Best pod coffee machine 2022 for great coffee flavour with no messing

The best capsule coffee maker will make your life a little easier. You won’t need to buy and grind your beans yourself, or spend forever preparing your next coffee, and you won’t have to suffer from poor quality results either. The best pod coffee machines speed up the coffee-making process without ruining the flavor.

Of course, some people may not be so convinced by the cost per cup and waste generated by pods, but on the other hand, pod coffee is clearly convenient and with the right purchase option you can use pods recyclable. and create a very drinkable coffee.

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each capsule contains exactly one dose of coffee and most capsules can be recycled, the waste problem with coffee capsules is not as bad as it used to be. Nespresso, for example, has its own recycling service: just fill the bag they give you with your used capsules and mail it in or drop it off at your nearest Nespresso bar. Lavazza, meanwhile, has ditched its original capsule shells in favor of compostable ones. Similarly, companies like Grind are also moving into the Nespresso market, with fully compostable capsules and coffee grown on organic farmland.

If you had to pick one reason why you should buy a pod machine, it would be because you’ll get very consistent results that are notoriously difficult to achieve with standard espresso machines and even most bean-to-cup models. . With a capsule machine, you simply load the capsule, press the button, and a strong jet of cream-covered black gold comes out, just as potent and flavorful as the last.

Keep in mind that if you’re already married to one capsule brand above all others, we have a specific guide to the best nespresso machines, though as you’ll see below and in our report, “what is the best nespresso system for you?” of coffee in capsules? ‘, there are plenty of other winning options and if you’re looking to step it up, we can also point you to the best espresso machines or go big with the best bean-to-cup machines.

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the best capsule coffee machines we’ve tried

the lavazza a modo mio system makes it so much easier to enjoy a cup of italy’s favorite espresso blend at home without the hassle of coffee granules splattering all over the countertop.

This newcomer to the lavazza list is one of podland’s most beautiful looking machines, and that makes it a favorite for kitchens of any design, from country to modern. it also produces some of the best capsule-based espressos that will ever have the pleasure of passing your taste buds.

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The smeg ships with a roomy 0.9 liter water reservoir and a large spent pod container, so you should be able to brew about ten espressos without going to the sink or recycling bin.

It’s also easy to use. Simply lift the chrome hatch, pop in a Lavazza pod (Passionate Mix is ​​best), and hit the short or long shot. It takes only a minute to heat up but the extraction is complete in about 30 seconds; the machine produces about 10 bars of pressure if you are interested.

the smeg is one of the higher priced handsets in the lavazza range by my own, but if you join the lavazza subscription system (opens in a new tab) you can have it delivered to your home for just £1 (a saving of £248).

now read our full review of the smeg lavazza

If you find that standard nespresso capsules are too small to produce a decent dose of caffeine, consider this vertuo machine from magimix. The Nespresso Vertuo Capsule System is completely different from the standard Nespresso Capsule System. for starters, the capsules are almost twice the size and have a completely different shape, so you can’t use a standard nespresso capsule in a vertuo machine, and vice versa.

The best thing about the vertuo system is that it is capable of using different size pods, making it a great option for those who like a variety of coffees throughout the day. there are five capsule sizes in total, from espresso and double espresso to gran lungo, mug and extra large tall.

so what’s so special about this machine? well, it looks good to begin with and comes with a monstrous 1.8 liter water tank that can be placed behind or on either side of the machine depending on counter space. It also has the largest used capsule container on the market: enough for 13 large capsules.

To use, simply tap up on the protruding silver disk and the entire lid will move mechanically. now insert a combination of capsules and the size of your choice and tap the top button. Each capsule comes with its own unique barcode that tells the machine to deliver just the right amount of water and the optimal duration of extraction. Uniquely, the Vertuo system uses centrifugal technology (capsule spins at up to 7,000 rpm) instead of just high-pressure steam water.

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The result is the deepest, thickest, creamiest and silkiest cream you’ve ever had on your lips. Granted, some espresso purists will say that it’s just a foam and not strictly a crema, which is true. however, to me it has the same consistency as genuine cream, only much deeper, like the head of a well-drunk guinness drink.

there are 32 different capsules in the vertuo range, including 11 espressos. I can guarantee that the Espresso Diavolitto is the strongest blend and by far the most satisfying. but if you prefer a weaker mix, there are also plenty to choose from. after all, the goal of this system is to satisfy as wide a variety of tastes as possible. In that sense, the Vertuo system is a winner on most fronts. just note that their capsules start at 43p per capsule.

read our full review of the previous nespresso vertuo plus and see the best nespresso coffee machine deals.

grind (opens in new tab) is a sustainable coffee brand that produces a range of organic coffees in a variety of flavors and strengths, and this is their first capsule espresso machine for nespresso capsules.

Let’s start with the packaging first because the ground comes in a pink box so luxurious that you find yourself petting it for about five minutes before proceeding to the opening ceremony. once inside, eyes meet a square slab of silver that screams class with a capital c. really, along with the completely different looking smeg, this is one of the best espresso makers i have ever seen. It’s truly amazing, from the old-fashioned aircraft-style switches and chunky pod latching lever to the height-adjustable stainless steel cup tray and protruding cluster head dispenser. even the generously large 1.2 liter water container has a rectangular beauty. keep in mind that at 18.6 cm, this machine is wider than most.

To turn on the grinder, you flip a heavy-duty steel switch, then wait a minute or so for it to heat up. then drop a capsule on top, pull the lever down until you feel it click, and select a short or long shot by pressing one of the backlit buttons on the right. you can easily program the duration of extraction that you prefer by keeping one of the buttons pressed until the coffee reaches your ideal point.

the grind one pumps out a powerful, fine nespresso that’s as good as any other machine on this page, but its aesthetics put it much higher on the list, and with good reason. however, being of the manual variety, you’ll need to remember to turn the machine off yourself because it doesn’t have any sort of automatic shut-off mechanism.

grind also produce their own range of nespresso capsules and a beautiful pink tin to store them in. truth be told, the dark roast was too weak for me, but the house blend has a good depth of flavor though it, too, may be too weak for barista-level connoisseurs. The machine, on the other hand, is a great addition to the Nespresso range and is well worth a look if you’re looking for a stylish, retro-styled unit that your guests are sure to take notice of.

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