Best French Press Travel Mug For On-The-Go Brews

All coffee lovers would agree that there is a big difference in the taste of your coffee when different brewing methods are used. some people modify their preferences from day to day, while others stick to their favorite.

The French press brewing method is considered one of the best ways to make coffee. But some days, you don’t have that extra time in the morning, or you want to brew a fresh cup later in the day, whether you’re on a camping trip or on the way to the office.

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That’s when French press travel mugs come in. the coffee machine you didn’t know you needed. they are extremely portable, easy and don’t look like brewers at all. so you can discreetly dip into your coffee on the way to work.

at a glance: the best french press travel mug

what are the main benefits of french press travel mugs? should I get one?

we’ll give you a complete rundown of the best french press travel mugs we’ve found on the market.

why the french press?

the french press method of preparation is hands down superior to some. a cup of French press coffee is smooth, full-bodied and pleasant. it’s more robust than a pour because it uses the soak method instead of a filter.

The filter removes oils, nutrients and some antioxidants from the coffee. and since it is often argued that the oils are what add to the coffee all its flavor and result in a richer cup of coffee.

The stronger flavor of the French press is accompanied by a significant dose of caffeine. a cup prepared this way typically contains around 105mg of caffeine, compared to 30-60mg in a single shot of espresso.

benefits of the french press travel mug

You already have your french press, but should you also buy a french press travel mug? these are some of the benefits that make it worth investing.


Even if you have a small French press, it can be a hassle to store it in an overnight bag when you travel. With a travel French press mug, you can start brewing when you’re ready and you don’t have to do it ahead of time. this makes it extremely portable.

tastes better

Because the French press uses the mashing method instead of paper filters, the fact that the oils are not removed during the process results in a more robust and flavorful coffee that, as many coffee lovers would say, French press just tastes better.

less coffee sediment

Some travel French press cups use a more advanced method and mechanisms that completely separate the ground coffee from the water, which means less coffee grounds floating in the cup.

environmentally friendly

no need for single use disposable coffee cups that create waste and more freedom to prepare your coffee.

inexpensive and effortless

Compared to other portable brewing options like aeropress or portable espresso machines, most French press travel mugs are more affordable and easier to use. all you need is hot water, coffee and you’re good to go.

keeps the coffee hot

Because they are usually insulated and made of stainless steel, they can keep coffee hot for several hours.

any problem?

limited capacity

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One of the downsides of these coffee makers is that they have a limited capacity and it’s impossible to make another batch on the fly. it is only suitable for a cup of coffee. so for those who need a caffeine kick every few hours, this could be a deal breaker.

difficult to add cream and sugar

In some devices it is easier than in others, and before the dip, cream or sugar is added. even so, some keep mixing the creamer and ground coffee continuously the whole time you’re drinking it, which doesn’t make for a pleasant experience.

difficult to clean

some are difficult to clean, made of many parts and impossible to clean on the fly.

best french press travel mugs

bodum travel press

Since bodum is the producer of some of the best french press coffee equipment, it’s no surprise that one of our top picks is also from bodum.

This portable coffee maker looks a lot like a regular travel coffee mug and comes with a discreet plunger that allows you to brew coffee wherever you are. others probably won’t even notice.

It’s made from double-walled stainless steel and is also vacuum sealed, so it can keep coffee hot for hours. one of the most common complaints is that it keeps the coffee too hot. to avoid this, let the water cool for a few minutes before you start brewing.

While coffee can stay very hot, the non-stick silicone rubber sleeve ensures that the exterior of the cup remains comfortable to hold. It also includes a cap that prevents spills. It’s a decent size at 15oz, which makes the fact that you can’t make another coffee on the go easier to swallow.

The coffee in this travel mug is brewed similar to how you would in a traditional French press and you push the plunger down after about 4 minutes. the only difference is that if you want to add milk, you must do so before you dip into the drinking slot.

kohipress the original portable french press coffee maker

The design of the kohipress coffee maker is reminiscent of an aeropress, but because it uses the immersion function, it still falls into the French press category. uses full immersion but plunger is pressurized. As a result, the air pressure reduces brew time and reduces the acid in the coffee, making it perfect for those looking for a cleaner cup. it also has a patented locking mechanism that keeps the beans truly separate from your coffee.

