What to Eat with Coffee (Morning, Noon, or Night)

Whether it’s espresso, latte or cappuccino, a hot cup of coffee is sure to brighten your day. It’s not just a breakfast drink, you can have it any time of the day!

Although it’s nice to enjoy coffee alone, it’s much better with a partner. and today I have 16 wonderful coffee combinations for you.

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These foods are not only filling and delicious, but they’ll also make you smile!

1. coffee cake

coffee on coffee? why not! coffee cakes are sweet, soft, fluffy and give you that extra boost to get you going in the morning.

Whether you eat it on the side of your coffee or dip it into your drink, you can’t go wrong. this double dose of coffee goodness is perfect for when you’re feeling more indulgent.

2. donuts

This one is for the sweet tooth! There’s a reason coffee and donuts are such an iconic pairing: they taste ridiculously good together.

it’s true that having donuts for breakfast is not the healthiest idea. but, admit it, there’s nothing like dunking that sugar-glazed donut into a hot cuppa joe.

and it’s not like you’re doing this every day, right? Have this sinful partner on a day where I desperately need you to pick me up and enjoy!

3. rolls

Another breakfast staple that pairs perfectly with coffee. i love how dipping a bagel in coffee makes it so much softer and easier to chew. They really are the perfect couple.

Whether it’s a sweet or savory bagel, neat or with toppings, it tastes even better with a hot cup of coffee.

4. dark chocolate

This is the perfect pair when you want something sweet and comforting. If you’ve never tried it, now is the perfect time. the slight bitterness and sweetness of dark chocolate beautifully enhance the flavor of the coffee.

You know what I love to do with my dark chocolate? I dilute a few pieces of them in my coffee for a delicious coffee mocha.

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the sweetness, the decadence! if you can’t decide between a hot chocolate or a coffee, this is for you.

5. scrambled eggs

You don’t need anything fancy for a hearty, satisfying breakfast. scrambled eggs and coffee are more than enough to fill you up and prepare you for the day ahead.

I’m sure you have your own version of making the fluffiest, creamiest scrambled eggs out there. but why not try some new recipes for a change?

there are so many options, including from gordon ramsay, martha stewart, and even trisha yearwood.

6. pancakes

but if you fancy a fancy breakfast, how about something French? crepes are like pancakes but thinner and make wonderful containers for sweet or savory fillings.

whether filled with blueberry jam or filled with ham and cheese, coffee will always pair perfectly with crepes.

7. waffles and pancakes

Here are two breakfast staples that are always a big hit in my household: waffles and pancakes. they are sweet, fluffy and smell amazing.

You can top them off with sweet syrup, bananas, butter, or bacon. and when you take it in the morning with a hot cup of coffee? phenomenal.

8. tiramisu

here’s another sweet dish that’s great for dessert or a snack: tiramisu and coffee. the tiramisu has espresso in it, so its flavor pairs well with coffee. It’s a guaranteed success!

9. peanut butter and banana sandwich

ahh, peanut butter and bananas. Whoever came up with the idea of ​​combining these two items and turning them into a sandwich filling is pure genius.

what if you drink it with coffee? My god, it’s pure happiness.

10. banana walnut bread

and speaking of bananas, how about some sweet banana walnut bread? it is soft, moist and so delicious.

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imagine yourself eating a slice and drinking a cup of coffee early in the morning, isn’t that absolutely fantastic?

11. cupcakes

Muffins are another quick bread that is sure to satisfy that hunger! but whether it’s a blueberry fudge or a savory cheese muffin, it won’t taste as good without coffee.

so when you get a bagel or two from your favorite bakery, don’t forget to order a cup of coffee.

12. salty snacks

Looking for a lunchtime combo? salty sandwiches with coffee make a great pairing!

whether stuffed with ham, salami, sausage or corned beef, a tasty sandwich with a hot cuppa will never disappoint.

Not in the mood for anything meaty? how about a grilled cheese sandwich? it’s crunchy, rich, flavorful, and tastes so much better when paired with coffee.

13. chocolate cake

Don’t judge me, but this is my personal favorite. there’s just something about chocolate and coffee that makes them such an amazing couple!

if you’re like me, sweeten your afternoon with a rich and delicious chocolate cake. and then, drink some hot coffee to complete the delicious treat.

14. cookies

biscotti is the best coffee pairing. You can’t eat biscotti without coffee. you just can’t.

biscotti doesn’t just crave coffee, he needs it. without coffee, you’ll get a super hard cookie! but if you let that cookie absorb that aromatic liquid, every bite will be absolute bliss.

15. bacon

because who in the world can say no to bacon? I certainly can’t, even when I’m on a diet!

Bacon already tastes great on its own, but pairing it with coffee will give you complementary flavors that are too good not to try.

16. cupcakes

This is one of my favorite treats to have after lunch or dinner. just imagine: a hot and sweet brownie while you sip a cup of creamy coffee. it’s the perfect ending to a long day.

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