William Levy confiesa las dificultades a las que se enfrentó con su papel en ‘Café con aroma de mujer’

william levy has a great professional career behind him but, without a doubt, his role as sebastián vallejo in café con aroma de mujer has catapulted him to fame and has given it the worldwide recognition it enjoys today. and although on screen it seems that his role in the soap opera was made to measure for him, it was not an easy job and it became a challenge for the actor. the artist has managed to captivate millions of people with this interpretation, but had to fight a lot, both personally and professionally, to be able to measure himself in the shoes of the businessman coffee tree.

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William Levy confiesa la lucha que tuvo con su célebre personaje de Café con aroma de mujerVER GALERÍA

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“Sebastián has been a character with whom, to be honest,from the beginning I had to struggle a lot personally, as an actor too, in various facets. Because he was a bit difficult to understand for me personally“, confessed the protagonist of sortilegio in an interview with insouth magazine. an effort that the 42-year-old actor believes that the spectators have been able to perceive: “I think the public has seen it“, the interpreter of the storm proudly stated.

sebastián vallejo is a bit complex and I believe that those decisions he has made, also in his life, have led him to make everything complicated in this way” but, little by little Little by little, the path of his character “is unfolding in favor of the public and what the public always wanted to see,” said the artist, who is currently in Spain recording Monte Cristo, his first project in our country

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but, above all, and despite the difficulties, william levy will always be grateful for all the support and affection of the fans who have managed to turn a coffee with the aroma of a woman into a worldwide phenomenon . the balance that he makes of his time in this fiction could not be more positive. “It was a very nice experience. I had never worked in Colombia before, so, being there with the people in Colombia, sharing with them the productions there… it was something new but exciting strong>. I had a great time. It was a very nice story, very well written“, explained the interpreter in an interview for the program at home with Telemundo.

William Levy confiesa la lucha que tuvo con su célebre personaje de Café con aroma de mujerVER GALERÍA

shooting the soap opera was something very special for the protagonist of care with the angel and he really enjoyed the process, but there is one thing he misses above the rest of the recording time and his stay in the South American country: “Colombia fell in love. The coffee axis is an incredible thing, I was there and I felt a lot of peace, surrounded by such beautiful people, so kind. Every day, what I miss the most is waking up with the views and having my coffee “, he affirmed nostalgically.

William Levy confiesa la lucha que tuvo con su célebre personaje de Café con aroma de mujerVER GALERÍA

what is his character like in coffee with the aroma of a woman

william levy plays sebastián vallejo, a young colombian who lives in new york and returns to his homeland after the death of his father, don octavio, owner of one of the most important coffee plantations in the country. There, he meets gaviota (laura londoño), one of the collectors of the farm with whom he ends up madly in love . but their love story with him will not be easy since the businessman’s family will try by all means to break their love.


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