How to Make Black Coffee that Tastes Good

update: I first wrote this post on how to make black coffee in 2013. I was completely cloudy-eyed from having two babies in a row, and coffee was my life. This post has been a huge success and has launched me into some ongoing research on java. I like it hot. I like it cold I like it in every way! below is the original text and photos, along with updated information as I did further research. the ever-simple recipe is at the bottom, as deliciously dark and rich as ever.

we drink a lot of coffee. pre-ground, whole beans and k cups. I’ve been on a mission to learn how to make black coffee that tastes good. and i have done it! we make coffee in many ways: large pitchers for the whole day or when we have guests over, and small French press pots when nate and I spend time together before the kids get up.

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how to make great black coffee

Most days, I figure out how to make black coffee for one. just me and the k cup. Ever since I started the paleo diet, I’ve been drinking black coffee more often. and to be totally honest, for a while it sucked… because there’s a learning curve to how to make black coffee.

this is how my mornings are without nate. I tuck the baby into the sweater while I feed the toddler breakfast and contemplate the (literal) pile of things I have to deal with throughout the day.

That mess is my “to do/save” pile that accumulated while I was at a conference recently.

so that first cup of coffee in the morning is a big deal. it is important that it tastes good, strong, rich. it needs to get me out of my confusion and help me feel good to face my day. on days like this, a less than stellar cup isn’t even worth the energy it takes to make it. clearly, it became imperative that I learn how to make black coffee correctly.

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My mom has been a coffee lover for a long time. I can still remember her sending me to the counter for her usual when I was a kid. “extra hot double-height fat-free latte with extra foam, no whip.”

we lived in coffee-loving seattle before coffee was super fancy, and i like to think i inherited some of my mom’s refined coffee preferences. but the fact is that in my early 20s, I still hadn’t figured out how to make black coffee that didn’t taste like mud to me. so I peeked around her kitchen when we went to visit her last weekend to see how she does it. “what’s that brand of coffee on your counter, mom? Gevalia?”

“Oh yeah,” he explained. “I’ve been drinking that coffee for years.”

I racked his brain some more to understand how to make black coffee. here are the best tips I got.

how to make black coffee

  • choose a premium coffee brand. don’t go for the bottom-of-the-shelf stuff you find in cans.
  • find the level that’s right for you. My mom likes the richness of the French roast, while I prefer a medium brew because it’s not as overpowering.
  • use filtered or bottled spring water.
  • use the right equipment. bargain paper filters and cheap metal pots can impart off-flavors to your beer. Also, don’t forget to clean your coffee maker by sprinkling it with a little vinegar monthly.
  • go big or go home. I typically use 2 tablespoons per cup. weak coffee is more likely to be bitter.
  • drink it cool and don’t overheat it. a good coffee maker brews coffee at about 200 degrees for 45 seconds and doesn’t let the coffee sit on a hot platform after brewing.
  • I knew gevalia would be the perfect blend to learn how to make black coffee with…if only I could find k-cups. I love the convenience of a good coffee in a hurry, and it’s nice not to have to clean out the whole pot on days when it’s just me. amazon has them in a medium mix (my favorite) for an amazing price.

    I never fully understood how k-cups worked until I got my own machine. each little pod is basically a small packet of ground coffee. the machine cuts a hole in the top and bottom of the package from which water drips, like a mini version of a large coffee pot. The small serving size and ease of cleanup make it the perfect mess-free cup. we even take our machine camping sometimes!

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    keep rocking.

    if you like your beer cold, we’ve got a pretty amazing recipe for that, too. and coffee with butter? we got you covered there too! how about coffee cupcakes, coffee cookies or coffee beef? check, check, check.

    Also worth mentioning: Rumor has it that drinking black coffee every day can help you lose weight. in fact, i have experienced a fair amount of easy weight loss since switching to a carb cycling lifestyle, where i only drink coffee in the morning and leave it until later to eat.

    Some doctors say that the chances of developing certain types of cancer can be reduced in people who drink coffee daily, as well as increasing brain function. many people who drink daily say that coffee can improve memory. Cardiovascular health has also been shown to hold steady among coffee drinkers. the risk of developing liver cancer has been shown to be reduced in a pair of Japanese studies of coffee drinkers.

    so who’s ready for some home brewed coffee? I will definitely have a cup of black coffee in the morning and afternoon, or at least one coffee a day!

    how do you drink your morning cuppa?

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