15 Cafe Theme Ideas to Captivate Everyones Attention

Gone are the days when coffee shops used to be just restaurants where you went for a quick sandwich or latte! Cafes have evolved into everyone’s favorite gathering places to meet colleagues or friends or to spend some time alone, reading a novel or perhaps writing one! people even conduct their business by sitting in their favorite cafes for hours on end every day.

so, besides a genuinely interesting menu and, of course, great service, what makes people go to a cafe again and again? yes, it is the interior design of the coffee shop! People love spending time in fancy looking cafes with a unique theme or basics like a cat cafe where you can have your favorite coffee with cute kitties playing around you, or a vintage cafe where you can have something really cool. , insta-worthy pictures with your best friends.

Reading: Cafe theme ideas

here are some of the essential elements of a great cafe interior design:

  • a relaxed but vibrant atmosphere.
  • extremely comfortable furniture.
  • use of warm lights to create a relaxing environment.
  • and following one or two absolutely “unique” coffee theme ideas to create a sense of individuality.

    Benefits of Following Trendy Coffee Shop Theme Ideas for Coffee Shop Interiors

    These days, we see more and more coffee shop owners opting for unique theme-based interior designs as opposed to traditional “good old fashioned coffee shop” interiors. you know why? it is because these coffee theme ideas can be really beneficial for your business. some of these benefits are –

    • helps you build your coffee shop branding smoothly, when you choose to work with an interior designer whose coffee shop theme ideas match the branding you want to establish in front of to your clients. , half of your work is already done! For example, suppose your target audience is health conscious people who are vegan or vegetarian and motivated enough to live a more conscious and sustainable life.
    • so for a cafe like this, look for lots of greenery, both inside and outside the cafe. Use eco-friendly raw materials wherever you can, and for furniture, opt for simple, organic designs handcrafted by talented local artisans. This coffee theme idea will communicate to your customers that you are an eco-friendly brand, who believes in clean and healthy eating. which of course is very attractive to the vegan and vegetarian community.

      • creates a sense of curiosity: These days, people don’t go to restaurants or cafes just because they don’t want to cook at home or because they crave something restaurant-style. food. the truth is that they are no longer satisfied with just “good food”, what they are really looking for is a “great experience or adventure”.
      • They want a complete package: a place to eat where they can enjoy their favorite foods but, at the same time, can stimulate their senses thanks to a highly unique environment. especially when it comes to coffee shops, customers expect a great atmosphere, something they have never seen or heard of before!

        If that’s not possible, at least give them an interesting and visually stimulating dining experience. This helps you retain your customers and attract new ones, all the time. while choosing coffee theme ideas can be really beneficial for your business. some of these benefits are, your job is to find that delicate balance between ‘not being too weird‘ but still managing to be ‘original and unique‘ enough.

        For example, coffee shop theme ideas based on friends from the TV show would appeal to a lot of customers because it’s a very popular and beloved TV show, but at the same time, it’s not something everyone can relate to. therefore, this idea is still quite unique and niche.

        • introducing new changes becomes easy: When you strictly follow a theme for your interiors, making new changes or renovating a certain section of your cafe becomes relatively easy. You don’t have to think about all the options available in the markets that represent different coffee themed ideas and concepts.
        • You just have to think about that theme and work towards it. This saves you a lot of hassle from researching for days on end, trying to figure out how you can make your cafe look and feel more welcoming, tempting, and inviting. Whether you’re adding new furniture or planning to repaint your walls, just focus on one theme and within hours you’ll know what’s going to work and what’s not.

          15 unique coffee theme ideas to inspire your creativity

          Cafe Theme Ideas | Rustic Cafe Fitout | ImpeccaBuildCafe Theme Ideas #1

          rustic cafeteria

          Among all the coffee theme ideas, the rustic interior theme is probably the most popular. It presents an interior design with a lot of old school decoration combined with natural raw materials and elements such as wood, plants and bricks. this theme could be used by creating an atmosphere of an old warehouse, farmhouse or rustic house or any other similar space that gives the impression that this place has not been in use for a long time.

          you can add old doors and windows to your interior design and use metal, stone and slates whenever you can. serve milkshakes or coffees in vintage milk jugs and some of the food in wicker baskets. Keep a healthy balance of modern elements like lamps or fancy sofas with all the rustic elements just mentioned when creating this type of interior design.

          emphasize rugged beauty, but at the same time make sure the overall vibe isn’t too bad in any way. use earthy colors like shades of brown, green, camel, and beige to create this theme.

