The Covent Garden Cafe Guide: Brilliant Coffee Shops You Shouldnt Miss

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Are you looking for the best coffee shops in Covent Garden? We’ve got you covered with our guide to covent garden coffee shops. the best beers and places to chill for those who are picky about their coffee.

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There are plenty of cafes these days that are willing to charge a lot of money for sub-par coffee. totally unacceptable. covent garden is packed with great things to do, but you have to choose your cafes carefully.

don’t be fooled by the tourist-bait mediocrity: these are the best cafes in covent garden: beautiful spaces serving stellar coffee (and some pretty tasty meals).

best cafes in covent garden

monmouth coffee

monmouth cafe is a longtime hot spot in the covent garden cafe scene. this cute and cozy café is as concerned with where the coffee comes from as it is with its taste.

Instead of working with large companies, Monmouth Coffee carefully sources its beans from small growers around the world. they make sure that the coffee not only tastes great, but is also ethically produced.

what’s more? Monmouth has its own roasters – being able to roast their own beans on the premises means they can focus on creating the perfect cup.

in the area? visit the beautiful gem neal london garden which is just around the corner.

poetry coffee

coffee and poetry are a match made in heaven, and poetry coffee doesn’t know it.

rather than encouraging a splashy approach, much of the joy of going to a poetry cafe is enjoying your hot drink with a bit of poetry.

that totally explains why it’s not unusual to see most visitors enjoying their cuppa with their head buried in a book.

There is also a delicious vegetarian menu if you fancy something a little more substantial. Light meals, cakes, and flapjacks are offered throughout the day, and everyone is welcome.

at night, the café (run by the poetry society, by the way) comes alive with an impressive calendar of poetry-focused events, including book launches, spoken word poetry nights, and concerts by live music.

it’s first and foremost a creative hub, but also one of the best coffee shops near covent garden.

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we dare anyone to take a good look at fabrice’s decadent display of cakes and not end up salivating. Who doesn’t love an eye (okay, a bite) of deliciousness? I’m talking about cakes, cinnamon rolls, freshly baked sourdough…

The first factory opened in Stockholm, Sweden, but it wasn’t long before Londoners decided they needed their delicious cinnamon rolls a little closer to home. they now have two locations in london, including their covent garden cafe.

of course, everyone knows that cake is best paired with delicious coffee (or tea, after all, this is England!), so that’s on sale too.

everything is good, but you really can’t miss those cinnamon rolls, known as kanelbullar in Swedish.

covent garden grind

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coffee and cocktails? yes please! hello covent garden grind.

we were thrilled to learn that the grind chain has added a cafe near covent garden to its ever-growing list of locations. We’ve always been big fans of the shoreditch cafe and it’s great to see them expanding across London.

located on the famous maiden lane, this cafe/restaurant/cocktail bar is a favorite with locals and visitors alike. It has a relaxed atmosphere with bohemian decor, as well as a great menu of hot drinks, juices, and tasty foods.

Their roasts are inspired by (arguably) the coffee capital of the world, Melbourne, Australia, and the espressos are particularly delicious.

There’s never a bad time of day to drop by for a grind, but it’s especially known as one of the best brunch cafes in covent gardens.

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the black penny

the black penny is a cool little cafe with a rather quirky concept.

The name is drawn from the concept of “penny colleges,” a 17th-century event in which people paid a penny to be admitted to a place to enjoy something to eat and drink while passionately debating social and political issues. politicians.


true to its name, the black penny has a “seminar pit” where there is a calendar of events that includes lectures, poetry readings and music. the idea is that you drink your coffee and learn something new. certain intriguing.

to be honest, even if you’re not quite ready for the learning side of things, their coffee is great and their lunches are some of the best in the city. win win.

Nordic bakery

the nordic bakery is a little oasis of scandinavian simplicity in the middle of bustling covent garden.

It’s a simple idea. serve exceptional coffee with some baked treats like cinnamon rolls and rye bread in a beautiful minimalist setting that is true to the cafe’s Scandinavian roots

if you’re looking to sit down and enjoy a meal, there’s a menu of traditional recipes, heavily featuring delicious dark rye bread.

