The 7 Best Single-Serve Coffee Makers for a Fresh Cup Every Time

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the nespresso vertuoplus is our top pick because it’s the best single-serve coffee maker for most people. It’s quick, easy, and produces high-quality espresso and pod coffee at the touch of a button. If you need something more affordable, opt for the Hamilton Beach The Scoop Single Serve Coffee Maker, which uses ground coffee and doesn’t require paper filters or pods.

how to buy a single-dose coffee maker


The first factor to take into account when buying a single-dose coffee maker is the type. Do you want a convenient machine that works at the touch of a button, or do you prefer to have a manual coffee maker that gives you control over everything? And if you prefer to brew coffee in individual pods rather than ground coffee, you’ll need to choose a compatible machine.

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cox says that single serve brewers (like those that use pods) are great because they don’t require you to remember recipes or ratios to make a good cup of coffee. They’re also easy to use because they involve much less equipment, unlike other coffee machines that require a grinder, kettle and scale, Cox says.

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Once you’ve figured out what type of machine you prefer, it’s easy to find the best single-serve coffee maker to suit your needs.


manual coffee machines are quite simple, so they usually come without fancy features. automatic machines, however, often have many more bells and whistles, such as the ability to make hot water or froth milk. decide if these additional features are important to you and choose a coffee maker based on that.


When shopping for a single-serve coffee maker, think about the space available in your kitchen. If surfaces and storage spaces are limited, choose a coffee maker that takes up less space. some are compact enough to store in a drawer, while others have slim profiles so they can sit flush with walls and appliances. there are even some single-serve machines that can make a full cup of coffee too, which is perfect for those days when you have guests over.

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can you use a single serve coffee maker to make hot water?

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Some coffee makers have a dedicated hot water feature, but not all do. From this list, the Cuisinart Premium Single-Serve Coffeemaker and the Ninja Dualbrew Pro Specialty Coffee System are two machines that can dispense hot water. other pod-style machines can produce hot water without inserting a pod, but you may notice a coffee aftertaste.

how often should you clean a single serve coffee maker?

For most single-serve coffeemakers, a deep cleaning about every three months should be enough to remove coffee grounds and mineral buildup that would affect the machine’s performance. manual coffee makers often require more frequent, but less intense, cleaning.

how do you clean a single serve coffee maker?

Specific cleaning instructions vary from brand to brand, but most machines should be descaled with a cleaning solution or vinegar. vinegar also works to remove buildup in aeropress and chemex, both of which can be put in the dishwasher on the top rack. You can also check out our guide on how to clean a keurig for tips.

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This article was written by Morgan Goldberg, a contributing writer with seven years of editorial experience in interior design, food, and travel spaces. To put together this list, she spent hours researching the best single-serve coffee makers and narrowed down the options based on type, brew size, features, and more. To get the inside scoop, she spoke with Kyle Glanville, CEO and co-founder of Go Get ‘Em Tiger; ally walsh, co-founder of canyon coffee; and Colby Cox, coffee roaster at Atlas Coffee Club.

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