          Cafe Theme Ideas | Indoor Garden Cafe Fitout | ImpeccaBuildCafe Theme Ideas #2

          café with interior garden

          indoor garden cafe ideas are also quite popular these days. Especially in cities like New York, California, and London, you can find one quite easily. These types of cafe interiors give customers a breath of fresh air and if you combine the green roof with plenty of sunlight by putting in large windows and glass doors, you can create a very organic and pleasant outdoor environment. in nature type environment. many eco-friendly and vegan coffee shops follow these coffee themed ideas.

          Cafe Theme Ideas | Indoor Garden Cafe Fitout | ImpeccaBuild 2To work on such a theme the first step is to create an ample amount of space to place all your plants. It’s ideal to create layers or rows of such spaces instead of just one. More than plants the better! These layers could be anywhere – on the floor, on your walls, or you can use hanging pots in different shapes and sizes and hang them from the ceiling.

          You can also use steel beams to create frames on which you can place your potted plants or give your climbers structure. keep your walls and furniture simple and use yellow lights to create an atmosphere of relaxation and comfort.

          Cafe Theme Ideas | Vintage Cafe Fitout | ImpeccaBuildCafe Theme Ideas #3

          old classics

          vintage coffee shop theme ideas can be derived from any historical era or generation of people, be it the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, or any other decade. therefore, these types of coffee theme ideas can have a number of possibilities. You can create an enchanting romantic setting with antique furnishings and decor or you can go for a kind of “grandma’s house” with cafeteria interiors elegantly epitomized with floral wallpapers and classy china cabinets.

          Cafe Theme Ideas | Vintage Cafe Fitout | ImpeccaBuild (2)Use white embroidered kitchen-curtains, vintage chandeliers, Victorian-style couches or chairs, Cedar chests, Mahogany wood, green glassware, and decorative plates on the wall as displays. You can experiment with a variety of colours and textures, but faded peach, mustard yellow, and burgundy work the best.

          Cafe Theme Ideas | Vintage Cafe Fitout | ImpeccaBuild (3)You can make the interiors even more interesting by putting up a few really popular pieces of arts (copies, of course) which were created by well-known artists like Vincent Van Gough, Pablo Picasso, or Frida Kahlo. A piano would be a cherry on the top!

          Cafe Theme Ideas | Industrial Cafe Fitout | ImpeccaBuild (1)Cafe Theme Ideas #4

          industrial style cafeteria

          industrial style coffee shop theme ideas are derived from factories, abandoned warehouses and other industrial spaces. this type of theme is actually one of the most wanted coffee theme ideas you can choose these days. The industrial style cafes are designed creating a warm yet natural looking environment with creative lighting added with light modern touches.

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          Cafe Theme Ideas | Industrial Cafe Fitout | ImpeccaBuild (2)To build such an atmosphere use exposed architecture such as exposed bricks, pipes, and ceiling beams. Add mechanical components such as nuts & bolts and gears. And use alternative raw materials like copper, brass, stone, and leather. Combine all these industrial components with modern elements like filament lamps, stark contrasting colours, and sleek looking furniture. As far as colour palettes are concerned, go for greys, black, tan, maroon, and mustard.

          Cafe Theme Ideas | Fashion Cafe Fitout | ImpeccaBuildCafe Theme Ideas #5

          fashion icon

          This topic is not well known, but its popularity is rapidly gaining momentum. a fashion themed cafe pays homage to some of the most celebrated fashion icons or brands we have seen on the planet. people have even combined these two ideas by opening cafes inside some of the biggest fashion brand retail outlets. and we have to say that the idea is quite amazing!

          shop for your favorite clothes and accessories, but as soon as you start to feel tired, have a cup of latte or enjoy a cup of espresso and rejuvenate your senses. It goes without saying that the decor and interiors of one such cafe would represent the fashion style of the brand or the fashion icon it is based on.

          fashion greats like gucci and prada have even opened their own luxury cafe brands in shanghai and milan respectively. these cafes use the signature styles of these fashion brands as cues to design the interiors and their fans just love that.

          for example, the gucci one has gold tones throughout while the prada one has a retro design aesthetic with hints of 50s cinema.

          Cafe Theme Ideas | Cafe Fitout | ImpeccaBuild (8)Cafe Theme Ideas #6

          movie or TV series fans

          Coffee shops based on a popular TV show or groundbreaking movie are always a big hit. there are many such cafes in every major metropolitan city in the world. there is a popular cafe based on the show ‘breaking bad’ located in istanbul, the capital of turkey and there is a cafe based on the iconic sitcom ‘friends’ located in manhattan.

          You could do a thousand things with coffee theme ideas like these. You can keep the decor and interiors of the cafeteria as similar as possible to the original games or you can introduce your own little twists to make things even more interesting.

          You can even have your staff members dress up as the main characters of the show/movie. the names of the food and beverages you serve on your menu may be after the popular episodes of the show you have selected.

