Coffee Shops You Will Want to Hit Up in German Village

yes, you read the subtitle right. this is your dream post, this is the moment where we can really ask ourselves, is coffee addicted to me, or am i addicted to it, or is it both? Whether it’s something you love or something you enjoy from time to time, you can never seem to escape a coffee shop. That’s why we’ve curated the ultimate list of the best local coffee shops around and in the German Village, a neighborhood of Columbus, Oh. this is also why we encourage those of you who are from the area, or thinking of moving, to consider moving as close to these coffee shops as possible. trust us, the taste of artisanal coffee will be the first thing you will fall madly in love with!

stauf coffee

Does coffee flow through the bloodstream?

address: 627 south 3rd street, columbus, oh 43206 (german town)

Reading: Coffee shops german village

phone: (614) 221-1563


if you’re like us and enjoy a good cup of coffee in the morning or all day long (don’t judge yourself here as we enjoy coffee so much), you must visit stauf’s. from the moment you walk in, you’ll be struck by the aroma of gourmet coffee. Being considered the best coffee shop in the columbus area, there’s no denying that fact, since stauf’s does so much, you’ll wonder where they’ve been hiding all this time.

The best part of Stauf’s is their monthly coffee subscription, where you’ll have the opportunity to try the newest blends. many of them come straight from the ground, to a grinder, then to a roaster, and then gently poured into your cup. As the first Columbus area micro roaster, they are always guaranteed to put a smile on your face and encourage you to close your eyes, bring the cup to your nose and breathe in the aroma of freshly poured coffee. We highly recommend checking out their shop and their facebook page, where they will list the coffee of the day, how to make different types of coffee, and to keep you up to date on all things coffee.

fox in the snow cafe

be yourself, especially over a cup of coffee.

address: 210 thurman avenue, columbus, oh 43206

phone: (614) 372-5677


(all locations are closed due to a high percentage of covid-19 cases in the columbus area until further notice). look around you how lucky we are to be alive right now. With an adorable name, delicious cakes and drinks, such as coffee, arrive. This little coffee shop, also located in two other neighborhoods in the Columbus area, serves some of the best pastries and coffee in the Columbus area. everything the cafe has to offer is reasonably priced and reasonably delicious. While we wait for the cafe to reopen, they have also listed recipes online so you can enjoy the taste of fox in the snow at home.

win chocolates + coffee

if you can’t find a treat, try the coffee.

address: 897 south third street, columbus, oh 43206

phone: (614) 445-6464


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With nineteen locations spread across Ohio and one location in Iowa, it’s no surprise that Winan’s is by far the most popular coffee shop in both locations. It’s also seen as the most appropriate gift to give the coffee lover in your life. The best parts of Winan’s are their homemade treats and gourmet coffee. everything is made and packaged fresh. now is the time for you to go out and try it for yourself. In case you choose not to go out, they also have an online store. Plus, don’t worry, they’ve got you covered on any last-minute gift purchase, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or any other holiday. coffee is the perfect gift.

pistacia vera

We know what you’re thinking and we want this sweet treat too.

address: 541 south 3rd street, columbus, oh 43215

phone: (614) 220 9070


Open for curbside pickup, this hotspot is a must for coffee or breakfast lovers. Like us, you’ve been dreaming of food that tastes fresh and coffee that tastes like home and isn’t overly processed. The best food and coffee pairings come with Pistacia Vera because of their long history of finding the best macaroons to share with friends, while also analyzing thousands of cookie recipes to serve you. pistacia vera is ready to serve you not only well, but also elegantly.

German village cafe

coffee and pancakes equals happiness.

address: 193 thurman avenue, columbus, oh 43206

phone: (614) 443-8900


(closed due to covid-19). Serving you since 1981, this popular local hangout is the perfect spot for a little date, hanging out with friends, or even a nice place to get away for pancakes and coffee. this restaurant hasn’t changed one iota, and although it maintains its authentic vintage look, it still seeks to serve its usual restaurant-style food to each generation that passes through its doors.

I love coffee coffee

coffee is love, and love is coffee.

address: 330 high street, columbus, oh 43215

phone: (614) 670-4536


If the taste of coffee is always on the tip of your tongue, you better hurry up to love coffee. Considered one of the best, you won’t be fooled by the authentic flavor that is made in front of you. the goal of coffee is to bring a smile to the face of every coffee drinker and to promote care and patience regarding the growth of coffee beans and the process of roasting and brewing them.

community cafe and meeting house

coffee shops are always a good way to bring communities together.

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address: 1134 parsons avenue columbus, oh 43206

phone: (614) 725-0124


a relaxed café that seeks to empower and unite all communities and people of all ages. As spaces and communities change, Community Grounds is looking to expand its space to host special events and more to help not only spread awareness of their coffee, but also bring communities together. not only is it the kind of coffee you dream of, but it also serves the coffee you dream of. From a pour over to the Phil, a double espresso drink with two ounces of steamed milk, Community Grounds is ready to serve you.

two dollar radio headquarters

don’t forget to enjoy a cup of coffee with your new book.

address: 1124 parsons avenue columbus, oh 43206

phone: (614) 725-1505


Yes, you heard right, crazy coffee drinkers! a bookstore that serves the best coffee, and even beats other bookstores everywhere else. In addition to being the best coffee a bookstore has ever served, you can order this coffee as a house coffee, latte (hot or iced), add flavorings, and many other ways to make your perfect drink. Another great advantage of this business is that their food and coffee are vegan and can be enjoyed by anyone.

native cold pressing

vegan coffee is the best option.

address: 214 thurman avenue, columbus, oh

phone: (614) 372-5199


if you’re looking for a type of coffee that mixes with other things, like healthier ingredients, you might want to look at native cold pressed. their mission is to bring a healthier variety of popular beverages, but also to make them taste good. don’t let the names scare you, one of the best drinks that we recommend you try is the golden lion latte -made with turmeric, ginger, lion’s mane, cinnamon, coconut sugar and some other ingredients- or the blue peppermint latte -this one has majik blue seaweed, ashwagandha, coconut sugar, and a few other ingredients. Whether you’re looking to get out of your comfort zone or looking for a healthier alternative, consider the native cold press.

Because of the exuberance each cafe brings you and the story behind each one, there’s always a time when you consider moving to an area with the best coffee shops or places, like bookstores, that have coffee shops. inside them. If you’re based on where you’ll be living based on what kinds of coffee shops are in or around the German town, be sure to visit her, realtors®, where they’ll highlight your new favorite coffee shop properties.

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