New York City: Where to Have Cappuccino Like an Italian

Every time I walk into a coffee shop and head to the counter, honestly, I am overwhelmed by all the different types of coffee-based drinks you can order: macchiato, latte, cortado, mocha, cold brew, iced coffee, long, etc. To make it even more complicated, you can usually customize with endless alternatives: dry, extra dry, no ice, lots of ice, almond milk, coconut milk, oat milk, half and half, large, tall, small. Usually when I decide what I want, the people behind me have lined up around the block. when I’m in a hurry and want something that takes longer than an espresso (by the way, single or double? lol) but at the same time light and hot, I just order a cappuccino.

The term cappuccino comes from an Italian word that does not refer to coffee, but to friars. The Capuchin friars are a reformist branch, founded in 16th-century Italy, of the larger Franciscan orders of monks. they wear a simple brown robe that includes a long, pointed hood that hangs down the back. the Italian word for this distinctive bell, cappuccio, gave rise to the order’s Italian name. The cappuccino was invented in Italy and was first brewed in the early 20th century, shortly after the popularization of the espresso machine in 1901. From then on, it became popular throughout Europe and the United States.

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To recognize and make a true cappuccino, the magic formula is 1/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed milk and 1/3 microfoam. the foam has to be light but at the same time very dense to keep the milk and espresso hot. A good cappuccino should have a recognizable espresso flavor, low acidity, rich structure, and rich sweet foam. if the espresso note is burnt, it means the milk was evaporated at too high a temperature for too long, or the espresso took too long.

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These are my favorite places when I want to experience a real cappuccino:

sant’ambroeus: a milan institution since 1936, sant’ambroeus opened its first u.s. location on madison avenue in 1982. now with five locations (sixth opening soon), the el restaurant is one of the most famous Italian places, where celebrities and locals go when they want to experience excellent and genuine service, as well as incredible food: from homemade ice cream to panettone, from crusty panini to amazing pasta. Sant’ambroeus has remained faithful to the origins of the Milanese, and to the flavors, atmosphere and outstanding service of that first place. their cappuccino is perfectly made and crafted with uncompromising devotion to tradition and pairs ideally with homemade cakes.

caffe reggio: this famous coffee shop located in greenwich village, opened for the time in 1927, and its owner domenico parisi is proud to have brought the cappuccino to the united states for the first time. weather. parisi was a barber and used to offer coffee to customers waiting for a shave. customers today can enjoy their drinks and meals sitting on a 600-year-old bench and in front of a painting by a student of artist michelangelo caravaggio that cavallacci, who inherited the caffe reggio from his father, had restored by the museum art metropolitan.

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porto rico importing: owned and operated by the longo family for three generations, porto rico importing co. It has a tradition of serving the best coffees in the world since 1907. Before reaching the small counter at the end of the store where you can order the perfect cappuccino, you have to walk among 130 varieties of coffee from 28 countries.

Cultural Espresso – You probably know the culture for its award-winning, freshly baked chocolate chips every day, but this locally owned, independent coffee shop also excels at making great espresso (if you like it strong) and cappuccino that you can dunk their chocolate chip cookies in (because I know you will).

café leon dore: what’s better than shopping while you have a cappuccino? fashion brand aimé leon dore has its own in-store café. Yannis Mastoros, Food and Beverage Director at the café, is a true artist and master when it comes to making the perfect milk foam.

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