20 Coolest Surf Coffee Table Books

coffee table books!! Ah, they have come to serve as a signifier, providing a perfect insight into an individual’s inspiration and creative interests, as well as contributing to the ambience of the place to make it look more elegant.

If you love surfing as much as I do, then having some coffee table books on surfing would be a lifesaver for you.

Reading: Best surf coffee table books

as you flip through the pages of the surf coffee table book, the stunning and beautiful photographs will immerse you and take you back in time enjoying the waves.

surf coffee table books also help keep your guests entertained and start conversations.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for an outdoorsman, you can never go wrong with my collection of coffee table surf books. I’ve rounded up my 20 absolute favorite surf coffee table books and I hope you like them as much as I do.

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summary: beautiful surf coffee table books

1. swell: a year of waves

as surfers, we try to make the waves our own. we catch them, ride them, name them, and sometimes fiercely protect them.

No matter our relationship to the ocean, it won’t change the fact that the waves are wild and no two are alike. However, waves have a certain pattern of behavior and swell – A Year of Waves captures that essence in stunning wave photography.

The book shows four different waves from around the world and traces their journey to the seashore. This is the ultimate ocean coffee table book with powerful images of hundreds of waves frozen in time.

dimensions: 9.25 x 0.75 x 10 inches

2. surf shack

I think the surf shacks are pretty cool and when I’m riding the waves, they’re my abode to rest between sessions.

if you love shacks too, you can take a peek inside the homes of lifelong enthusiasts through the vibrant photographs of design details in the surf shack book.

this surf coffee table book takes you on a colorful tour of some of the coolest and most unique shacks on the planet. is one of the most beautiful design and decoration surf shack books to own or give as a gift.

dimensions: 8.29 x 1.22 x 11.27 inches

3. the history of surfing

the history of surfing is the ultimate surf coffee table book that tells a definitive history of surfing, surfers, and beach culture.

the book with a collection of information, amazing photos and anecdotes make it the best and perfect travel coffee table book.

This is a book you will read and reread for a long time.

The author knows more about surfing than anyone else on the planet and has created an unprecedented history of the sport in an authoritative, funny and original voice that includes the book’s 250 rare photographs.

dimensions: 9.5 x 1.75 x 11 inches

4. salt & silver: traveling, surfing, cooking

salt & Silver is an absolutely useful and interesting surf coffee table book. combines travel and surf stories along with recipes from central and south america.

The authors traveled far and wide to create this amazing book. you will find the best surf breaks, some stories from local surfers and recipes from each area.

From delicious Cuban street food to Chilean cuisines, this coffee table book contains 90 regional recipes, more than 250 stunning photographs, and a wide range of tips.

This makes it one of the best outdoor adventure books for any surfer, traveler, or cook. If you’re looking for outdoor gifts for women, then Salt & it is silver.

dimensions: 8.3 x 1.1 x 11.2 inches

5. 1960s surf photography & 1970

this surf coffee table book gives the effect of a time capsule, bringing back an era that resonates in shades of technicolor and black & white. The coffee table cover is also distinctive, being cloth bound.

The appearance of the book is great and the perfect decoration for your coffee table.

The book contains the most vibrant surf photography from the 1960s and ’70s era, from the perfect wave at San Onofre to the dramatic crashes off Oahu’s famous North Shore.

This book also offers insight into the surfer lifestyle, from stomping surfers and fanatics at surfing contests to woody vans loaded with boards. With the iconic imagery, the book embodies the free-spirited nature of the time.

dimensions: 6.77 x 9.44 inches

6. surfers blood

Blood of Surfers tells the universal story of people who share a deep connection to the sea through the beautiful collection of seascapes, wave surf portraits and action shots.

as you flip through this surf coffee table book you will see the most intense, glamorous and scary aspects of surfing along with moments of stillness, beauty and serenity.

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This book reaches out to those die-hard surfers and connects them to a great family through an honest and beautiful portrayal of their sport and culture, while also giving outsiders a glimpse into the intense, raw world of surfing.

All in all, this is one of the best surf coffee table books for getting to know the sport well.

dimensions: 10.29 x 0.7 x 10.31 inches

7. the aloha shirt: spirit of the islands

You might think the Hawaiian shirt is just a lasting souvenir that tourists return from Hawaii with, but you’d be wrong.

this beach coffee table book is my best book ever as it covers the rich history of the Hawaiian shirt and how it came to be the cultural icon it is today.

the aloha t-shirt: the spirit of the islands is beautifully illustrated with hundreds of fantastic images, interviews, newspaper and magazine archives and personal memorabilia, capturing the vibe of the t-shirt.

The book is a fascinating chronicle of the world’s love affair with Hawaii and the fun of sailing.

dimensions: 8 x 1.5 x 11.1 inches

8. surf craft: surfboard design and culture

anyone interested in design or surfing can’t help but be charmed by this beautiful surf coffee table book.

With its 150 stunning, high-quality images of the boards on display along with the history of the evolution of surfboard designs, this book is an absolute delight.

From the old-fashioned traditional Hawaiian board to no-frills boards engineered with mathematical precision, to the store-bought longboards popularized by the 1959 surf movie, board design reflects both aesthetics and history.

dimensions: 10.31 x 0.91 x 11.31 inches

9. the california surf project

The California Surf Project is a stunning, fully illustrated surf coffee table book that tells the story of two surfers who took the trip of their lives down the California coast.

chris, a celebrated surf photographer, and eric, a professional surfer, packed up their volkswagen bus and traveled from the oregon border to the tijuana swamps. here they surf perfect waves, camp with strangers and discover all that the legendary coastline has to offer.

