17 Easy Homemade Coffee Mug Holder Plans

Making coffee mug holders is a simple yet rewarding project, and they can make adorable gifts or attractive decorative items for your own home.

We’ve taken a look online to see what other people have been trying, and if you want to give it a try too, here are the best 17 DIY coaster designs we found.

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1. DIY coffee cup rack

DIY Coffee Mug Rack

As this blogger tells us, when space is limited, it’s important to make the most of every available storage space, and a wall-mounted mug rack can play a big part in that. Plus, the one that this plan teaches you to build is also super cute – we love the simple design that’s functional and stylish at the same time. It’s also easy to do, so if you want something similar, check out the blog for details on how to do it.

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2. DIY coffee cup shelf for the wall

If you’re looking for a fun project that will keep you busy for a while and you have scrap wood laying around, this fun tutorial will teach you how to build an inexpensive yet attractive wall mounted mug rack. it’s an easy design that anyone can recreate at home, and the result is very impressive. we’re sure a lot of people will be eager to try something similar, and best of all, it won’t cost you a thing.

3. DIY coffee cup holder gift idea

As an alternative to a wall mounted coffee mug rack, you can make a freestanding one that will look great on your kitchen counter. In this video tutorial, we learn how to make one for under $10. it’s a perfect gift idea or you can just do it yourself! It’s easy to do and you only need a few basic tools to complete the job, making it a good choice even for DIY beginners.

4. DIY coffee cup rack without power tools

DIY Coffee Mug Rack without Power Tools

In the plan above, we learned how to make a simple coffee rack with just a few basic tools, but in this tutorial, we discovered how to create a version that doesn’t require any power tools. The cup holder she makes is a small wall-mounted version that can help keep your kitchen clutter-free while also adding an attractive element to your interior space. Since it was made from old scrap wood, it cost very little to build, making it a great idea for anyone who wants to add extra storage without breaking the bank.

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5. DIY Dollar Tree Mug Holder

Speaking of low cost projects, here’s another plan worth checking out, this time it shows you how to build a coffee mug rack using dollar tree materials that cost a total of $3. This plan just proves that You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make something that looks great, and having a mug tree like this in your home will also help increase your storage options. another interesting tutorial and well worth watching.

6. DIY coffee cup holder

DIY Coffee Mug Holder

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If you want to make a coffee cup holder, the cup holder itself can be kept simple and unobtrusive, allowing the cups to take center stage, as you can see in the images on this blog. In it, we read about Jennifer, a fan of Starbucks cups who has amassed an impressive collection, and the cup holder she made allows her to display them in all their glory. this is an idea that we really liked, and if you want to do something similar, you will find all the details you need in the plan.

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7. pallet cup holder

here is an interesting video tutorial that teaches you how to build an easy and inexpensive coaster out of pallet wood. He starts by providing you with a list of the required materials, and then the talented DIYer goes on to demonstrate everything he needs to do to complete the project. it’s fun to watch her work and the cup holder quickly begins to take shape. This is one of the easiest ways we’ve seen to turn an old palette into a functional coffee mug rack, and if that’s what you need, why not try it yourself?

8. DIY Coffee Cup Holder Wall Mounted Shelf

The cup holder this youtuber shows us how to build is a bit more ambitious than many of the others we’ve seen, but with some basic DIY skills and a little determination, most people will be able to replicate his plan at home. . we’re sure you’ll agree that the finished shelf looks spectacular, and if you appreciate this type of style, you’ll find all the information you need in the video to build your own.

9. cup holder

Coffee Cup Holder

What makes this coaster stand out is the blue paint that gives it an attractive country look. however, there is more to achieving this effect than simply giving it a coat of paint, and in this plan, the blogger reveals the secrets to creating this original look. this is one of our favorite plans, and this is another one that proves that you don’t have to do anything too complicated or difficult to achieve amazing results.

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10. DIY coffee cup rack construction

In this plan, we see a DIYer building a simple mug rack out of 1×4s, but as he suggests, if you don’t want to spend money buying materials, you can also make something similar using scrap wood from a pallet. he’ll need some power tools for this plan, but nothing DIY enthusiasts don’t have access to. One of the best things about this plan is the perfect balance between explanation and demonstration, which means that it will be easy for anyone to follow this plan and build something similar at home.

11. DIY cup holder with hometalk

DIY Coffee Mug Holder with Hometalk

If, like this blogger, you need a place to store your favorite coffee cups, the simplest and cheapest solution is to make a cup holder. the one we learn to do in this plan is sleek and minimalist, and we love the old-fashioned charm. The plan gives you a list of everything you’ll need to complete the shelf, and the instructions are clear and easy to follow, so this is a great plan for anyone to try, even if you’re a DIY beginner.

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12. DIY coffee cup holder from scratch

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We love the concept of this video. At first, this youtuber tells us that he is not the most accomplished handyman, but that he wants to show that this is not a barrier for him to build something functional and attractive that he can be proud of. it’s interesting to listen to him walk us through his thought process as he plans the project, and then it’s fun to watch the cup holder he drew take shape. another recommended plan, especially for those who are not confident in their DIY skills!

13. easy DIY coffee cup shelf

Easy DIY Coffee Mug Rack

Making a coffee mug rack can be an extremely easy job, and in this plan, you’ll learn how to make one with nothing more than a piece of wood, some hooks, and some templates. The key to making something like this is not having amazing DIY skills, but rather having a clear idea of ​​what you want to create. And if you’re having trouble coming up with ideas yourself, blogs like this one are here to help!

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14. how to build a super easy cup holder

In this video, this youtuber takes you through the process of building a simple rustic coaster. we love how she’s so good at explaining everything so it’s easy to understand which makes this a great project for beginners who want something simple that builds their skills and if that sounds like you why not try?

15. DIY pallet coffee cup holder

DIY Pallet Coffee Cup Holder

Decking lumber is so affordable and versatile that it’s no wonder that in recent years it’s become a favorite medium for working with DIY enthusiasts around the world. Making coasters out of pallets is a popular project, and here’s another great plan that shows you how to do it. give it a read if you think you might be interested in giving it a try!

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16. woodworking projects – DIY coffee cup holders

While looking at cup holder designs, we’ve seen many that are very similar, so it’s quite refreshing to see someone try something much more original. In this video, this youtuber shows how he made a coaster out of a piece of tree branch, so as long as you have access to the necessary tools, this really is a project that will cost you nothing. intrigued? then check it out for more information.

17. $8 mug organizer

The name of this channel tells you everything you need to know. It’s called Bargain Bethany, and as you can probably guess, the Bethany in question specializes in DIY projects that cost little and can save you a lot of money. In this video, she makes a gorgeous coaster, and if you want to see how she did it, check out the video for more information.

lots of creative ideas to copy

As you can see, there are many interesting and creative ways to make coasters, so whatever your DIY experience, you’re sure to be able to find a plan that’s right for you.

We always like to search for DIY plans online because it always inspires us to try it ourselves. We hope that you have also enjoyed reading and viewing these plans and, above all, we hope that we have helped you find the ideas you needed for your next DIY project.

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