Mike Sutters top 10 best coffee shops in San Antonio

It’s that enthusiasm that fueled the San Antonio coffee boom in recent years, a boom that has attracted dozens of drive-thru coffee boxes, national chains, and independent shops with a single La Marzocco espresso machine and a dream.

for this list of the top 10 coffee shops in san antonio, i visited about 30 local shops, all walk-in places with seating and wifi and outlets to plug and amp up, a good number of them didn’t even exist last time that I ranked the coffee shops in the city in 2019.

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so sit back, open your computer and enjoy the coffee culture of san antonio. These are the 10 best coffee shops in the city, ranked.

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the laika cheesecake & Espresso on Broadway includes, clockwise from left, a flat white Oreo tres leches cheesecake, a mint-infused iced coffee, an espresso, spicy Cuban coffee, and white chocolate raspberry cheesecake.

10. laika cheesecake & express

coffee is about community, even when that community is on the other side of the world. Laika made national news this month when the store donated a weekend’s worth of sales and donations to the Ukrainian military in the wake of the Russian invasion, an amount that exceeded $100,000, co-owner and Ukrainian native Anna Afanasieva announced on Facebook. .

Even before that philanthropic gesture, San Antonio residents knew the Alamo Heights store for its sidewalk cafe setting and rainbow of cheesecakes in little screw-top jars emblazoned with the darling’s face cosmonaut bitch laika in the cap.

but laika’s underrated talent lies in the “espresso” part of her name and the variety of drinks that come from it, from a rich shot of espresso lavazza and a spiced cup of frothy Cuban coffee to a sweet white tres leches and without yeast. a mint-infused iced coffee served straight from a shaker. 4718 broadway, 210-462-6981, laikacheesecakes.com

shotgun house coffee roasters is a locally owned coffee shop and roaster in a former sewing machine factory.

9. shotgun house coffee roasters

tucked away inside an old sewing machine factory on the west side, shotgun house is like stepping into an industrial past for a thoroughly modern coffee experience as quiet as a college reading room, all fueled by a san franciscana roaster machine outfitted as a compact steam train.

That roaster produces coffee beans from places like Papua New Guinea, Brazil, El Salvador, and Guatemala. In turn, those beans make nuanced espressos, cappuccinos, and bottomless drip coffees, but also a “dirty” iced horchata latte with a hint of espresso that leaves all subtlety at the door. 1333 Buena Vista St., 254-913-9031, shotgunhouseroasters.com

Coffee options at Folklores Coffee House on Government Hill include, clockwise from bottom left, the vato rudo latte, a drip coffee, a latte called a siouxsie, and an espresso.

8. folk coffee

emilie and joel “tatu” herrera were on a mission to bring community cafeteria culture to the south side when they opened folklores in 2018. when the pandemic hit, they expanded the idea of ​​community, turning folklores into a makeshift food bank for seniors from the area. economic stress forced them to close the original store, but they opened another folklore store on government hill in 2020 and returned to the south side this year with a new store near the historic mission district.

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café made it all possible, with free-spirited drinks like the siouxsie with Mexican chocolate and flame-roasted marshmallows and the vato rudo, a cold-brewed coffee blended with horchata and caramel, served indoors that encourage gatherings conversations with the people next to you. 1526 e. grayson street, 210-455-0360, facebook: @folklorescoffeehouse; 359 bustillos drive, no phone, facebook: folklores cafe house-sur

a flight of flavored lattes is a popular option at tandem san antonio.

7. san antonio tandem

When you join the tandem, you never know what you’ll find: maybe live music, yoga, stand-up comedy, a craft market, or a food truck. Just off the mission’s hiking and biking trails, it’s a South Side hangout with tables to study, lounge chairs to kick back and sip a draft beer, and a patio within earshot of the nearby San Antonio River.

what you’ll always find is coffee made with beans from chicago’s cult-favorite dark matter coffee, beans that transform an ordinary drip into a sensory journey. For the adventurous or just indecisive, the tandem serves up a latte flight that shows off its skill with cinnamon, maple, gingerbread, and even chile de árbol. riverside 310, 210-455-5400, facebook: @tandemsatx

olmos perk is a local coffee shop near olmos park.

6. elms advantage

The first time I visited olmos perk, I was having a hard day, overcaffeinated, nervous and stressed. I felt a hand on my shoulder. “are you OK?” it was erin eaton, owner of olmos perk with her husband tres eaton. it’s the personal touch that sets olmos perk apart, the energy the eatons bring from knowing their customers by name in an environment that feels like a vintage furniture store where you can sit through everything.