With over 200 beautiful photos, moving text, and a half-hour DVD, relive the incredible journey of the authors.

the california surf project is one of the best travel coffee table books and you must have one.

dimensions: 10.13 x 1 x 10.38 inches

10. Amazing Waves – Amazing Surf Photos

Amazing Waves: Amazing Surf Photos is a beautiful, unique and stunning book of coffee table surf photography that captures the majesty of the world’s most impressive waves.

The book is a collection of the best work of 20 of the best surf photographers and has the most spectacular shots of big waves that are both tempting and dangerous.

This book also has essays on the timeless allure of perfect waves and the forces that create them, plus a discussion of current trends in surf photography.

If you have a surfer friend who loves photography, this book is the perfect gift for him.

dimensions: 8.63 x 0.75 x 11.13 inches

11. slide your brains out

slide your brains out surf coffee table book is a compilation of campbell’s incredible surf photography work spanning nearly two decades.

Thomas Campbell is a prolific artist, photographer, and filmmaker who began documenting surf culture in the late 1990s, and this book proves it.

This book also offers photography tips from photographers in the skate press. This coffee table book makes a great gift for the surfer enthusiast in your life.

dimensions: 6.75 x 9.75 inches

12. surf photography from the 70s

1970s surf photography is a colorful portrait of 1970s surf culture. This surf coffee table book has amazing photography that showcases the pre-commercialized 1970s era of surfing.

colors and black & The white photos shown here were taken throughout California on the coasts of Baja, Laguna Beach, Dana Point, Malibu, La Jolla, San Clemente, and Oahu.

Therefore, they paint a vivid picture of the united culture and the incredible athletic feats of its heroes and heroines. A must-have coffee table book to create a vintage atmosphere in your home.

dimensions: 12.01 x 0.71 x 9.65 inches

13. the life and love of the sea

The Life and Love of the Sea is a compilation of images from the world’s leading marine and nature photographers that will take you on a stunning visual journey through the great diversity of the ocean.

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The book also provides tips on the latest underwater photography techniques.

This #1 bestselling photography book will take you on a journey to spectacular coastlines, barrier reefs, and island chains.

Featuring incredible images of the ocean’s fascinating inhabitants, the book also includes scannable qr-coded images from award-winning underwater videographer steven hathaway.

dimensions: 12.5 x 1 x 12.5 inches

14. surf shacks: an eclectic compilation

Whether you’re into the surf lifestyle or not, Surf Shacks: An Eclectic Compilation is a great surf coffee table book to add to your library.

With a clean, modern design mixed with an enhanced personal touch, it’s a wormhole in the power of having and practicing a passion.

This coffee table book illustrates how surfers live both onshore and offshore, taking a closer look at their homes and artistic habits. Through stories, photos and conversations, Surf Shacks reveals a more personal side of surfing.

dimensions: 9.75 x 1.31 x 11.25 inches

15. High Tide: A Surf Odyssey

chris burkard, a celebrated photographer of the surfing world, takes you on a journey from just south of the arctic circle to the roaring 1940s, with tropical fun in between through brilliant photography in the book High Tide: A surfing odyssey.

When you flip through the pages of this beautiful travel coffee table book, you’ll feel breathtaking landscapes, remote and desolate places, the highest waves and the most spectacular jumps sitting on your sofa.

dimensions: 10 x 1.35 x 12.35 inches

16. be the ocean

be the ocean is a must-have beach coffee table book for beach houses, sand towels, and shelves of every ocean-loving soul.

written by two admirers of the sea, the photo book has rustically textured words about living fully, feeling deeply, and embracing the true self.

This is the ultimate coffee table book that shows you how to stay calm and collected. Stand still and you go wild and get lost in a storm.

dimensions: 7.99 x 0.31 x 7.99 inches

17. palm beach

Palm Beach by Aerin Lauder is a book of childhood memories of visiting her grandparents’ house over the winter holidays.

The book highlights old world glamor and new world sophistication through excellent photography.

The coffee table book showcases some of the author’s favorite places, including Nandos’s restaurants, the scenic lake trail, and many beautiful locations. this travel coffee table book provides the history of the iconic destination.

dimensions: 9.8 x 1.3 x 13 inches

18. waves: professional surfers and their world

Waves: Professional Surfers and Their World is one of surf’s best coffee table books, portraying the vibrant celebration of surfers in and out of the water.

Award-winning photographer Gilbert spent four years among the surfing community clicking the most dramatic action shots and compiled them into this book.

This coffee table book includes not only photographs, but also some Q&As and handwritten contributions from leading figures on the scene. waves is an ode to surfing and the men and women who live it every day.

dimensions: 9.35 x 1.2 x 11.3 inches

19. surf like a girl

surf like a girl is a beautiful coffee table surf book and best of me as it shows 30 amazing women making huge waves in the world of surfing.

Packed with stunning photos and inspiring words from professional surfers to entrepreneurs, surf photographers, writers, filmmakers, surf moms and surfboard shapes. stories inspire me a lot.

This book is the perfect gift for women and outdoor surfing enthusiasts.

dimensions: 9.69 x 1.13 x 12.06 inches

20. escape

can’t get over the serene escape coffee table book cover, oh my. The book has amazing images, journal entries, and behind-the-scenes anecdotes that capture life’s happy moments.

From remote islands to major cities, escape captures the spirit of 22 vacation spots in 11 countries that are sure to inspire you to plan your own getaway.

dimensions: 13.5 x 10 x 0.94 inches

These are the top 20 surf coffee table books and I hope you like them. Also, check out my post on National Parks Coffee Table Books and Beach Coffee Table Books.

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