Quiet Coffee Grinders That Wont Wake Up The House

If you want the freshest coffee possible, you need to grind it yourself. Unfortunately, most coffee grinders are so loud that you could wake up the whole neighborhood as soon as you turn them on. while a hand grinder may be a bit quieter, most models are still quite loud.

To ensure you get a high-quality cup of coffee without disturbing everyone in your house, we’ve compiled a list of the top seven silent grinder models. We’ll also break down how to choose a quiet coffee grinder so you can make the best choice for your needs.

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best silent coffee grinder: krups silent vortex grinder

Our pick for the best quiet coffee grinder is the Krups Silent Vortex Grinder, primarily due to its super-quiet operation and versatility to grind more than just coffee beans. we think you’ll really like this one.

the 7 best models of silent coffee grinders

krups silent vortex grinder

Krups grinders are very powerful machines that make it easy to prepare the perfect cup in the morning. The silent vortex is one of the quietest coffee grinders because it has built-in insulation to reduce loud noise. plus, it’s super fast and efficient, which comes in handy when you’re on the go. That said, as a blade grinder, you may not get consistent results every time. If you’re looking for extra-fine coffee grounds, you may need something else.

fast polishing power

According to krups, this grinder can process up to 12 cups of coffee in just 15 seconds. the secret is the vortex spinning technology, which pushes the beans down to the bottom to be pulverized by the blades. realistically, you won’t need to grind that much coffee at once. however, the machine comes with a removable bowl and lid to store any leftover coffee grounds.

super quiet operation

the silent vortex is five times quieter than a standard krups machine. Although it is not a totally silent coffee grinder, it is much quieter than other products we have seen. Overall, if grinding speed and quiet operation are your top two concerns, this grinder is a great choice.


  • grinds 12 cups in 15 seconds
  • five times quieter than a standard krups grinder
  • removable bowl with lid to store coffee
  • dishwasher safe parts
  • vortex spin for more efficient grinding
  • grinds coffee, spices, herbs
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    • On rare occasions, the grinder may burn out at high speeds
    • may not grind beans evenly in large batches
    • ode beer grinder mate

      While a reduced noise level is valuable, you also want a consistent grind with your coffee. There’s nothing better than freshly ground beans that look like they just came from a true coffee pro. the ode companion beer grinder is a bit pricey, but always delivers excellent results.

      11 grinder settings

      Precision grinding is essential for many coffee lovers, especially those who love to prepare multiple blends. With 11 customizable settings, the Companion Ode lets you grind your coffee to your exact preferences. there are 31 steps in total, so you have complete control over the size of your grounds. you can experiment to see which grind selector setting works best for each type of bean.

      professional grade burs

      As a general rule, burr grinders are better for consistent results than blade grinders. The Companion Ode comes with professional-grade 64mm bits, which can take a lot of abuse. You don’t have to worry about having to replace parts for at least a few years. the only drawback is that the burrs can easily catch freshly brewed coffee grounds, so cleaning this grinder can be a challenge.


      • 11 settings with 31 total steps
      • conical burrs for a more consistent grind
      • compact and rugged design
      • perfect for individual cups of coffee
      • one year limited warranty
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        • not useful for large batches of coffee
        • cleaning the grinder is not always easy
        • capresso infinity conical grinder

          Most of the best models of silent coffee grinders use conical steel burrs to offer the best results. While these machines are not as fast as Krups Vortex machines, they do provide excellent grinds that work for all types of coffee. the conical capresso grinder works for multiple cups, so you can brew for yourself and your friends and family.

          easy to clean

          A problem you will find with many coffee grinders, quiet or noisy, is that they are difficult to clean. Since the grounds can get stuck inside the burrs, you have to spend a lot of time scrubbing and rinsing. Some models allow these components to be washed in the dishwasher, but many of them are not suitable for it.

          Fortunately, the Capresso Infinity Burr Grinder has a removable top burr so you can clean it more easily. Although you still have to scrub the tunnel between the hopper and the bin, this conical grinder design is much easier to handle than other similar grinders.

          slow grinding

          This is a quiet coffee grinder in large part because it runs slowly. although you have to wait longer to get your tasty ground coffee, the noise level is much lower than other models. Plus, this slower process eliminates the static charge you may experience with other devices.


