Café Bustelo In Your Aeropress

A rich, smooth cup of dark roast coffee is heaven for most coffee drinkers. Whether hot or iced, enjoyed first thing in the morning, or as a small dessert, delicious coffee is one of life’s pleasures.

can you get this java enjoyment when brewing bustelo coffee in your aeropress coffee maker? a growing number of coffee lovers enthusiastically say yes!

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check out our take on a combination of these two brands, café bustelo and aeropress, both of which have a passionate following. how well they combine

airpress 101

If you’re not already a fan of the aeropress, here’s a brief explanation of this expertly crafted coffeemaker. Invented by engineer Alan Adler, the AeroPress produces a superior cup of coffee by steeping coffee beans in water inside a cylinder, then forcing the coffee through a filter.

The aeropress is known for getting the most flavor out of the coffee beans through the pressure created in its cylinder. It’s also easy to transport, making the AeroPress a favorite for travelers who take their coffee seriously.

what is coffee bustelo?

coffee bustelo is one of the most popular coffees in the world. A Cuban-style espresso, Cafe Bustelo is loved for its bold flavor and affordable price. Cuban-style coffee is strong and rich, making it a wonderful choice for an espresso or adding to coffee drinks. Anything from a basic Americano to lattes and iced coffees gets a flavor boost from coffee bustelo.

Made from 100% Arabica beans, Bustelo coffee offers plenty of flavor at an affordable price. Cafe Bustelo is easily found in the coffee aisle of most supermarkets, as well as online, and a variety of grinds are available.

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You can even get canned cafe bustelo latte, but true coffee lovers will want to make this Latino blend themselves for the aroma and flavor.

Café bustelo brews well in different types of coffee makers, French press to drip, but the aeropress coffee maker excels at getting the most flavor out of this blend.

what makes bustelo coffee a great match for your aeropress?

Coffee fans have recommended bustelo coffee for aeropress brewing on amazon, with one hailing it as “the best cup of coffee ever.”

They say that two tablespoons of Bustelo coffee comes out rich, dark and thick, perfect for enjoying on its own or adding to coffee drinks like cappuccinos and lattes. it is ideal for iced coffee as it is rich enough to withstand dilution with ice and milk.

espresso flavor

aeropress admits that its coffee is not a true espresso since it is not brewed under pressure like in an espresso machine. even so, its flavor is similar to espresso, especially when preparing dark roasts such as bustelo coffee. You can also use dark coffee brewed in AeroPress coffee makers in a variety of coffee drinks.

Preparing bustelo coffee in an aeropress is a much cheaper option than using an espresso machine.

will i enjoy coffee bustelo?

If you wonder if coffee bustelo will be to your liking, our answer is “it depends”.

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To drink Bustelo Black coffee, you have to be a lover of dark and bold espresso. If those blends are your favorite, then you will love Bustelo coffee and find it comparable to Lavazza and other espresso blends on the market. Its budget price, usually slightly above the house of Folger and Maxwell, will make you a fan.

Café bustelo makes a great espresso as its Cuban flavor resists dilution without becoming too weak. Bustelo coffee is also delicious iced and will keep its flavor even when the ice melts.

If you like a less strong cup of coffee, try making a bustelo latte.

Café bustelo is smooth, but has a bold flavor. If light roast coffee blends with milder flavors are your favorite varieties, Bustelo coffee may not be the right choice for your aeropress.

still undecided? check out our coffee bustelo review.

bustelo coffee in your aeropress

By now, you’re probably ready to order a block of bustelo coffee to try in your aeropress. You’ll get a lot of coffee flavor (sabor de café in Spanish) at an affordable price, and if you love to drink coffee, that’s a magical combination.

Our recommendation is to try this mix. Cafe Bustelo can turn you into a Cuban coffee drinker, and that bright yellow Cafe Bustelo coffee can can become a fixture in your kitchen cabinets.

happy caffeine!

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