Good, Bad and Brewgie: A Girls Guide to the Best Coffee Mugs for Your Car

caffeine: I need it. you need her. we all need it.

o, well, if you don’t, good luck! But I know I can’t be the only one running around in the mornings trying to get the kids ready for school, all of our things packed and in the car, only to realize while I’m running that my coffee has spilled on my shirt… ugh. Not to mention coffee cups with lids that don’t stay shut properly, or a small spout that just won’t give you that caffeinated goodness.

To celebrate National Coffee Day, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best takeaway cups and glasses you can find online. And if you don’t drink coffee, you can use these awesome mugs for ice water or your favorite beverage.

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Don’t worry, we’re here to help you find the bad, the good, and the best coffee cups for all of us. better yet, most of these will come from amazon. hello prime!

1) reduce hot1 thermal cup with lid

this had me at 8 o’clock. This beauty fits in the cup holder, has a non-removable handle, and features a leak-proof lid that allows for an adjustable flow of your go-go juice. and keeps it warm for 8 hours. hello beautiful, come with mom.

these are available in 20 or 24 oz and you can buy this hot1 tumbler on amazon. for just $21.99, you can also get one for each day of the week. Oh, and they’re dishwasher safe!

2) buzio stainless steel vacuum insulated tumbler

sometimes we like it hot, sometimes we like it cold. he will give it to us in both ways. You have a 24-hour window for this buzio tumbler to keep your coffee hot. we all know how busy we can get between work, kids, life, that we rarely get to drink our coffee when we serve it. this one saves us a trip to the microwave.

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However, if cold beer is your jam, this is for you. It’s not like your coffee will go 48 hours without being consumed, but if it were, it would still be ice cold at this temperature.

This one fits in all standard cup holders and has a removable lid for drinking, a straw if you like your coffee through a straw, and a loop for carrying – that’s everything a girl could need. available in 32 oz, you can buy this one for $27.99 on amazon.

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3) vacuum insulated stainless steel travel mug with lo magnet

open and close spout with one hand you say? I keep two.

While this seems off the cuff, it will keep your energy drink hot for 5 hours and your cold drink cold for 24 hours. I’d say those are some solid numbers for us busy women. The lid is adjustable, making it perfect for our left-handed friends, and the spill-proof makes it perfect for all of us. you can get one (or two) of these on amazon for $17.99

4) hills & valleys | reusable coffee cup

This simple tumbler packs a punch when it comes to function. A non-slip grip on the bottom means you can place this babe on her dashboard while she walks her little angels (or pagans, depending on the day) to the car without wondering if she’ll end up sitting in a puddle of hot coffee. The cute pop-up ring makes it easy to manage while also carrying your bag, shoes, dry cleaning, food, laptop, phone, and all the other things we insist on carrying at once. Made from corn husks and recycled material, you can feel good about this eco-friendly purchase. the creator, hills & Valles, is a family owned start-up, if that’s your kind of jam to support. get yours on amazon for $12.99

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5) hiking yeti

no list of royal tumblers is complete without a yeti, right? With its standard sliding lid, you can be sure you won’t miss a drop of the precious gold that keeps us going. As with all Yetis, they’re designed to fit in all cup holders, making them the perfect travel companions. yeti not only gives us hours to drink our drinks, but it will keep your liquid hot or cold until the last drop, no matter when you finish. you can buy these gold coffee nuggets on amazon or yeti for less than $30.

6) with you, black extreme vacuum insulated stainless steel travel mug with handle

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When you can clip your coffee tumbler to whatever strap you’re wearing and be sure the 100% spill-proof lid has your back, I totally agree. The con you fits in the cup holder, keeps your drink hot or cold and has a clever pull tab opening. It is modest but all you need. you can get one of these babies on amazon for $20.99

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7) 32oz toddy xl insulated coffee mug

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of owning a Hopsulator Slim Can Cooler, you know the Brümate lives up to the hype. that thin little nugget keeps your mineral water as cold as the moment you took it out of the fridge. With that being said, one can only think that this will do the same thing for your morning juice. the cap is adjustable so you can be left or right handed and it all works the same. It’s 100% spill-proof, has a leak-proof seal, and the lid is magnetized to keep the tab back while you drink. with its lifetime guarantee, $34.99 seems like a very reasonable price.

Also, I’d be lying a bit if I didn’t tell you I was sold on it because it also matches my phone case. now that’s pretty cool. choose from 25 different colors and you can also have one that matches your phone case.

8) ember temperature control travel mug 2

This might be the most bougie cup of coffee I’ve ever come across. i never knew i needed a cup of coffee so much that i could control it with my iphone. You can choose the exact temperature you prefer (between 120°F and 145°F) all with the touch of your finger or the click of your app. The battery lasts 3 hours without the charger, but the LED lights on the outside will help you keep track of the charge. it will even sleep by itself after 2 hours of no motion to save battery life.

It also has a 360-degree leak-proof lid that allows you to drink from either side of the glass. to take note, you have to wash it by hand (since, you know, it runs on batteries and all). such an advanced glass is priced at $179.95, but if you like the latest and greatest tech stuff, this is for you. get yours here.

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