          • Durable stainless steel construction
          • 8.8-ounce hopper delivers 4 ounces of ground coffee
          • removable top cutter for easy cleaning
          • adjustable grinding range
          • stainless steel burrs for better consistency
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            • the plastic container is weaker than the rest of the grinder
            • coffee grounds can easily get stuck inside the machine
            • krups precision grinder

              We’ve already seen what a krups blade grinder can do, but now let’s look at the company’s burr grinder option. the precision grinder model is not quite as quiet as the silent vortex (virtually nothing is, as the vortex is potentially the quietest coffee grinder), but this coffee grinder has some features and excellent settings.

              adjustable cup setting

              sometimes you just want to make yourself a cup or two of delicious coffee. other times, you need to make more ground coffee, either for more people or to save for later. The Krups Precision Grinder lets you set your amount beforehand, and it will turn off once you get to that point. This way, you don’t have to worry about damaging the grinder if you run it empty, and you don’t have to pay attention to it all the time. this grinder yields from 2 to 12 cups.

              large hopper

              Eight ounces of beans doesn’t sound like much, but it’s enough to brew at least a dozen cups of coffee. Better yet, you can store all your grains in the hopper and simply grind what you need, thanks to this grinding machine’s fantastic auto shut-off system. Best of all, this grinder has a one-touch operating system, so you can be drinking high-quality coffee in no time.


              • 12 grind settings
              • durable stainless steel construction
              • makes 2 to 12 cups
              • large 8 ounce hopper
              • one-touch operation
              • easy to clean
              • metal burr grinders for better consistency
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                • not as quiet as other models
                • can generate static when grinding
                • oxo conical grinder

                  oxo is a recognized brand of kitchen appliances. The oxo conical burr coffee grinder is an excellent and relatively quiet option that can grind a lot of beans in a short time. this particular model is convenient and precise so you get the best results morning after morning. Thanks to its durable construction, you’ll likely be able to use this grinder for several years without significant issues.

                  one touch start

                  Once you find the perfect grind setting, you don’t want to have to re-enter it every time you process your beans. Fortunately, this grinder has a one-touch start system that remembers your last setting. this way, all you have to do is press the button and you’re good to go. obviously, if you’re trying to grind beans at different levels, this feature isn’t very beneficial. but this button is a significant time saver for people who have a regular morning routine.

                  antistatic container

                  A burr grinder generates a lot of static electricity. When removing your container from the machine, you may receive an electrical shock. sometimes this shock is quite substantial. Fortunately, the oxo grinder has a static resistant container to eliminate this problem. If you’re using the machine for long periods of time, you can still get an electric shock, but you should eliminate static from your normal routine.


                  • Durable stainless steel construction
                  • large hopper holds 0.75 pound of beans
                  • static resistant container for grounds
                  • makes up to 12 cups of ground coffee
                  • fine settings for all types of coffee
                  • one-touch operation keeps your last settings
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                    • some beans can produce too much oil, clogging the grinder
                    • in rare cases, the timer function may suddenly stop working
                    • baratza vario-w grinder

                      A quiet coffee grinder

                      If you really want the best freshly ground coffee beans, you’ll want something like baratza’s vario-w. This commercial-grade grinder works for all situations, but it’s much more expensive than others we’ve seen, so keep that in mind if you’re a more casual coffee drinker.

                      integrated grind sensors

                      One feature that elevates this machine above the rest is the built-in sensors. The first sensor detects the weight of the beans, so it stops grinding as soon as they are finished. this way you can grind exactly as much as you need without overdoing it. you can also program the grinder to stop at a specific weight so you can keep the hopper full at all times.

                      professional grade ceramic burs

                      Although metal burrs are reliable and durable, they generate static electricity and can wear relatively quickly. baratza grinders are made of ceramic to prevent static charges and keep them working well for years to come. best of all, baratza allows you to change your burs once they wear out, so you don’t have to buy a new machine.


                      • professional coffee grinder
                      • each ceramic bur lasts longer than stainless steel
                      • integrated sensors shred by weight
                      • over 200 grind settings
                      • intuitive led display
                      • easy to replace parts
                      • one year limited warranty
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                        • more expensive than other models
                        • in rare cases, the hopper can easily become clogged
                        • javapresse manual coffee grinder

                          Manual grinders are typically quieter than electric models because, with a manual, you have efficient control over the speed and grinding process. so if you’re trying to stay cool and don’t mind a little work, the javapresse manual coffee grinder is a great option.

