Pawnshop closing after 40 years, Café Parisien after eight months

after 40 years in collateral loans from the brothers, rudy and ernest gintel will close their doors at the end of the year.

“everything has a beginning and an end”, reflected rudy, 71 years old.

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Closing a pawn shop isn’t easy, as much of the inventory is private possessions that need to be transferred to trusted hands, rudy told us.

Remaining items will be sold in clearance sales planned now through the end of the year.

jewelry, art objects, tools and musical instruments are among the items for sale.

the brothers bought the property and painted the building a striking canary yellow at 5901 melrose ave. on cahuenga blvd.

While the store attracts customers from far and wide, it is the value of the land that has skyrocketed. “The property has scaled much more than the business…

“We have had several offers. We haven’t accepted any yet,” Rudy told us, adding that four small houses on the same street sold for $6 million a few years ago; 80 units were built on the four parcels. “There are dozens [like him] within a mile radius. It’s amazing.”

the gintel brothers are a third generation of pawn brokers. his parents and grandparents also owned a pawn shop; mom shirley was the bookkeeper at the local store until a few years ago.

His death last year helped the brothers make the decision to close and sell the property, Rudy said.

“It is a business that helps people. I enjoy that not everyone has a viable bank account. not everyone has a credit card. but they do have assets,” gintel told us in an interview in 2018.

a lady brought a valuable watch. she came back within the required four months and paid the money back, plus interest to her, and got the watch back from her.

they are customers like that lady you feel responsible for with the imminent sale, says rudy. “I want to make sure whoever sells [the inventory] takes care of it, and I want to make sure [my customers] get it back.”

More closings

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reader duke underwood, a resident of larchmont village, wrote us about the openings and included photos. in fact, there seem to be a lot more empty stores than usual.

flywheel sports inc., 147 no. larchmont, will close in August. 29. In addition to Larchmont, the Playa Vista and West Hollywood studios suspended their spinning classes. The New York-based boutique bike studio has reportedly closed 11 of its 42 locations, according to Bloomberg. opened on the boulevard in 2013.

café parisien, opened by sebastien cornic last december at 244 n. larchmont blvd., in the former meadow space, suddenly closed in mid-August.

Underwood said he regularly attended the cafe’s “happy hour,” but discovered the restaurant was closed and dark in August. 12 when he came to dinner. When contacted, Cornic’s emailed statement read: “Unfortunately, this location did not work out for us. now we will focus on meeting in paris culver city and brentwood. it was a pleasure serving the larchmont community for as long as it lasted.”

Gym and café closures accompany other closures or business moves along the boulevard.

after nine and a half years at larchmont, bluebird was scheduled to close its doors at the end of August. The children’s clothing resale and consignment store was selling brand-name items in good condition at 652 N. Larchmont Boulevard is located on the ground floor of a commercial building on the corner of Melrose Avenue.

Rent had tripled, a manager on site said, after real estate development and investment company mcap partners recently purchased the two-story building for $6.3 million.

According to mcap partners executive vice president alexander massachi, the company plans to keep the original two-story structure, built in 1925, now called larchmont place.

goorin bros. plans to close its doors at 141 n. larchmont boulevard aug. 25, after eight years on the boulevard. another goorin hat store is at 7627 melrose ave.

yes, in 120 n. larchmont blvd., is moving its womenswear inventory online, and the local spot should be closing soon.

the mac cosmetics brand of the estee lauder companies will close its 216 n. larchmont location shortly after moving in over two years ago.

and library, a clothing store at 121 n. larchmont, is in transition, but closed at press time. stay tuned.

chan dara, favorite Thai restaurant for 30 years at 310 n. Larchmont, just north of Beverly, has been closed for several months but is available for rent.

approximately 4,000 sf “prime location adjacent to the village of larchmont” (according to a property listing) is listed at a triple net rent of $14,000 to $14,900 per month.

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The former Heavenly Haute Couture venue at 133 N. is also for rent. larchmont boulevard.


popular restaurant in the village of larchmont, le petit greek, 129 n. larchmont, is shrinking back in size, back to its original size from years ago, we learned in a detailed letter to the editor accompanying this story.

The owner of the restaurant plans to redevelop the northern half back into another retail store.

Rest assured, Greek food and wine will continue to be served in the original venue for years to come, says co-owner nora houndalas.

Similarly, there is a “for rent” sign in the window of the old bonne chance at 146 N. larchmont, next to the lipson pipes. this is part of the former lipson building purchased in 2018 for $23.5 million by christina development, which has significant redevelopment plans to implement after current leases run out.

also, the old real estate and banking office building, just north of vernetti at 227 n. larchmont, remains vacant, as it has been for 10 years.

closing and opening

come to our town, in the old mr. holmes bakehouse space (which followed the old footwear village in that space at 248 n. larchmont).

“larchmont will be part of a larger retail expansion,” rothy spokeswoman anna dore tells us by email from company headquarters in san francisco.

Five rothy’s stores will open this fall: new york, boston, georgetown and two in los angeles, including larchmont and one on melrose ave. started online in 2016, has had a location on fillmore st. in San Francisco.

styles include spiky and sporty ballerinas and are made from recycled water bottles and other reused materials. And they’re machine washable!

also, to welcome you to the great neighborhood is dr. sebastian kverneland. the native norwegian earned his doctorate from usc in 2014. a firm believer in a holistic and personal approach, he works with other health professions in his chiropractic practice. he is located upstairs at ultra body fitness, 828 b n. av. the pitch.

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