Brewing The Perfect French Press Coffee

The French Press brews great coffee with a rich, bold flavor. It’s a simple process, but it does require the correct French press coffee ratio, grind size, and brew time to get the best flavor.

I’ve been making French press coffee for over a decade and have gone through hundreds (maybe a thousand) batches to get a rich flavor with little grounds in the cup. To get the perfect French press coffee, you’ll need to measure out the right amount of coffee, use a grinder, and use a timer.

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let’s start with the most important part: measuring the correct amount of coffee for a french press.

the coffee-water ratio of the French press

I recommend using a French press coffee to water ratio of 1:15. the French press coffee ratio can range from 1:12 for a strong cup of coffee to a ratio of 1:17 for a weaker cup. these proportions are based on weight and are measured in grams. In standard kitchen measurements, a large cup of coffee (16 ounces of water) requires 6 tablespoons of ground coffee for a 1:15 ratio, 8 tablespoons for a strong 1:12 ratio, and 5 tablespoons for a weak of 1:17 ratio. Most French presses are 32 oz, which means 12 tablespoons of regular strength ground coffee. here is a table showing the coffee needed for different sizes and concentrations.

I highly recommend using a scale to measure water and coffee for a French press. a scale will measure coffee much more accurately than tablespoons, measuring cups, and (worst of all) scoops. I recommend this scale, which has a good backlight and a timer. a scale is useful later.

You can also use our calculator to find out how much coffee you need. enter your brew volume (in fluid ounces) and coffee to water ratio (water ratio only) to find the required ground coffee:

lean toward using more coffee than expected with a French press (our graph is rounded a bit). The French press is an immersion device in which the water is constantly saturated with coffee, which which means it takes longer to fully extract the coffee from the bean (this article focuses on the science). the french press uses a higher coffee ratio than pour-over devices and more coffee than the “golden ratio” of 1:18 coffee to water. this means less water in our ratio, so use a coffee to water ratio of 1:15 or 1:12 for a french press. anything over 1:17 will taste like water.

preparation of French press coffee

step 1: heat water

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Heat the water to 200 degrees. I would avoid using boiling water, which will over-extract the coffee and give it a bitter taste. if you boil water, let the hot water cool for a minute to reach 200 degrees. a range of 195 to 205 degrees is perfectly fine.

step 2: grind coffee

use a burr grinder to grind the coffee beans as the water heats. grind size should be coarse ground coffee for a french press. the coffee should have the look and texture of sea salt.

many places suggest a very coarse grind for coffee beans, but I find a normal coarse grind is better. you’ll get a full-bodied coffee with a finer grind, which makes for a more delicious coffee, in my opinion.

step 3: flower the coffee

Add the coffee grounds to the French press and pour in enough hot water to submerge the grounds. use water that is about twice the weight of the total ground coffee. Gently stir the coffee so that all the beans are saturated. just remove the french press this time!

Let the ground coffee sit for 30 seconds. this stage is the flowering of coffee. coffee releases carbon dioxide during flowering, which leads to better coffee extraction.

stir with a wooden spoon to prevent the french press from breaking. remember, it’s made of glass and filled with hot water, so it’s sensitive to bumps from a metal spoon. That said, I’ve stirred a French press with a metal spoon many times with no problem (but I’ve broken a French press in other ways!).

step 4 – add the remaining coffee and wait

A French press takes four minutes to prepare. use a timer (or your phone) to be precise. brew time can extend to five minutes depending on water temperature, while colder water will take longer.

step 5: dip and pour

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Place the lid on the French press and slowly push the plunger down to strain out the beans. the key word here is slowly. don’t rush because the plunger stirs up the coffee grounds, which will end up in your cup. the beans make French press coffee bitter, especially at the end of the cup. lees sludge at the bottom of the cup is the bane of a french press. stop diving before you hit the ground and don’t go all the way down. slow dipping and gentle pouring will reduce soil and improve flavor.

preparation of french press with the james hoffman method

james hoffman is a coffee extraordinaire and his french press method of coffee is highly revered. brew a cleaner cup of coffee for those with extra time in the morning. the jh method is worth learning if you don’t like the beans that come in french press coffee.

This method follows the same process as above through step 4. Stir the coffee lightly once it has brewed for four minutes. this breaks the crust of the coffee beans at the top and most of the coffee will fall to the bottom. remove any remaining grounds that float to the top with two spoons.

put the lid on and wait 5-7 minutes. The extra stirring and waiting is the main difference in James Hoffman’s French press method. during the wait, the small coffee grounds are deposited at the bottom of the press.

After 5 to 7 minutes, place the lid on the press and pour in the coffee. do not push the plunger down. the coffee grounds have already settled, so the plunger will only stir them up from the bottom. leave the plunger on top of the coffee to filter out any floating grounds. there will be much less grounds in the cup due to the extra time to settle.

james hoffman’s french press method brews coffee with a clean taste, even at the end of the cup, whereas a typical french press coffee will have grounds. it’s good for those who don’t like a strong, bitter mouthfeel (but like a rich, robust coffee like French) and have an extra 5-7 minutes in the morning.

you can see the complete james hoffman french press recipe here.

Want more ways to brew coffee?

If you’re ready for a slightly more advanced coffee lesson, try learning how to pour coffee. you’ll get a cleaner flavor (like recipe jh), and the pour over is great for light roast coffee with floral notes. You can also check out our other preparation guides.

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