How to serve the best dishes: Cafeteria Nipponica hints, tips, and tricks

Think you’ve played enough kairosoft management games to last you a lifetime? think again. cafeteria nipponica is the latest sink from the prolific Japanese developer, putting you in charge of a bustling restaurant chain.

as with all kairosoft games, there is a great deal of depth to be found once you scratch the surface.

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Taking care of a restaurant may not sound as exciting as populating the cosmos in epic astro story, or being part of an epic RPG in dungeon village, but kairosoft’s latest android crack pound still has plenty of secrets for players to discover. discover.

if you need help choosing your dishes and organizing your staff, pocket gamer has provided the following guide and we hope you like it.

You’d do anything for money It’s a lot trickier to handle your cash flow in Cafeteria Nipponica than any in other Kairosoft game, thanks to a couple of key factors.

First of all, whenever January rolls around, be sure to start saving money. Staff payday happens once a year (in April), and if you have a good number of staff members, you might find up to $20,000 coming out of your budget in one fell swoop.

Obviously, if you haven’t prepared for this, you may not be able to do anything for the next few months while you frantically save to pay off your debts. To make sure you don’t get caught in a vicious payment cycle, save some wonga between January and April.

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You can try calculating the annual salary by going to ‘view info’ and ‘staff members’ in the menu, and then adding all the salaries one by one (noting which staff have actually worked and which have not). ), but it’s much easier to just be on your guard and play it safe.

Following the advice above, it’s always a good idea to be prepared in all cases. For example, your team will go looking for ingredients four times a year, but if you don’t have enough money when the time comes, you just can’t go.

With this in mind, it’s a really good idea to always have at least a few thousand dollars saved in your bank account so that if you’re caught off guard, you at least have enough to pay something and don’t. don’t waste the opportunity.

Another benefit of keeping your account continually replenished comes when you buy a new restaurant. the game will automatically open your restaurant, with the items you have in your warehouse and the staff in your break room.

If you don’t have stock or staff waiting, your restaurant will remain empty and no one will visit, costing you valuable time and money. So before you open a new restaurant, hire staff and have them in the break room, ready and willing. same with stock: grab your tables and furniture before you press go.

One area of ​​the game that isn’t fully explained is attracting new customers to your restaurants. each piece of furniture and recipe brings specific types of customers, such as students or seniors.

Here’s the kicker, though: at some point, a window will pop up telling you that a certain type of person (say, a student) is going to be coming into your restaurant on a regular basis. at that point, get rid of anything that draws students in and focus elsewhere.

the student will continue to visit you and now you can also try to attract a different type of person. eventually, if you appeal to a wide range of demographics, your restaurants will be packed.

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use different items and remodel your restaurants through the ‘plans’ menu to attract the whole crowd and increase your cash flow fast.

There are two angles to approaching recipe creation: you can augment your current batch or mix ingredients to form new ones.

When you first start the game, it’s a good idea to try and complete as many new recipes as possible, for the simple fact that most early recipes are horrible, while later recipes start out with decent stats.


Whenever your cook finishes a recipe, go to your cookbook and find a recipe you haven’t tried yet. check the ingredients you need, and if you don’t have them, go to ‘buy ingredients’ in the menu and see if the store has them.

once you find a recipe that you have the ingredients for (or can buy the ingredients for), select it. after a while you should find that you will research much better recipes with much better stats.

Be sure to note that expansions for restaurants do not follow restaurants to new locations. that is, if you expand a restaurant and then move it to a new location, you will have a small space in the new area, instead of the expanded one.

however, if you later build a new restaurant on that original location, that one will come already expanded. with this in mind, it’s not really worth expanding the restaurant you get in the first area, as you’ll be moving from there quite abruptly.

Finally, when given the option to hire a Super Chef, be sure to offer them more money as a bribe, rather than a raise. salary will stay forever, while cash is just a short-term loss.

Also note that even if the Super Chef crosses the finish line, he can still cross it again before time runs out, so throw him a couple more wads of cash when the timer is ticking down. final. just in case.

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