The Best Book Cafes in NYC

Wander the streets and neighborhoods of New York and you’ll come across some of New York’s most quaint cafes, brimming with an eccentric attitude that highlights the city’s vibrant lifestyle. however, for true bibliophiles, nothing will do but a new york book cafe serving delicious bites in an environment that exudes bookish charisma. Packed with plenty of reading material and offering mouth-watering culinary delights, here are five new york book cafes you should visit on your next trip to the big apple.

Molasses Books

If you ever thought books were only good for reading, think again. Molasses Books is a trendy secondhand bookstore in Brooklyn, New York, with a beautiful coffee shop that allows customers to trade books in exchange for coffee, beer, or wine. don’t expect anything fancy here, as the focus is on bookselling and affordability, with a few wooden chairs and tables, friendly service, and a bookish atmosphere that draws die-hard bibliophiles to the molasses day after day. For those who continually feel hungry, there are cookies, cupcakes, and a fine collection of literary gems available to feed both your body and mind.

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address: 770 hart st, brooklyn, new york 11237

milk and roses

A culinary experience that warms the cockles of the heart, in an environment that oozes a bookish temperament, Milk and Roses ranks among New York’s best restaurants and book cafes. the interiors of the establishment are perfect. there’s a whole wall of books and a patio to enjoy the sunny weather while flipping through a coffee table read and sipping on fancy cocktails like melody nelson, queen bee’s knees, and perla peruana, a pisco italia combo , absinthe, mint and lime. the brunch menu at milk and roses is particularly popular with unlimited mimosas for one hour. instead, the dinner service has excellent preparations such as long island duck breast, homemade ravioli and grilled prawns, to satisfy the most avid food lovers.

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address: 1110 manhattan ave, brooklyn, new york 11222

coffee with books

cafe con libros is a book cafe in new york with a focus on feminist literature. the environment, therefore, is exceptionally open and welcoming, creating a space that is relaxed and mentally stimulating at the same time. While the book collection here is uniquely novel in its approach and perfect for those who like to expand and challenge their reading habits, the cafe menu is standard with Irving Farm cakes, teas and coffees. Inside, the bookstore has a homey vibe with limited furnishings, cute bay window seats, exposed brick walls, and shelves full of fantastic reads. If you like to sip coffee surrounded by exotic, thought-provoking books that celebrate girl power, Coffee with Books will seduce you to infinity.

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address: 724 prospect pl, brooklyn, new york 11216

marker room

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The Bookmark Room, on the rooftop of the Library Hotel, is the go-to spot in all of New York for a book date, whether it’s a hot bestseller or someone just oh-so-madly in love with books like you. When it comes to booking new york cafes, or in this case a “bar”, bookmarks lounge offers its customers a few different options. there’s the plush yet intimate indoor seating with a fireplace and the refreshing patio with views of the city. however, the most demanded is the glass greenhouse that works during the different seasons of the city. As part of a book-themed hotel, the highlights of any visit to bookmarks are its cheese plates, truffled popcorn, flatbread pizzas, and must-have signature cocktails with literary names, like hemingway with rum. and champagne, and the pulitzer with gin and elderflower schnapps.

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address: 299 madison ave #14, new york, ny 10017

anything goes

if you look at most bookstore cafes in new york, they tend to have a limited menu, mostly consisting of quick bites along with tea and coffee. Still, possibly vying for one of the most unique bookstores in the world, the menu is a book lover’s delight with healthy bowls including kale, wraps, soups, and fresh bagels on offer. . While tea and coffee come in their standard avatars, customers have the added option of trying the shop’s homemade organic lemonade or delicious bee pollen smoothies as well. Anything Goes markets itself as a “neighborhood and coffee scene” and has a beautiful open layout with ample seating and space for performances or art exhibits, plus shelves lined with multi-genre books. Best of all, if nostalgia is something you enjoy, this trendy New York book cafe is also home to a collection of secondhand CDs, vinyls and VHS tapes.

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address: 208 bay st, staten island, new york 10301

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