          You can even sell or give away special products on certain days of the year to keep your customers hooked. For example, on the show’s anniversary, you can sell T-shirts with an illustration of the show printed on it.

          Cafe Theme Ideas | Boho-Style Cafe Fitout | ImpeccaBuildCafe Theme Ideas #7

          boho chic cafes

          ‘boho style’ originally refers to the lifestyle followed by the highly artistic and nomadic travelers who used to live in the former region of central-eastern europe called bohemia. Since they were always on the go, they used to pick up a number of different cultural elements from the places they used to visit to create their own unique identity and free-spirited culture.

          that Roma culture continues to be widely followed and loved by millions of people around the world, be it in the form of fashion styles, interior design, or music and arts. Boho themed cafe ideas are particularly popular with new age cafes that are targeting the youth of this generation.

          To create that theme, use wooden furniture, crocheted curtains, low tables, floor cushions, hemp pillows, plush or tribal rugs, fairy lights, Turkish lamps, dream catchers, tassels, ottomans, and wood trim. accounts.

          The space should look spontaneously assembled, but with a strong sense of integrity and harmony. You can also mix and match bohemian style with contemporary touches by adding rich textiles, elegant lighting setups, or contemporary wall art.

          Cafe Theme Ideas | Tropical Cafe Fitout | ImpeccaBuildCafe Theme Ideas #8

          tropical paradise

          Coffee shop theme ideas based on the ‘tropical paradise‘ theme can be of several different types. People have used this theme to create “jungle style” cafeteria interiors or to create a “relaxed beach vacation in a tropical country like Bali” vibe. . You can follow these coffee theme ideas or you can add your own nuances to create a whole new kind of tropical coffee.

          Cafe Theme Ideas | Tropical Cafe Fitout | ImpeccaBuildIt’s ideal to create this theme by constructing various levels of long, forest-like branches hanging on all the sides of the cafe. It’ll give the impression that you are sitting right in the middle of a tropical rainforest. You can even use scrap pieces of wood and dried reeds to build a thatched roof. Adding a water garden is also a brilliant idea for this type of concept.

          use lots of sunlight during the day and at night, use warm lights to create a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. For background music, play some jungle-themed tunes in the background at a low volume.

          Cafe Theme Ideas | Cafe Fitout | ImpeccaBuild (2)Cafe Theme Ideas #9

          books and games

          Who wouldn’t love going to a coffee shop where you can play your favorite board game or read your favorite book over a hot latte? Board game cafes and reading cafes are everyone’s new favorites! and more often than not, these two coffee theme ideas go hand in hand to create coffee environments where there is something for everyone.

          Nowadays, cafe owners have taken these issues a step further by providing their patrons with video game consoles in addition to the good old board games. In cities like Tokyo, Shanghai, and Singapore, these cafes are quite common.

          Cafe Theme Ideas | Cafe Fitout | ImpeccaBuild (15)You can keep the interiors pretty standard since the focus of your customers would primarily be on the games and books you are going to provide. But a little creativity never hurts! You can establish an ambience of a cyber hub or a gaming zone to make the interiors even more interesting.

          Cafe Theme Ideas | Library Cafe Fitout | ImpeccaBuildSome of the most popular Book Cafes in the world are constructed like mini-libraries. So, don’t restrict yourself and experiment with a bunch of cafe theme ideas if you are planning to build one such cafe.

          Cafe Theme Ideas | Cafe Fitout | ImpeccaBuild (6)Cafe Theme Ideas #10

          artistic vibes

          Nowadays more and more art-inspired coffee shops are springing up. Some of them have coffee theme ideas based on famous artists like Salvador Dali, Picasso, and Rembrandt, while others have their own visions and artistic themes. there are many cafes that allow young talents to display their artistic skills (especially paintings and photographs) on their walls for free.

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          These types of cafes are particularly interesting because every week or month the appearance of their interiors is completely renewed. loyalists of these cafes always look forward to what’s next.

          If you are planning to give your coffee shop an artistic makeover, the best tip is to play around with the colours and texture of your walls. When it comes to art, there’s really no limitation on how and what you can come up with.

          Go with cafe theme ideas like music cafe, apothecary style cafe, craft cafe, messy art cafe, surreal cafe, art studio style cafe and all that! let your imagination run wild and always remember that you can count on the help of a professional interior design firm to turn this ambitious undertaking into a fabulous reality.

          Cafe Theme Ideas | Cat Cafe Fitout | ImpeccaBuildCafe Theme Ideas #11

          cat cafes

          cat cafes have earned enormous adoration from people of all ages and cultural backgrounds in all parts of the world. themed cat cafe ideas revolve around the concept of being in the company of dozens (or more) of cats while enjoying your favorite drink in a supremely relaxed environment.

