4 Best Coffee Makers with Direct Water Line Connection 3 Plumbing kits

If you’ve ever had a coffee maker run out of water while brewing, you’ll understand the advantage of connecting directly to your water line. the direct water line coffee maker can be a great option for the home or office, simplifying your life by eliminating the need to refill a water reservoir.

In this review roundup, we’ll cover what to look for when buying a connected coffee maker. We’ll also take a closer look at four main models and consider three direct aftermarket plumbing kits as an alternative.

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how to choose the best coffee maker with a water line

Unlike the selection of ordinary coffee makers, there are surprisingly few options for connecting coffee makers, making it more difficult to find the perfect mix of features. To make sure you find the one that meets your needs, consider whether it’s for home or office use, how many people will use it, what style of coffee they prefer, and your budget strong> purchase, installation and maintenance. but first of all, you have to see if you want a coffee maker with plumbing or maybe a plumbing kit.

connected coffee maker or plumbing kit?

as we said, the selection of electric coffee makers on the market is quite small. this is particularly true for coffee makers for home use rather than commercial use. The main reason for this is that a coffee maker connected directly to a water line offers less flexibility than a typical stand-alone coffee machine, making the target market quite small.

Many consumers will choose to retrofit an existing coffeemaker with an aftermarket plumbing kit rather than pay for an expensive plumbed machine. If you want to go this route, there are plenty of drip coffee makers that we highly recommend, with the cream of the crop being SCAA certified coffee makers. or you can take a look at the best coffee grinder.

the advantages of electric coffee makers

However, if you are within the target market, there are several key advantages to electric coffee makers. the most obvious is the convenience of never refilling the water tank, especially in large homes or offices with many coffee drinkers. this is even more valuable if you use the coffee machine as a hot water supply for tea or soups. In addition to this convenience, you also won’t have to worry about damaging your coffee maker if the water tank runs out.

A small household can also benefit in various ways from a connected coffee machine. First of all, by eliminating the water tank, your coffee maker will be much more compact. Second, it means your brew water doesn’t spend days in the water reservoir, where it can go rancid or, worse, provide a breeding ground for bacteria (1).

Surely no one wants to get sick from their coffee. We also don’t want the image of germs in our heads when we drink coffee.

possible pitfalls

There are also some downsides to this style of coffee maker, which you should be aware of when deciding between a plumbed coffee maker and a plumbing kit. your coffee machine should be located relatively close to your waterline. that is, once you install it, you can’t move it. the actual installation will require both the necessary tools and plumbing skills, so you may want to factor in the higher cost of hiring an expert.

maintenance is another consideration, particularly when it comes to expenses. the additional plumbing makes these coffeemakers more prone to leaks, especially if you opt for a DIY installation. And while a connected coffee machine should work just as well as an alternative, if something goes wrong, it’s more likely to be a serious problem that requires a professional to fix.

Is a plumbing kit a better option?

Buying a coffeemaker designed to connect to a waterline is the best way to ensure it will work as advertised. however, with so few options on the market, chances are you won’t be able to find one of these specially designed machines to fit your lifestyle. in that case, an aftermarket plumbing kit is a great alternative.

The major brands of single serve coffee machines, Keurig and Nespresso, offer plumbing kits that allow many of their machines to be connected to your waterline. Similarly, umjava provides a universal kit that works with most major brands. Using a separate kit to connect your existing coffeemaker to your water supply will save you the cost of a new machine and allow you to maintain a little more flexibility if you change your mind.

how much coffee do you want?

Waterline coffee makers generally come in two styles, either for brewing a single cup of coffee or a carafe. therefore, what you choose should be decided by what you prefer to drink and how you will use it.

individual service

the single serve k-cup machine allows each user to prepare coffee to their liking. Plus, it eliminates much of the mess associated with traditional ground coffee brewing. If you decide on a single-serve coffee machine, you should also consider your options for drink sizes.

some offer a more excellent range than others, especially when it comes to larger sizes such as travel mugs. if you decide to go for a k cup coffee maker, you can also read our review of the best k cup coffees.