In addition to a dozen sandwiches and a variety of homemade pastries, Olmos Perk serves up good strong coffee made with Houston Katz coffee beans. creations include a comforting honey lavender latte, a layered jamocha frappe, and one of the only bulletproof coffees available in san antonio, a blend of coffee, ghee, celtic salt, saigon cinnamon, and mct oil that’s like an IV of pure energy. yes, I’ll be fine. 5223 mccullough avenue, 210-492-1104, facebook: @olmosperk

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coffee options at estate coffee co. These include, clockwise from top left, espresso, cappuccino, an Americano, and an iced Kentucky Smoke Latte.

5. farm coffee co.

The construction on East Houston street has stolen some of the property’s spartan value, infringing on its sober, prada marfa-in-the-desert vibe. but the noise and dust outside can’t change the science inside, producing roasts that are specific to the countries, regions, altitudes, and farms they come from.

The estate sells beans to shops all over town, but here the focus is on you, and what you get is a good drip coffee from the featured grower of the day, espresso served with a sidecar of sparkling water, and a latte Kentucky smoke ice cream latte enriched with bourbon-smoked salted caramel. 1320 e. Houston St., Suite A101, 210-667-4347, estatecoffeecompany.com

commonwealth cafe & bakery in davis court near broadway is the flagship location of a small local chain.

4. commonwealth cafeteria & bakery

Is commonwealth a bakery, bar, coffee shop or coffee shop? The answer is all of the above, and they are all good. You can order a cream cheese danish with fresh fruit, a cold pint of locally made highwheel betty on tap, a croissant breakfast sandwich with bacon and spinach, or a strong French coffee with cuvee beans from Austin.

in the iconic davis court location off broadway, seating extends from the front patio through the parisian-style dining room to the shady pergola out back, which shares space with a chicken coop. 118 Davis Ct., 210-560-2955, more locations at commonwealthcoffeehouse.com

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coffee options at brown coffee co. in southtown include, clockwise from top left, a cappuccino, a filter coffee, a “dirty” cold brew, and an espresso.

3. the brown coffee company.

The coffee menu is only 10 lines long at this southern shop, but every line counts, because the beans are roasted in-store, a process you can see through the tall windows at the front. there’s a subtle black filter coffee, a fancy cappuccino with artistic foam, and an espresso more bitter than your ex’s. there’s also a “dirty” cold beer with milk, cane sugar, and a single giant ice cube as an old-fashioned reverse that speeds you up instead of relaxing you.

The long draft room lends itself to a cafeteria office, with electrical outlets and a view of the coffee bar from every seat in the house. 812 s. Alamo St., Suite 115, 210-274-0702, browncoffeeco.com

the owner of cafe eclipse inside the small death wine bar across the street. mary’s strip will suggest pairings like a made in texas chocolate to accompany a cappuccino.

2. eclipse

coffee isn’t always the most social transaction, just a few coded phrases between you and the barista. forget all that at eclipse, the daytime tenant of the small death wine bar across the street. strip of mary Here, the owner, solomon gerges, will serve you from the moment he walks in.

the conversation can start with gerges handing you a sample of the day’s drip coffee, then follow up on how you liked it. not just how, but why.

What follows is an education, an experiment, and an expression of pure joy. tried a kenya drip, chocolate from springs, hot chocolate from a single source, a cappuccino with an espresso sidecar called a “cap and one” and a whipped coffee cocktail with lemon, ice and grape jam syrup all in one single session.

I asked other customers if they all get this treatment. “He does this all the time,” was the reply. I can’t wait for my next class. 2327 no. s t. calle de maria inside little death, no phone, eclipsecoffeesa.com

what is brewing coffee roasters is a locally owned coffee shop and roaster in san antonio.

1. what’s brewing in coffee roasters

It’s not the room full of pinball machines that draws my attention to what’s brewing. it’s the long line of 20+ coffee beans leading up to the front counter, all roasted by a machine in the back that is fed from the warehouse shelves with burlap bagged beans from around the world.

Beans in the bins are available by the pound at some of the best prices in town. The difference at What’s Brewing is that each and every one of those beans can be ordered as a pour over, ground and brewed while you wait, so you can try a cup made with naturally processed Ethiopian beans or Honduran or Tanzanian peas from a single source. before committing to a bag.

As a full commercial roaster, what’s brewing supplies beans for some of the best markets and coffee shops in the city. but just as important, what’s brewing has become a classic coffee shop in its own right, a place to camp out your laptop, indulge in sweet, frothy drinks like the sami honey latte, pick up an aeropress to brew at home, or play some golf. pinball as it is 1980, the year in which what is brewing opened its doors. 138 w. Rhapsody Unit, 210-308-8882, sacoffeeroasters.com

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