Coffee Shops in Wicker Park

One of the most amazing things about living in wicker park is the incredible number of coffee shops in the neighborhood. there are six coffee shops on one side of the block on division street! it’s crazy! Today I am sharing a list of coffee shops in Wicker Park to help you decide which one is right for you.

I know a lot about the wicker park. I don’t know that much about coffee. I think people want different things from a coffee shop. some people want a relaxing environment and a place to read, others want to work, and then there are people who want a place to meet a friend or a date. sometimes I want to have breakfast with my coffee and sometimes I just want a cup of coffee (or tea) to go. In order to appease everyone, I present to you an extensive list of coffee shops in Wicker Park. *some may be across the border from wicker park and are technically in a ukrainian town or bucktown. if a place is very close to wicker park, i didn’t want to leave it off the list.

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wicker park cafes:

I have mapped all the coffee shops in wicker park below. There are two large clusters of coffee shops in the neighborhood, one along the Pauline Divide and one at the intersection of Six Points North/Damen/Milwaukee.

the wormhole cafe

an 80’s themed cafe and delorean inside. wormhole has a good amount of coworking space inside and a small sidewalk area outside. decor includes antique lunch boxes and even an antique apple desk.

coffee streets

a small cafe with tables inside and a patio. They also serve beacon doughnuts.

ipsento 606

located just north of the 606 and technically in bucktown, ipsento 606 is a coffee shop by day and cocktail bar by night.


brü has smoothies, raw juices, teas and coffee, plus a gluten-free menu of sweet and savory crepes. elegant decor includes velvet sofas and chandeliers. if you are a tea drinker, you have plenty of options here. but be aware that they don’t open until 8:30am. m.


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this is charles favorite local coffee shop. Wicker Park Intelligence’s location is right on the corner of Division and Ashland and can be easy to miss. attention, they close at 2 p.m.

la colombe coffee roasters

You can find the colombe hidden under the damen el platform. my favorite order is the latte on tap, which is light and foamy. I love it so much I’ll walk past seven other coffee shops to get it.

coffee erases it

Located on division and paulina, this great Mexican cafe has plenty of space for people looking to get some work done, plus a great patio. their fresh cakes are delicious, I recommend the concha de vanilla (a sweet bread with a vanilla glaze).


semicolon is a bookstore that also serves coffee. the space is large, quiet and has a few tables. you can find semicolons between brown and foxtrot erases.


foxtrot has blessed wicker park with two locations! one is on division street and the other is at the intersection of damen and milwaukee. They serve coffee and have a small menu plus a variety of take out items. this is a perfect place to stop if you have some light shopping to do. foxtrot opens at 6 a.m. m. Monday through Friday and at 7 a.m. m. on weekends, which is a bit earlier than some of the other cafes in the division. FYI, the damen/milwaukee location has a better setup and more room to work with.


the bus is in damen just north of the divide. this location is large with two levels and a dog friendly patio. They have a great drink menu as well as a great breakfast and lunch menu.

philz coffee

philz focuses on making freshly brewed wet coffee on the spot. patrons can choose from 30 different roasts. don’t go looking for a latte; They don’t offer espresso drinks. and be patient. Since the coffee is ground and brewed to order, it takes a little longer. there is a good amount of seating inside and a covered patio outside. In addition to coffee, the menu includes pastries and toast. Philz’s hours are shorter than some of the other nearby coffeeshops, opening at 7am. m. and they close at 3:30 p.m. m. weekdays.

stan donuts & coffee

stan’s donuts are possibly the best in chicago. They offer various coffees on tap which is a nice time saver. when it comes to donuts, you can’t miss them. I love the pistachio and the chocolate glaze.

fairground cafe & tea

fairgrounds serves ethically sourced coffee from a variety of coffee roasters. They have a great breakfast and lunch menu. They have a good number of tables to work and a cozy fireplace, there are also tables outside.

gallery cafe

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Located on the corner of North and Wood, Gallery Café is a small coffee roaster that houses local artists. In addition to drinks, the menu includes sandwiches and breakfast sandwiches.

bakeries/coffee shops:

alliance bakery

if you want coffee and a cake to go, this is the place. their pastry menu includes huge cinnamon rolls, scones, and various types of croissants. one thing to note is that they have patio seating but no indoor seating. sometimes there is an open seating area next to it.

all the days

a French/Asian bakery and cafe. In addition to coffee, teas, pastries, cakes, breads and light meals can be found on the menu. there is limited seating inside but a good size patio outside. I like their teas with milk.

the goddess and the shopkeeper

is located north of north avenue in damen. if you want a complete meal with your coffee, this is one of the best options. there is a great salad, sandwich and take out menu. the pies and cakes are some of the best in chicago, and they serve do-rite donuts. indoor dining space is very limited, but they do have a great rooftop patio.

lost larson

a bakery serving elegant pastries including croissants, cakes, scones and cookies. their coffee menu has some fun touches like a lavender latte.

big chain cafes in wicker park


There are three Starbucks locations in Wicker Park. There’s a small Starbucks store on the corner of North Avenue and Damen. When I think of a Starbucks reservation, I think of the massive locations that are complete experiences. this shop is small and not like the other reservation locations i have been to and i think it has the reservation name on it because the menu is more of a reservation menu. Jewel-Osco Grocery has a Starbucks within its Milwaukee location. lastly, there is a starbucks on the corner of paulina and division and i must say that the staff there is exceptionally friendly.

dunkin donuts

you can find dunkin by the jewel-osco and on division street by hoyne.

There you have it. all 24 coffeeshops in wicker park! do you have a favourite?

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