Alternatively, you can buy a connected coffee machine that brews one pot of coffee at a time. This is certainly a better option from an environmental point of view, and will probably save you money compared to buying K Cups (2). Although brewing ground coffee isn’t as convenient as using K-cups, it opens up a much wider selection of coffees and can save time if everyone wants to drink the same thing.

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If you opt for a carafe-style coffee maker, consider looking for one with a thermal carafe. these are more durable than glass alternatives and keep coffee hot all day (3).

the 4 best coffee makers with a water line + 3 plumbing kits

Whether you need something for the home or office, something top of the line or something inexpensive, there’s a networked coffee machine waiting to connect to your water line. We’ve rounded up the top four to go over their essential features.

If none of the following coffee makers sound like your cup of tea, consider purchasing a water line plumbing kit instead. These can be connected to a wide range of coffee machines from various brands, greatly expanding your possibilities. we’ve added our top three picks to this list.

The K2500 is part of Keurig’s commercial line of machines. This model replaces the K150p, which was popular with home users and small and medium-sized businesses, thanks to its small size and reasonable price.

Like most keurigs, this machine brews a single cup of coffee at a time using k cups, of which there are hundreds to choose from, including tea and hot chocolate in addition to coffee. From the touchscreen, you can select one of five different brew sizes, from 4 to 12 ounces, and opt for Keurig’s “strong” brew setting if you want a little more oomph.

The K-2500 is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), which uses extensive testing to ensure the coffee machine is rugged, hygienic, and suitable for commercial applications. you can program it to turn on and off automatically and to enter a power saving mode. the drip tray is easily removable for quick cleanup and to fit taller travel mugs.

This machine comes with everything you need to connect directly to the water line right out of the box. A pure water filters filter is also included, so your endless supply of water will taste even better. if you don’t want to plug in the k2500, you’ll need to purchase a separate kit that includes a sizable 110 oz. water reservoir.

With a very low price and size to match, the javapod stacks up as an ideal machine for home use. But don’t count it out if you’re looking for a coffee maker for the office, this slim machine might surprise you.

It just so happens that the manufacturer, drinkpod, also makes office water coolers. If you decide to go with the direct water line, you can connect the JavaPod directly to one of these filters for even better brewing. As a stand-alone coffee maker, the water reservoir holds 45 ounces, which is fine for home use, but would need refilling periodically in an office situation.

With the javapod, you don’t have to choose between k-cups and ground coffee. For added convenience, you can simply insert a K-Cup and start your brew. But if you’re concerned about environmental impact or want to use freshly ground coffee (and who wouldn’t?), a refillable K-cup is included. You can also make a more traditional cup of coffee using the brand’s cup-shaped paper filters, 50 of which are included in the box.

In terms of drink customization, well, there isn’t any. once you have set up your capsule or ground coffee, simply choose the size of your drink. there are buttons for a small cup, travel mug or tumbler, which equals 6, 8 and 10 ounces. brew time clocks in at less than 40 seconds, and the machine will automatically turn off after 60 seconds. Quite energy efficient.

The Keurig K3500 is a large business machine that fits perfectly into the busy office break room, but would probably feel out of place in the average home. This coffee maker has one goal: to serve many people in quick succession. and has several clever innovations to make it possible.

Its easy-to-use touch screen will guide you through the brewing process in one of several languages. there are five options for cup sizes, from 4 to 12 ounces, and you can also adjust the temperature and brew strength. This degree of customization, coupled with the fact that it’s brewed using the increasingly popular k-cups, ensures that each individual can make cups of coffee as unique as they are.

the k3500 has two internal water tanks, ensuring you always have hot water ready for continuous use. For coffee lovers who are always in a hurry, this is ideal for quick and efficient brewing during those short breaks at the office.