For what it can do, this French press mug remains compact. Weighing just 13 ounces and fitting into a car cup holder, with a leak-proof lid, it’s an ideal companion for the road.

the kohipress is also made from high quality fda approved material. It’s BPA free, 100% food safe, vacuum insulated with a double wall that ensures your drink will stay hot and cold for a while. It also features a reusable filter made from. fine micron stainless steel mesh.

french travel press zyliss

This portable coffee maker looks exactly like a travel mug. It’s compact, easy to use and features a “mesh and plunger” combination that keeps grounds separated. In addition to its incognito coffee pot look, the plunger is on the side, rather than in the middle, meaning you barely notice it.

It has a 12-ounce capacity, but since part of that is where the used coffee grounds are, the actual amount of coffee you get from this travel French press is closer to 9-10 ounces.


This is one of the most affordable on the list and is still made from the best materials and is also double walled. is compatible with coffee, loose leaf tea and hot chocolate.

Produced by zyliss, an established Swiss company that is known for making finely crafted kitchen equipment for over 50 years, you can count on its durability.

stanley classic french press travel mug

If you plan to use your travel French press primarily for outdoor activities, this Stanley travel mug, with its green color and rugged design, screams camping and nature. it is durable and made for heavy use and could be a coffee maker for life. Other adventure-friendly features include a carry handle, a leak-proof lid, car cup compatibility, and 18/8 stainless steel that won’t rust.

In addition to having a vacuum and a double wall, it can keep coffee hot for an impressive 6 hours and iced for 20 hours. perfect for a cold beer on a hot day.

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the grounds are not kept completely separate, but the filter is easy to clean and the materials used are bpa-free and dishwasher safe.

bobble french coffee press

presse de bobble is one of the travel french press mugs that focuses on design, with different color options and a stylish logo, it is very girly and social media friendly.

Just because it’s beautiful doesn’t mean it’s poorly made. With 3-wall insulation, food-grade stainless steel, a silicone lid and an integrated microfilter, it’s durable and suitable for tea too.

While convenient, this coffee maker can be difficult to clean as it is made of 5 different pieces, some of which are very small. It’s also not the most effective when it comes to separating coffee grounds, but this is only a small amount and won’t be a problem if you drink your coffee quickly.

planetary design double shot french press travel mug

This french press mug is designed with a black high gloss and scratch resistant finish. Looking like a traditional travel mug, it fits in most car cup holders. includes an extra top lid for sipping, a 14 oz capacity, and even has a hidden storage compartment in the base for storing coffee or tea.

Constructed of 18/8, double-wall stainless steel, it features a patented plunger press and a heavy-duty handle that enhances the durable construction.

gsi outdoor javapress french press coffee mug

gsi outdoor was established in 1985 and has been dedicated to producing the best equipment and gadgets for all outdoor lovers. Wrapped in a water-resistant fabric sleeve that keeps coffee piping hot, this lightweight, unbreakable French press mug is the perfect companion for your camping adventure.

The javapress is made of copolyester, is bpa free, features a double wall insulated lid and a silicone ring plunger for mud-free coffee. those who can’t imagine their day without a second cup will be glad to know that it can hold up to an impressive 30 ounces of coffee.

espro travel coffee press

With a design reminiscent of the kohipress travel coffee maker mentioned above, the espro travel coffee press promises to completely separate the ground coffee and leave no bitterness. this is achieved by a double layer extraction filter that ensures there is no sediment in your sip.

In addition, espro also includes paper filters that make a cleaner, pour-over-like coffee. how’s that for versatility? The good news is that the extraction filter is also easy to clean.

It comes with a matte finish, different colors and an elegant design. at the same time, it feels sturdy, durable, and doesn’t promise to leak. It’s also good for keeping coffee hot and your 10 ounces of brewed coffee will still be drinkable after 4 hours.


If you love to travel, are constantly on the go or outdoors, the good news is that you don’t need to give up your regular coffee. between portable espresso machines and the popular aeropress, travel french press cups are now also available.

If you love your French press coffee, adding this press cup to your travel kit means you can now have your strong, full-bodied coffee on the go.

We take a look at which French press best fits the bill. all are easy to use, most are made of stainless steel, keep coffee hot for hours, and are dishwasher safe. all you need is some hot water, coffee and the cup and you’re good to go.

so even on the move, you can

stay caffeinated!

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