There’s also a selection of little treats to enjoy, like the savory chokladball dessert which is (you guessed it) a mocha chocolate ball that’s then rolled in coconut. hmm.

the espresso room

Although the espresso room brand has become one of London’s best-known, it has remained true to its simple values. offers simple and delicious food along with some of the best coffee in London.

It doesn’t hurt that it’s set in a super cute setting, with brightly colored wallpaper and tile, and a natural wood coffee bar.

The staff are true coffee aficionados, so every cup is served to perfection. That being said, you could never accuse them of being “coffee snobs”; on the contrary, it is one of the coziest cafes in covent gardens.


why choose between coffee or wine, when both are offered in the notes?

London has never shied away from some more exclusive offerings, and the cafe/bookstore/bodega/CD store notes are certainly just that. refuses to choose between good things, just offers them all and still manages to be one of the best coffee shops in covent garden.

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many blends are roasted in-house, from beans sourced directly from farmers and growers to ensure they are paid fairly for their products.

There is also a menu of light meals to eat, such as sandwiches and croissants. Don’t forget to visit the bookstore before you leave!


This minimalist and stylish cafe doesn’t need to rely on exterior décor to attract customers. the food and the coffee speak for themselves.

when it comes to coffee, lundenwic is a fabulous choice. some of the best coffee in covent garden, each cup served to perfection by the friendly and welcoming staff.

Some coffee shops focus on the dark stuff and add the food as a mere afterthought. not so in lundenwic. the menu takes simple classics (like the sandwiches) and turns them into absolutely delicious creations.

you’ll never be able to enjoy a standard egg and mayonnaise sandwich again…

There’s also a great display of delicious cakes for those with a sweet tooth; the only difficulty is choosing which one you want.


grandpa describes himself as “australia meets south america” ​​in the heart of the english capital. intriguing? Yes. delicious? absolutely.

abuelo is the Spanish word for ‘grandfather’, and it’s not just the name of this cafeteria, but also its ethos. covent garden cafe is designed to look and feel like walking into a family home, making you feel immediately relaxed and welcome.

There’s a long table that reminds you of your family dining room. it’s there to encourage strangers to meet and talk, making Grandpa care as much about the experience as he does about the coffee.

so where’s the aussie connection? Well, the cafe is owned by the couple behind some of the best coffee in Melbourne and Sydney, so there’s a big dose of friendly Aussie charm thrown into the mix, too.

coffee island

With an adorable origin story that begins on the Greek island of pathos, Coffee Island has quickly managed to insert itself into many a glittering coffee scene around the world.

The covent garden location opened in 2016 and ever since, londoners have been flocking to coffee island for their daily fix of caffeine.

This London coffee shop is not only modern and stylish, but it still feels cozy and intimate – having a coffee here feels like a real treat.

The owners have worked hard to establish direct relationships with specialty growers in countries like Brazil, Nicaragua, and El Salvador…so you’re also blameless.

26 grains

amazing oats and equally tasty coffee – what more could you need from a covent garden coffee?

Tucked away in Neal’s Courtyard, this Scandinavian-inspired breakfast restaurant has coffee options to start: macchiato, cortado, or even a simple batch filter brew. go wild with a matcha latte or a seasonal option if you’re feeling brave.

if coffee isn’t your thing, ginger hot chocolate is another deliciously warm option

covent garden cafe: map

covent garden cafes: practical tips for finding the perfect coffee

uk coffee culture has developed rapidly in recent decades. this is what to look for in the perfect coffee.

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  • When you are trying a coffee, you should think about a few things. aroma, sweetness, acidity, mouthfeel, balance and overall flavor.
  • coffee is best when freshly roasted. try to find places that buy freshly roasted coffee (or roast it themselves) and it should be no older than two weeks max.
  • Any self-respecting coffee shop should be able to tell you where their coffee comes from. traceability is a very good thing, particularly to ensure your coffee is ethically sourced.
  • we know it sounds a little weird when you see baristas weighing the ingredients in your cup, but it means a consistent (and generally better) cup since they can get the amounts right.

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