How much potassium is in a cup of coffee

Curious about potassium in coffee? We’ll break down the amount of potassium in coffee: regular, decaf, and instant. plus the amount of potassium in 6 common coffee additives. we also compared potassium in coffee to other common foods.

one 8 oz. cup of black coffee contains 116 mg of potassium. at only 2% of the daily value, this is considered low in potassium. decaffeinated coffee has more potassium (216 mg) and instant coffee has less (96 mg). Coffee additives, such as milk or sweeteners, can increase the potassium content.

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potassium levels in coffee are safe. but if you have certain health problems (like kidney disease) it’s important to regulate how much coffee you drink, as well as what you put into it.

let’s look at potassium levels in different types of coffee and common coffee additives.

potassium in coffee

An 8 oz cup of black coffee will contain about 116 mg of potassium. upgrade to a 12 oz travel mug and you’ll consume 174 mg of potassium.

This is based on pure (brewed) black coffee with no additives. more about potassium levels in coffee additives below.

The type of coffee you drink will affect nutrient levels. here are the potassium levels in two other types of coffee.

potassium in decaffeinated coffee

Most decafs actually have a slightly higher potassium content than a regular cup. decaffeinated coffee has 216 mg of potassium. per brewed cup. according to health line, brewed coffee has 4.8% of the daily value of potassium.

although it’s not that much potassium, regular caffeinated coffee might be better for you if you’re concerned about your potassium intake.

potassium in instant coffee

instant coffee has 96 mg of potassium per 8-ounce cup. this is less than regular brewed coffee and less than half the potassium in decaf coffee.

this is based on 72 mg of potassium per 6 oz (180 ml) cup according to my fitness friend.

why does instant coffee have less potassium? due to processing, instant coffee loses some of the nutrients.

How Much Potassium Can I Take?

An adult with fully functioning kidneys should consume approximately 4,500 mg of potassium per day. and this is usually not difficult to achieve with a normal diet.

According to the National Institutes of Health, the adequate intake for potassium is between 2,300 and 3,400 mg per day. this amount varies according to gender and age.

however, for someone with renal (kidney) disease, a typical potassium-restricted diet will be about 2000 mg, which can be difficult considering the amount of potassium-containing foods.

potassium in coffee vs other foods

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according to the us food and drug administration (fda), foods that contain 20% of the daily value (dv) or more are considered high. and foods with 5% dv or less are considered low.

Here are the potassium levels in coffee compared to other common foods.

  • coffee (8 ounces): 2% dv 116 mg potassium
  • banana (medium size): 9% dv. 422mg potassium
  • orange juice (one cup): 11% dv. 496 mg potassium
  • dried apricots (half cup): 23% dv. 1101 mg potassium
  • yogurt, tomatoes, milk and raisins contain more than twice the potassium of coffee.

    compared to potassium-rich foods, coffee is considered a low potassium source.

    If you have concerns about your potassium levels, you should talk to a medical professional.

    potassium in 6 coffee additives

    The potassium levels we’ve considered so far are for brewed coffee served neat.

    These are the potassium levels of common coffee additives such as milk, cream, coffee mate, sugar, and honey.

    1. milk

    Many people like to add milk to their coffee, but milk is surprisingly high in potassium. One cup of milk contains 366 mg of potassium, which is literally triple the amount of potassium in a cup of coffee!

    Of course, it’s not common to add a cup of milk to a single coffee.

    each individually packaged milk (11 ml) contains 17 mg of potassium.

    if you add two milks (individually packaged, 11 ml) you would consume 34 mg of potassium.

    Milk alternatives vary greatly in the amount of potassium. soy milk in particular tends to have even more potassium than cow’s milk, while rice milk has almost no potassium.

    2. coffee cream

    creams vary in their potassium content. half and half cream contains 15 mg potassium per cream (0.38 fl oz / 11 ml).

    This is based on 39.9 mg of potassium per fluid ounce (30 ml) of half cream.

    Potassium will not always appear in the nutrition information for a specific cream, it will always be listed in the ingredients if it is present. be sure to read the ingredient list to see if the cream contains potassium or not.

    3. coffee buddy

    according to nestlé, the original mate coffee does not contain potassium. or any nutrient or mineral.

    4. granulated sugar (white and brown)

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    A teaspoon of sugar contains 5.6 mg of potassium. add two teaspoons and you’ll consume 11.2 mg.

    This is based on 100 grams of sugar containing 133 mg of potassium, according to 24mantra. And a teaspoon of sugar weighs 4.2 grams, according to Michigan State University.

    5. molasses

    A tablespoon of molasses contains 308 mg of potassium. this equates to 7% of the daily value.

    I know this is not a common coffee additive, but my husband used to drink his coffee with this often. it tastes similar to, but stronger than, brown sugar in coffee.

    6. honey

    A tablespoon of honey contains between 8.5 and 743.75 mg of potassium. Potassium levels in honey are highly variable. this is because the source of the honey affects its nutrient composition.

    This is based on a tablespoon of honey weighing 21.25 grams. and there are between 40 and 2500 mg of potassium in 100 grams of honey.

    Here’s more information on how to add honey to coffee.

    other factors

    Potassium and caffeine are the main components of coffee that people monitor for their health. phosphorus, sodium, iron and cholesterol are almost non-existent in coffee. however, some of these may be present in coffee additives, such as milk or creamers.

    Milk has a high level of phosphorus of about 240 mg per cup. some soy milks are also high in phosphorous. some creams also include phosphorus additives. just like with potassium, you should always check its nutrition facts to find out.

    as for carbs, sugars or sodium, they’re basically not present in coffee unless you add them.

    health benefits of potassium

    Potassium is a critical mineral for key organs such as the heart and kidneys.

    Potassium deficiencies are associated with a risk of digestive disorders, arthritis, infertility, and high blood pressure.

    You may be more prone to a potassium deficiency if you have a digestive condition (such as ibs or crohn’s), smoke, abuse substances, or have an eating disorder. athletes may be at risk of potassium deficiency if they exercise in hot weather or if they sweat excessively.

    your turn

    so you should give up the coffee? probably not! coffee is a very low-risk drink for healthy people.

    Even with some health problems, you may need to cut down on your coffee intake or change the way you drink it, but you shouldn’t give it up. if you have health problems, be sure to clear things up with your doctor.

    Do you have any questions? Join me in the comments!

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