorating. then you also have koffsky who can sometimes give you spices or share new recipes. he too can earn a free diamond, or maybe a pair, by fulfilling the requirements and wishes of his customers.

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