This nsf certified coffee maker has clean lines and a sleek design that, when combined with the full color touch screen, gives it a tasteful, modern look that’s ideal for a formal place of business.

Although it is designed to connect to a water line, the kit needed to do so comes separately. don’t forget to take this into account when considering your budget.

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The Bunn My Cafe MCO is another product geared towards the commercial market, with some novel features that set it apart from the Keurig K3500, which is similar in size and price.

Like the Keurig, it’s a single-serve coffee maker that uses K-cups to ensure each user gets the drink they want. It is controlled by an intuitive touch screen interface, allowing custom brew settings for coffee, tea, hot chocolate and hot water dispensing.

Offers a wider variety of cup sizes, from 4-ounce to 16-ounce extra-large cups, and you can adjust brew sizes in quarter-ounce increments. A variety of sizes, combined with a flip-out tray to accommodate a variety of cup sizes, makes it easy to brew a full travel mug or thermos of coffee at once if you want to sip something at your desk all day.

In-house, this nsf-certified machine employs a unique water-jet extraction process and industry-recognized ideal brew temperatures to ensure quality results in your cup (4). after brewing, the coffee machine automatically ejects the used coffee capsule into a waste container that can hold 25 spent capsules at a time.

As soon as you eject the used pod, the mco is ready for another brew cycle. in fact, this machine can make 60 cups of coffee per hour! amazing, right?

by the way, this is where we review the best bunn coffee makers.

k filter is the kit you need to connect any of the above keurig machines to a water line, and also allows you to connect other keurig coffee makers including the b150, k150, b155, k155, b155p, k155p, b200, k200 , b3000, b3000se.

This kit is more than just tubes and valves; Includes a water filter from PureWater, one of the most trusted names in the industry. Because coffee is 98% water, the quality of the water makes a big difference in the flavor of the brew (5), so it’s best to use distilled or filtered water.

The filter is made of porous activated carbon, which removes chlorine, tastes and odors, and a wide range of toxic organic chemicals from the water (6). you should plan to replace it about twice a year.

There is also a polyphosphate scale inhibitor, which is certified as food-grade safe by the nsf. The inhibitor prevents scale build-up in your coffee maker, prolonging its life and saving you the hassle of frequent descaling.

purewater also makes a plumbing kit designed to work with most non-commercial nespresso machines. Because it is connected through the existing water reservoir, it is compatible with many models including Inissia, Pixie, Vertuo, VertuoPlus, Vertuoline, Evoluo, Essenza Mini, Citiz, Lattissima, Creatista and Maestria. if you’re an espresso lover, this is a great option because none of the specially designed plumbed coffee makers we reviewed make espresso.

As with the Keurig Kit, this one includes the necessary plumbing materials and a water filter, ensuring you’re brewing your coffee using only healthy, clean-tasting water. It’s easy to install and most homeowners should be able to do it without the help of a plumber. you also get illustrated instructions and free phone support is available to guide you through every step.

The Umjava is a universal water line kit that can connect almost any coffee machine to your refrigerator’s water line through the coffee maker’s water reservoir, including Keurig and Nespresso machines.

This is by far the cheapest and easiest way to plumb your coffee maker, but it won’t work in every kitchen because it doesn’t connect directly to the plumbing. instead, it requires a refrigerator with an icemaker or an under-sink reverse osmosis system to connect.

The umjava kit is incredibly easy to install, requiring only 15 minutes and a few essential tools to meet these criteria. once installed, the refill valve mounts cleverly under a cabinet, where it’s easily accessible and out of sight.

the verdict

Whether you work in a busy office with many coffee drinkers or simply want to ensure fresh water for every brew, there are plenty of good reasons to opt for a waterline coffee machine.

Our main recommendation for 2020 is the keurig k150p. This stylishly designed and affordable model has enough capacity for a medium-sized business, but wouldn’t be out of place in a home kitchen. the full color touch screen makes it easy to use and provides enough customization options to satisfy all coffee drinkers.

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