20 Best Copenhagen Coffee Shops and Cafes (2022 Edition)

We’ve put together this comprehensive guide showcasing Copenhagen’s best coffee shops after drinking flat whites and pour overs throughout the Danish capital. but we didn’t stop there! We include half a dozen Copenhagen cafes that serve specialty coffee in addition to freshly baked rolled pastries.

adding fuel to the coffee maker, denmark is also a hygge embracing country. There is no better place for a traveler to experience danish hygge than in a warm and welcoming copenhagen cafe. the sofas are softer, the spaces are warmer and the people, including the baristas, are friendlier compared to most European cities.

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what is hygge?according to webster’s dictionary, hygge is “an inviting quality that makes a person feel happy and comfortable,” but hygge is more than a handful of words. It is a way of life that makes Denmark one of the happiest countries in the world, if not the happiest country in the world.

14 great coffee shops in copenhagen

We weren’t new to Danish coffee when we arrived in Copenhagen. not only do we live around the corner from a copenhagen coffee lab in lisbon, but we have also drunk single origin coffee roasted by the copenhagen coffee collective and the aarhus goat in cities like amsterdam, barcelona, ​berlin and dublin.

Still, we were so impressed by Copenhagen’s coffee scene that we visited multiple cafes each day in our quest to experience the best cafes and coffee shops in the city. this effort not only energized us during a week-long blitz on the city’s best restaurants, it also put a dent in our wallets.

Since Copenhagen’s coffees are often priced at the equivalent of $6 or $7 each, it’s important to drink specialty coffee in the best places, even if you’re on a budget for your trip. these are our favorite coffee shops in copenhagen and the ones not to be missed during any copenhagen coffee tour:

coffee collective – jægersborggade

Coffee-obsessed people can visit several coffee collectives in Copenhagen, the internationally respected roaster operates a handful of coffee shops with some fun quirks and differences.

the jægersborggade location is an obvious choice for coffee pilgrims who want to visit the neighborhood where the coffee collective roasted its first beans in 2007. following the trail of the wagons (i.e. google maps), we made the short walk from nørrebro metro station to drink coffee here.

A serious coffee shop for serious coffee drinkers, the coffee collective’s jægersborggade location offers a variety of coffee drinks in a cozy yet airy space. the cafe even takes the time to share stories behind the beans it sources around the world.

We ordered an aeropress coffee made from Kenyan beans during our visit, although we had the option of upgrading to better beans, specifically Ethiopian geisha beans for an additional 22kr ($3.35). we were happy with the cheaper coffee option.

prologue cafeteria

Open in Copenhagen’s meatpacking district since 2016, Prolog coffee bar is nearly a decade younger than the coffee collective. But this Copenhagen coffee shop rivals its previous one when it comes to producing excellent coffee.

prolog baristas love to talk about the great product they serve and we don’t disagree. the store offers a variety of beans in a somewhat austere converted industrial space with a few high tables and additional outdoor seating.

our visit to prolog was practically inevitable. we kept drinking prolog beans at cafes like mirabelle and seks and just had to drink them at the source. not wanting to miss any sips, it was our last coffee stop in copenhagen. maybe next time will be the first.

During our visit, we worried about coffee, so we skipped the store’s limited menu that includes croissants, morning scones, and yogurt. the mindi cappuccino with red honey processed Costa Rican beans had flavors that were a bit original but elegant. As for Daryl, she enjoyed her pour-over, made from Kenyan beans, so much that she wanted to buy a cup or two as a souvenir. Unfortunately, the cups were out of stock.

coffee shop april & showroom

During our visit, we ordered a filter coffee made from washed Ethiopian beans and a flat coffee made from naturally processed Ethiopian beans. the former tasted like peach while the latter channeled watermelon, jasmine and caramel in every sip.

More of an experience than a takeaway, April Coffee is priced higher even for Copenhagen. our two drinks totaled $15.25 once we converted danish krone to dollars. however, we’re willing to pay a little more for the kind of quality and immersive service april offers.

darcy’s coffee

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homey darcy’s kaffe offers a rotating list of coffee beans from denmark (ie april, coffee collective and goat) and beyond. It’s also a great place to relax with friends or a good book while having a coffee and eating a savory or sweet toast.

Although we arrived too close to closing to properly relax, we enjoyed both hygge and fika during our visit. darcy’s barista not only made us feel welcome but we also had enough time to enjoy coffee and dessert.

since the beans change weekly at this copenhagen cafe, we consider ourselves lucky to be able to have a filter coffee made with beans from Amsterdam’s dak coffee roasters. We also consider ourselves lucky to eat an arzac cookie, an oatmeal cookie with origins in Australia.

enghave coffee

enghave kaffee occupies a cozy candlelit versterbro space. Design elements include a wood-burning stove and a star-studded vintage chopper motorcycle that dominates the back wall of the cafe.

coffee collective – telefonkiosken

the coffee collective’s telefonkiosken location, with the exception of its outdoor seating, must surely be the smallest coffee shop in town. it is difficult, if not impossible, to imagine otherwise.

the compact cafe is literally housed in a 19th century phone booth designed by architect fritz koch. While operators previously facilitated phone calls in the hexagonal structure using now outdated telephone equipment, baristas now brew state-of-the-art coffee using modern espresso technology and machines in the same space.

