The Best Single Serve Coffee Makers to Eliminate Coffee Waste

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what to look for in a single-serve coffee maker


Many opt to go the single-serve route for the convenience of one-touch coffee. it’s quick, easy and makes the same cup of coffee every time. But you can also find single-serve coffeemakers that brew a variety of beverages, serve multiple cup sizes, and offer a combination of convenient features. Deciding what level of versatility you want is a great first step in the buying process.

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pods or lees

Many single-serve machines accept both ground coffee and coffee pods, but sometimes you may have to choose one or the other. pods are quicker and easier, but they don’t compete with the flavor of freshly ground beans. your final decision might come down to whether you prefer the convenience of pods or the flavor of beans.


A large machine is likely to make a permanent home on your counter, while a small machine can be easily moved in and out of storage. medium machines can be moved if you need counter space. consider how much space you have, as well as how portable you’d like your machine to be.

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frequently asked questions

What types of coffee can pod brewers brew?

Drip-style coffee is the most common type made by single-serve brewers, ie from a keurig device, but the options don’t end there. French presses, pour-overs, and percolators are also available on a single serve basis. Some machines, including those listed above, have the versatility to brew single cups of drip coffee and other caffeinated beverages like espresso, lattes, or cappuccinos.

Can coffee pods be recycled?

With so many single-serving coffee makers relying on single-serving pods and pods, it pays to learn the ins and outs of recycling. In 2020, Keurig announced that its K-Cups were 100% recyclable after the company began producing them with polypropylene (#5 plastic), though you’ll need to confirm locally, as they’re not accepted in all communities. As for Nespresso, another popular capsule-based brand, its aluminum capsules can also be recycled. Nespresso simplifies the process by offering free capsule recycling bags that can be dropped off (also free) at any UPS location or Nespresso boutique. Bags contain up to 200 Originalline capsules or 100 Vertuoline capsules.

If your single-serve coffee maker uses a different type of coffee pod, check with the manufacturer to see if it can also be recycled. Most brands post recycling information online or include it in instruction manuals.

what are “soft capsules”?

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Softgels are small paper-covered disks designed to brew one cup of coffee each. they are usually sealed in individual wrappers to keep them fresh. Many different brands make soft pods, which means they are compatible with a variety of coffee makers, including those made by Bunn, Hamilton Beach, Black & cover, and more. Soft pods are similar to Easy Serve Espresso Pods (E.S.E.) due to their size, shape and material, but they are not the same. the soft pods are used to brew drip coffee, while e.s.e. the capsules are used to prepare espresso.

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