Countries with the best coffee

Coffee is drunk in every country in the world. and about 70 countries produce coffee. So, given that our favorite beverage is universally loved and widely brewed, which countries have the best coffee?

As we explore which country has the best coffee, it must be said that taste is very subjective.

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Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as asking which country makes the best coffee.

There are many countries that make great coffee. but which one may be your favorite may not be to the liking of the person next to you!

With that in mind, we’ll explore:

  • how the flavor profiles of different countries are unique to their particular part of the world
  • the popularity and production of your coffee, and
  • how we, as coffee roasters and specialty coffee producers, can help you make an informed decision about your own tastes
  • We’ll also give you a brief overview of each coffee producing continent and break them down further to explore the countries with the best coffee in each.

    African countries with the best coffee

    let’s start with the oldest coffee-producing continent, Africa

    after all, we can’t start talking about the best coffee countries without starting from where it all began.

    Africa has a very proud, long and deep history with coffee and it all started in Ethiopia. so naturally our first port of call will be there!

    ethiopia, the cradle of coffee

    Coffee production in Ethiopia dates back over a thousand years and to this day it remains strong. For many people, Ethiopia would be where the best coffee in the world comes from.

    Because of the history of coffee production, location in the world, and equal opportunity, Ethiopia has everything that many people believe makes the best coffee in the world.

    Our boji coffee from ethiopia has undoubtedly proven to be one of our most popular coffees, both in our online coffee bean shop and in our coffee shops in the algarve.

    A lot of people love Ethiopian coffees for their fruity and floral flavor notes, especially in the world of specialty coffees.

    If that sounds like you, you might consider the coffee in the country where it was discovered to be the best in the world!

    other coffee growing countries in Africa

    Although Ethiopia and Uganda are the largest coffee producers on the African continent (accounting for 62% of Sub-Saharan coffee), it is worth noting that there are many other African countries that produce coffee.

    And who knows… maybe one of these countries has the best coffee in the world!

    the democratic republic of the congo: coffee with history

    the drc as a country is not exempt from tragic turmoil and troubled history.

    an incredibly resource-rich land that was once a thriving coffee-producing country, and has since been forced to rebuild after years of political instability and civil war.

    But, with the help of government initiatives and heavy investment, DRC coffee is starting to pick up again.

    Produced at a lower altitude than its Ethiopian counterpart, DRC specialty Arabica coffee lends itself well to a more delicate touch when roasted.

    if you like a lighter roast with fruity and decadent notes, you can enjoy a cup of Congolese coffee!

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    Our buchiro drc coffee, with flavor notes of raspberry syrup, dark chocolate and dried cranberries, has taken customers and staff alike by surprise!

    what are the best coffee growing countries in Africa?

    This is a very loaded question, we know. there is no doubt that Africa produces some of the best coffee in the world.

    Not to mention that it is the oldest coffee-producing continent in the world!

    African coffees tend to be fruitier, which you can love or hate! if it’s the former, then you can easily say that Africa is home to the countries with the best coffee.

    exploring more of the best coffee growing countries

    As we leave the mighty continent of Africa, there is still so much more to explore.

    let’s now turn to south america and central america.

    just like ethiopia in africa, there is one place in south america that we have to mention immediately for coffee production and that is brazil.

    brazil: the best coffee in the world?

    Brazil is a powerhouse when it comes to producing coffee. it is the largest coffee-producing country in the world and shows no signs of relinquishing that title any time soon.

    there are many reasons why brazil could be one of the countries with the best coffee in the world

    First of all, the land on which the coffee is grown is rich and fertile. Second, Brazilian coffee is consistently produced to a very high standard, so its popularity around the world demands high yields.

    Grown at low altitudes, Brazilian coffee is considered by some to be the best coffee in the world due to its delicate flavor profile when filter roasted.

    Brazilian specialty coffees often have chocolate and nutty flavors that work well in a variety of beverages and are popular with a large number of coffee drinkers.

    our grota cold coffee from brazil is quite unusual with its cherry and hibiscus flavor notes (but unusual is what we’re after!).

    Colombian coffee is another contender for the best coffee in the world

    When you think of Colombia, it’s impossible not to think of coffee.

    Coffee from Colombia is popular both within the country and in many other places around the world, which is not surprising given that Colombia is the third largest coffee producer in the world.

    For some people, Colombian coffee is the best coffee in the world.

    With its varied climates, rich soils, and a thriving community of people dedicated to coffee production, Colombia is one of the few countries that can produce crops year-round.

    It’s easy to see why, when people are asked which country has the best coffee, they hold Colombian coffee in such high regard.

    Our decaffeinated tumbaga coffee is produced in Colombia and has a beautifully balanced profile that is typical of Colombian coffees.

    Salvadoran coffee

    a country whose coffee is strongly linked to its economic development, coffee represents around half of el salvador’s exports and therefore plays a very important role.

    El Salvador beans tend to have a full-bodied flavor, with a mild sweetness that appeals to many coffee drinkers.

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    It also offers some of the most amazing flavor profiles in the world, which may make it a popular choice for coffee nerds like us.

    our cafe las rims el salvador is the perfect example of this. it changes every day, with different flavors emerging at different times, making it one of the most fun cafes we’ve tried.

    although el salvador represents less than 1% of world coffee exports, adventurous drinkers can consider it as one of the countries with the best coffee because of the endless surprises it offers.

    countries with the best coffee in Asia

    with vietnam as the second largest coffee producer in the world and indonesia as the fourth, asia, and more specifically southeast asia, plays a very important role in the world of coffee.

    These two countries claim the top spots in the best coffee in the world ranking.

    Vietnamese coffee

    The vast majority of coffee produced in Vietnam is robusta coffee.

    This is because robusta is a much more resistant plant than its arabica counterpart. as such, it can grow at much lower altitudes and in great abundance.

    The only caveat is that it lends itself much more to instant/freeze-dried coffee.

    Robusta coffee beans are considered purely as a commodity and are rarely found in the world of specialty coffee.

    However, because there is now a high demand for high-quality specialty coffee, small farmers and growers in Vietnam are starting to grow Arabica coffee plants.

    While few coffee aficionados would consider Vietnamese coffee to be one of the best, it is very possible that Vietnam will be one of the best coffee countries in the coming years.

    Indonesian coffee

    like vietnam, indonesia relies heavily on robusta production. only a fifth of the coffee produced here is Arabica.

    and like vietnam, you need to dig a little deeper to find producers who pay more attention to the flavor profiles of their coffee.

    But that’s not to say Indonesian coffee isn’t worth mentioning. Indonesian specialty coffee may be one of the most interesting and delicious of all.

    Coffee in Indonesia is grown on volcanic soil and is surrounded by spice farms, which often give the coffee earthy and spicy flavor profiles.

    Drinkers who enjoy this comforting earthy flavor may consider Indonesian coffee to be one of the best coffees in the world. For this reason, Indonesian coffee is also a popular choice for use in espresso blends.

    so which country has the best coffee?

    As we said at the beginning of this journey, tastes are very personal and individual.

    hopefully this article has shed some light on each coffee growing region in the world and how you can find your ‘best coffee in the world’.

    Helping to build sustainable communities from farm to cup, it’s not uncommon for beans to be grown in one part of the world, roasted in another, and sold over the counter in another country.

    and we think it’s great that we can enjoy coffees from all the best coffee countries from here in portugal…or anywhere in the world!

    If you want to explore our coffees, you can do so right here or sign up to try a new coffee every month.

    And if you’d like help choosing your own “best coffee,” don’t hesitate to get in touch. one of our roasting team will be happy to recommend a bean you’ll love.

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