To be honest, our visit was spontaneous. We literally wandered into the stand located near the nørreport metro stop as we toured the city. Like moths to the flame, we couldn’t resist ordering a quick flat white to drink on the go.

Don’t underestimate the coffee brewed in this old phone booth: it’s some of the best in town. you can even request a proper ceramic coffee mug if that’s your thing. it’s our thing, so that’s what we did when we ordered ours.

puppy coffee bar

we were thrilled to learn that cub roasts its beans in conjunction with the copenhagen coffee lab. Although the various Copenhagen Coffee Lab locations in Lisbon originally fueled our desire to drink coffee in Denmark’s capital, there were no Copenhagen Coffee Labs in central Copenhagen at the time of our visit.

we were also thrilled to find the pup’s basement space hidden in plain sight near parliament. After all, there’s no such thing as drinking too much coffee in Copenhagen.

the bench

During our chilly morning visit, we saw people of all shapes, sizes, and clothing options (ie nudes) plunge into the water. everyone looked completely refreshed despite the frigid temperature.

Meanwhile, we’re content to lounge in the 14-seat cafe and sip cappuccinos made from coffee beans from Copenhagen’s Nordic Roasting Company. although we didn’t take a dip, we had our kind of adventure eating salted baby plums that looked like olives but tasted like… salted baby plums.

democratic cafeteria

democratic coffee opened its doors in 2011, more than a century after denmark adopted a democratic form of government. but, as the expression goes, better late than never when it comes to good coffee.

Located literally in a public library near Rundetaarn, Copenhagen’s Round Tower, Democratic Coffee maintains the theme by offering a catalog of coffee drinks including typical cappuccinos and flat whites, as well as espresso tonics and golden lattes. but the story of this copenhagen cafe doesn’t end with the coffee…

the almond croissants at the democratic coffee bar are worth every calorie. We shared one of these buttery beauties with two coffee drinks: a cappuccino and a filter coffee, both made from Danish goat beans from Brazil and Kenya, respectively.

if we had to vote for our favorite copenhagen cafes, democratic cafe would be one of the top ten candidates. to be sure, we’ll have to go back and have another almond croissant to be sure.

andersen & mail

milton abel and kristian andersen brought years of experience from acclaimed operations like noma, amass and café collective when they joined forces and opened andersen & Maillard in 2018. In just a few years, his cafe has become one of Copenhagen’s top destinations for specialty coffee drinkers who crave a quality cake… or two.

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Spacious and airy, the original nørrebro café has an in-house bakery and roastery. crowds fill the space, spilling into an open-air space with half a dozen picnic tables.

Ordering the café’s espresso-glazed croissant during our first visit was a no-brainer, as was pairing it with espresso-based flat whites made from fresh-roasted Guatemalan beans. however, we went rogue during a return visit by opting for a pour over and a burgundy canelé.

perhaps you are wondering why this cafe is called andersen & maillard instead of andersen & abel or abel & andersen we wonder the same thing until we connect the dots. maillard refers to the maillard reaction: the caramelization (also known as burning) of sugars that imparts deep flavors to food and coffee.


sonny excels at serving tasty smørrebrød with cups of textbook specialty coffee. the combination is apt considering the city’s infatuation with both artisanal coffee and open sandwiches served on healthy dark rye.

beyond coffee and smørrebrød, owners david and lisa andersen have peppered sonny’s menu with specialty items like artisan rye breads, green frittatas and monster beet salads. They also serve a special juice with apple, ginger, turmeric and sprulina.

seks bakery & restaurant

seks bakery & eatery is the cafe we ​​would frequent the most if we lived in copenhagen. we would have breakfast there. we would have lunch there. and there we would especially satisfy our cheesecake cravings.

regardless of the time of day and our mood, we also drank coffee made from locally sourced prolog beans there. Although the cafeteria menu offers a wide range of specialties, the seks team treats their coffee as seriously as we do.

Owners Jan and Monika Pawlak put their culinary passion into every aspect of their cafe menu, including the cafe’s coffee program. jan brews flat whites and batch brews as well as any dedicated coffee shop in town.

Beyond its eclectic dishes and craft drinks, seks offers a fresh atmosphere, comfortable furnishings and great music to all who walk through its doors. did we mention the cheesecake? don’t forget to order the cheesecake!

ricco’s cafeteria

unlike other copenhagen cafes we visited on a mission, ricco’s kaffebar caught our eye as we passed the vine covered cafe. As we learned during our impromptu visit, the café is one of the many kaffebars de rico dotted around the city.

rico (the owner) roasts beans from costa rica, ethiopia and guatemala for the coffees. Colorful names include white magic, bitch beer, orangutan, and black death.

we drank a cappuccino made with black death coffee, a mixture of grains from the three countries (costa rica, ethiopia and guatemala). the well-crafted drink hit our coffee sweet spot and made us smile.

ice cream alice & coffee

ice cream alice & the cafe combines two of our favorite things: ice cream and coffee. The shop makes its ice cream in-house and sources its Koppi coffee beans from Sweden.

This combination is divine at any time of the year but especially during the summer. That said, we did have a chocolate covered milk ice cream during our late fall visit and were happy with our choice.

additional copenhagen coffees

6 cafes from copenhagen with excellent coffee

A copenhagen morning would be incomplete without good coffee and a tasty layered cake. While you can do this at several Copenhagen coffee shops featured in this guide, a tasty option is to do it at one of the city’s best bakeries.

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original publication date: January 13, 2022

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