                          18 manual grind settings

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                          Just because you’re grinding coffee by hand doesn’t mean you have to settle for one grind size. this device allows you to choose between 18 different sizes so that you can always satisfy your coffee preferences.

                          double-plate ceramic burs

                          Once again, ceramic burs are superior to metal burs because they do not generate load and last longer. this manual grinder should be able to withstand years of continuous use before you need to replace it.


                          • Durable stainless steel construction
                          • compact design fits almost anywhere
                          • 18 grind settings
                          • ceramic burs last longer
                          • precision engineering means fewer clogs
                          • quieter than most electric grinders
                          • money back guarantee
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                            • In rare cases, burrs can be offset, leading to inconsistent grinding
                            • some internal parts are made of plastic, which can break under pressure
                            • how to choose a silent coffee grinder

                              We’ve seen a lot of high-quality models on this list, but how can you compare and contrast each one? Here’s a rundown of the different features and benefits to look out for so you can make an informed decision.

                              manual grinder vs. electric

                              As a general rule, an electric coffee grinder is faster and more comfortable, but can be much louder than a manual model. manual grinders work well for travel since they don’t need to be plugged in (and they’re usually smaller). however, they require more exercise and you may not get consistent results, depending on the device and how smoothly you grind your favorite coffee bean.

                              A quiet coffee grinder

                              It may be a good idea to have a manual and an electric coffee grinder so you can choose the right one for each situation. In general, choose electric for speed and large batches of coffee. manual models are better for a single cup of coffee when you need to be quieter or don’t have access to an outlet.

                              blade vs burr grinder

                              A blade grinder is similar to a food processor. These grinders are faster and much more efficient when it comes to preparing ground coffee. the downside, however, is that the grains won’t grind evenly, so you’ll get coarser results no matter what. higher-end blade grinders can mitigate this problem, but in general, these models don’t offer the same consistency as a burr grinder.

                              A key advantage of a blade coffee grinder is that it is easier to clean. Since the blades are not as tight, you can clean them with a damp sponge or towel. A quiet coffee grinder, on the other hand, can catch coffee grounds easily, so you’ll have to spend more time brushing if you don’t have a low-retention coffee grinder.

                              Get a burr grinder if you want the best ground coffee. get a blade grinder if you value high-speed grinding and efficiency more.

                              adjustable grind size

                              if you’re using a french press, you want coarse ground coffee so it can filter more easily. if you’re making Turkish coffee, you want extra-fine ground coffee for a richer, smoother flavor. therefore, the size of your ground coffee is important, depending on the type of coffee you are drinking.

                              If you’re the kind of person who only drinks coffee, you don’t need a grinder with many size settings. however, if you like to mix things up on a regular basis, you’ll want a machine with multiple sizes.


                              Do you plan to make coffee just for yourself or for other people too? some grinders are perfect for individual servings, while others can grind enough to supply an entire office.

                              In addition to how much you can grind at one time, you also need to consider the size of the machine itself. For example, if you have limited kitchen counter space, you may want something compact. Also, will you put the grinder away every time you use it or leave it outside? if you store it, you need to think about the size and weight of the item, especially if you need to put it on a high shelf.


                              If you’re serious about your coffee, it might make sense to buy a higher-end grinder. some models can cost hundreds of dollars, but they generally offer more features and better consistency, making them well worth the investment. however, if you’re looking for something more affordable, you may have to sacrifice more sophisticated features like adjustable grind size for precise adjustments or a larger bean hopper.

                              You should also consider the cost of upkeep and maintenance. for example, how easy is it to clean the grinder? How much time will you have to dedicate to it every day? if a part breaks, can you fix your grinder or do you have to replace the whole machine?

                              final verdict

                              If you are looking for a super quiet and efficient electric coffee grinder, the Krups Vortex Quiet is the best and perhaps the quietest option. this is our favorite coffee grinder on the list.

                              On the other hand, the ode companion beer grinder is a better choice if you want something affordable that offers consistent grinding options. Either way, you’ll get a high-quality product and be able to enjoy perfect, freshly ground coffee every morning.

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