Cómo preparar el tradicional café turco

whether you’ve already tried it or you haven’t yet and you’re looking forward to it, the recipe to learn how to prepare traditional Turkish coffee is really easy.

But while it’s a relatively easy style of coffee to make, the same can’t be said for what this world-famous coffee stands for. Turkish coffee is deeply embedded as part of Turkish culture for its unique preparation method that draws from a rich tradition and for being imbued with great meaning.

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Let’s see how to make Turkish coffee!

what is turkish coffee? a bit of history…

Turkish coffee is one of the most popular coffees internationally, but why is it so popular?

In the Middle East, coffee is not only understood as a stimulating drink, it is a very important part of people’s lives. Coffee is a social event that serves to bring people together, and to strengthen family relationships and friendship ties.

one of the countries in the middle east that most developed and developed its own coffee culture is turkey. However, Turkish coffee, also known as Arabic coffee, is present in all the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean, although each one of them has its own variations of the original recipe. It is present in Ethiopia, which after all is also the cradle of coffee, where the preparation method is basically the same.

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the Turkish word for breakfast is kahvaltı, which literally means before coffee (1). what the hell! The first recorded coffee shop was opened in Constantinople in the mid-16th century.

around 1565, turkish coffee was brought to the island of malta. About a hundred years later, coffee spread throughout Europe. The oldest café in Paris, Le Procope, was founded in 1686 and served such notable historical figures as Voltaire, Robespierre and even Napoleon Bonaparte. Le Procope is definitely not your typical modern cafeteria!

in turkey, coffee is king. And while Turkish cuisine varies by region, from the fresh seafood of the Bosphorus and the Black Sea to the spicy meat stews of Central Anatolia, coffee remains a lively and vibrant part (2) of the whole of Turkish culture until the present day.

but don’t call a Greek coffee a Turkish coffee in the presence of a Turk. it won’t do them any favors.

how to serve turkish coffee

The traditions surrounding Turkish coffee are mainly based on the equipment with which it is prepared, the preparation process and the way it is served.

the ibrik coffee maker

The coffee pot used to prepare Turkish coffee is perhaps the most striking part of the preparation process. Turkish coffee pot is called ibrik or cezve. it is small, broad-bottomed, and has a long handle that sticks out of the side usually at an upward angle. For its part, in Greece, where they drink a very similar coffee, it is called briki.

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it is possible to find ibriks of different sizes, from those designed to prepare a single cup of coffee that logically has a very small capacity to those of 350 ml or more.

one or two sugar cubes?

okay, it’s true that sugar cubes seem more appropriate for a post about tea in england, but it’s also true that turkish coffee can be had with sugar (and indeed often is) . to be a good host, you should ask your guest how much sugar they want (3) (cubes, not tablespoons). the usual options are:

  • “sade”: no sugar
  • “az sekerli”: with little sugar, less than a teaspoon
  • “orta sekerli amount”: a moderate one, between one and two teaspoons of sugar
  • “sekerli”: very sweet, between three and four teaspoons of sugar
  • cookie coffee mugs

    The typical Turkish coffee cups are small cups made of fine porcelain to keep the coffee hot for as long as possible. this is also why some mugs come with a copper cup holder and lid. Turkish coffee cups are an integral part of the pleasure of enjoying Turkish coffee.

    how to serve the coffee

    In addition to the coffee itself, what marks the tradition is to serve each cup with a glass of water at room temperature . this way, you can cleanse your palate before drinking the coffee. In addition, you can also include a sweet, be it a cupcake, a cookie, a confetti… or even if you want to really get into the role, you can opt for a Turkish delight.


    Hopefully, by this point, in addition to knowing how Turkish coffee is made, it will be clear to you that the cup of coffee you hold in your hands, while sweet and easy to prepare, is also so much more than a simple cup of coffee.

    In addition to its strong flavor and exceptional flavor notes, Turkish coffee represents a world of traditions and intentions, making drinking a cup of coffee a genuine experience that you will want to enjoy slowly and thoroughly. If you have already tried to prepare our recipe, you can leave us your thoughts and comments.

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