          It is advisable to go for this type of theme if you are a cat lover. if not, please invest a little time to understand the needs of these hairballs, to make sure you create a perfectly comfortable environment for them because this cafe will be their home. make sure there are enough places for cats to climb, hide, and sleep at night.

          Go for a simple but adorable interior design and build some cat-specific areas where you can always find some kitties playing. For this, you can add some cat houses with a sloped roof in the corners of the walls, long walkways the length and width of the cafe and some rope bridges. Also, make sure all your doors and windows have special cat entrances. the idea is to create a space where cats can live comfortably.

          Cafe Theme Ideas | Cafe Fitout | ImpeccaBuild (3)Cafe Theme Ideas #12

          nice as a button

          “Cute as a button” coffee shop theme ideas revolve around creating a cozy boutique-style coffee shop space that has an overall homey vibe. This type of theme works great for cafes that serve warm, traditional, comfort food and drinks in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

          find that delicate balance between raw and raw. homey and effortlessly stylish! use elements such as: soft textures, neutral or pastel colours, candles or a fireplace, string lights, soft blankets and fluffy cushions, traditional rugs, comfortable furniture and poufs.

          focus on creating a warm and inviting cafe interior design that exudes a “happiness and positivity” energy. You can also experiment with cafe theme ideas like: unicorn themed cafe, hello kitty cafe, a cafe with lots of stuffed animals, etc. parents would love to spend time in these cafes with their little ones playing. if you could add some nuances to make the space romantic, it would become a hit with couples.

          coffee theme ideas #13

          British Tea Party

          cafés inspired by British or European influences have an unmistakably stately look. If that’s something you’d like to explore, go for British Tea Party-inspired coffee-themed ideas with floral wallpapers, china mugs, fancy crockery, traditional-looking colorful teapots, soft lighting, and an antique chandelier. You can also add an old record player in a corner of the cafeteria to complete the cafeteria look.

          You can also work on similar British themes, like Shakespeare’s birthplace, Stratford-upon-Avon, or Sherlock Holmes’ house, 221b Baker street. You can also give your space the look and feel of a Parisian café by ditching the fabrics and embracing accents of metal, dark wood, and dark leather. keep your lighting very subtle and soft by using table lamps or other similar light sources.

          get inspired by jane austen novels like emma, pride & prejudice, and sense & sensibility to better familiarize yourself with the design aesthetics of that time. If you want to blend your British/European cafe with a modern visual aesthetic, opt for modern furniture or add contemporary décor against a wallpapered backdrop.

          Cafe Theme Ideas | Trendy Cafe Fitout | ImpeccaBuildCafe Theme Ideas #14

          elegant and modern

          is probably the most common theme for cafe interiors right now: following a mix of all the trendiest design aesthetics of this decade. You can opt for balanced metal furniture with lots of cushions and pillows, a bicycle hanging from the ceiling, an exposed brick wall, black and white photographs, large upholstered sofas, zen-style seating with private alcoves, large glass windows, fancy lighting fixtures, and more.

          Coffee Shop Lighting Tips | ImpeccaBuild (5)Add any number of elements to mix & match multiple cafe theme ideas to create your own unique theme like no one else’s. Some of the trendiest cafes in the world have adopted minimalistic themes while some have chosen to revamp their interiors by making their space cozier by adding a lot of comfortable furniture, plants, decorative furnishings, and wall decor.

          so how you want to approach this topic is completely up to you! go with what feels natural to you. ask yourself: what kind of coffee shop would I like to go to as a customer?

          coffee theme ideas #15

          cultural cafes

          by cultural cafes, we mean cafes that are based on a theme that represents a particular cultural group or destination, such as Moroccan themed cafes, Parisian cafes, Italian cafes, etc.

          You might think that these cafes only attract customers who belong to that particular cultural group. But that is not the case! people these days love to explore different cultures from all over the world. and if your cafe interiors are authentic and true to the cultural values ​​of the place you have decided to represent, expect many customers to just walk in because what you have to offer is unique, authentic and traditional.

          Some of the most popular themes in this cafe theme ideas category are: milan cafes, paris, portugal, prague, scandinavian, brazilian, cafes with dutch interiors, mexican cafes, turkish cafes, and vienna cafes.


          Choosing and sticking with an interesting theme idea for your cafe interiors has the potential to boost your business like you never imagined. It will not only make your space look much more inviting and inviting, but it will also help you build a strong brand image and spark curiosity in the minds of your current and potential customers.

          our list of the 15 most requested coffee theme ideas includes everything from a stark, rustic industrial design to a theme where you paint your walls in rainbow colors and place unicorn cushions on your pastel furniture . explore these coffee theme ideas and decide what would work best for your particular brand of coffee. If you would like professional advice on this subject, please do not hesitate to contact a trusted coffee shop interior decoration expert.


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