NYCs Best Coffee Roasters (and Where to Find Them)

With more than 30 roasteries and enough counters to feed an army of office caffeine heads, New York is without a doubt one of the most prolific coffee cities in the country.

But that comes with its own set of problems: endlessly wondering if you’re, in fact, drinking the freshest cuppa joe in the neighborhood.

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To help you break down a busy space, we’ve put together a roundup of our 9 favorite local roasters, along with the various counters around town that serve them.

devotion flatiron & brooklyn

his story in brief: devoción was founded by steven sutton, a native of medellín, colombia, whose family was forced to move to the united states. As a result of the feverishly dangerous times in his homeland during the Escobar crime era. Later in life, he saw the production gap that came with the importation of Colombian coffee into the states. devotion was launched in 2006 with the single goal of many roasters: to get fresher beans to customers, faster.

What makes them unique: Using long-term relationships with Colombian farmers, Devoción pays fair trade prices and uses environmental support to sustain the farmers’ future. After harvest, the beans are quickly shipped to the US. uu. via fedex for roasting; each cup is made from beans that were ground and roasted no less than ten days prior for maximum purity.

the infusion you have to try: the limited edition of mothers in coffee.

try it at: one of their three locations in williamsburg, downtown brooklyn or flatiron.

coffee roasters from the city of saintsbrooklyn, manhattan and hoboken

his story in a nutshell: began when partner matt wade opened a hoboken coffee shop with a mission to fill the void of third wave offerings in the area. A friendship spawned with Joe Palozzi while working for nearby Red Lion Roaster, and an empire was born when the City of Saints opened its Bushwick Roastery in December 2014.

What Makes Them Unique: Outside of their stellar concoction, the City of Saints took great care to add to the vibe and spirit of each neighborhood. it’s a testament to their desire to expand their offering while adapting to the communities that host them.

the concoction you have to try: the best of both worlds Guatemalan-ethopic mix, denizen. It has hints of jasmine and tootsie roll.

try it at: one of their four locations spanning astor place, bryant park, bushwick and hoboken.

peaks coffee co. syracuse, new york

his story in a nutshell: peaks coffee was the happy answer to a very dismal winter in 2014. the first batch was hatched in a cast iron skillet in a snow covered backyard.

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what makes them unique: that iron skillet tester was finally replaced by one of the us. uu. royal roast #4 unit. Coming out of a literal garage, they began selling to friends and family. After purchasing small bags of sustainably and ethically sourced coffee, a thriving coffee community was built in the valleys.

the drink you have to try: the mountain climber with a chocolate and citrus flavour.

try it at: one of their three beloved wholesale partners in the hudson valley region.

cafe seybushwick, brooklyn

his story in a nutshell: founders and friends lance schnorenberg and tobin polk (they even share the same birthday) were previously roasting in the old lofted cafe. After a strong legal battle with San Diego’s Lofty Coffee, they changed their tune and opened the doors of a new space in the summer of 2017.

what makes them unique: sey comes with the prerequisite of dedication to ethical practices and sustainability. but what really sets their coffee apart is that they “let the coffee speak for itself”. It’s a simple, quality mug that sings without the dog and pony show conflations you might find elsewhere.

the infusion you have to try: fredi cordova, which blooms with strong citrus and strawberry notes.

Try it at: Their charming outdoor venue at 18 Grattan Street in Brooklyn.

give me! coffee manhattan, brooklyn and upstate ny

his story in a nutshell: a leader in the new york coffee roasting scene and the target of this demanding editor, gimme! has a history steeped in not only sustainable production, but also great precision in coffee. And they’ve gone beyond the cup to create a healthy future for farmers: Directors are working with the Boyce Thompson Institute to map the Arabica coffee genome to improve flavor and make Arabica beans less susceptible to disease. /p>

What Makes Them Unique: They’ve been in the third wave game longer than most local roasters, resulting in exceptional beer, but also consistent consistent flavor .

the infusion you have to try: the kenyan gakuyu-ini, born from the nutrient-rich volcanic soil and tinted with notes of molasses and black currant.

Try it at: One of their many locations, from Manhattan to the Cornell University campus. You’ll find us at your location on Lorimer Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

think coffeemanhattan

Their story in a nutshell: One of New York’s largest yet down-to-earth coffee companies, think is a pioneer in ethical bean production, with 10 locations and a great inclination for the social good.

what makes them unique: the fundamental principles that accompany this mug are distinguished by the mindfulness of think. their packaging and products are compostable, and each of their locations supports local nonprofits by donating 10% of profits to organizations that do community work.

the concoction you have to try: the beautiful view, full of milk, honey, peach and chocolate tones.

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try it at: one of their 10 locations; We’re partial to their local mercer, which also serves beer and wine.

whole grain coffee nolita

his story, in a nutshell: founder cesar vega launched this nicaraguan coffee brand with an outpost at soho’s two-shot american boutique before expanding to chicago’s freehand hotel and eventually moving to permanent digs a stone’s throw from new york’s original trampling, ahem, ground.

what makes them unique: a startup dream come true, integral is dedicated solely to Nicaraguan roasts, and their commitment to farmers prevails in the sense that they don’t spend just a couple of days a year on the ground with their harvesters, they spend months there.

the beer you have to try: its exclusive blend of seasonal espresso with dulcinea.

try it at: its bright and luminous brick-and-mortar elizabeth street.

grumpy coffeemanhattan and brooklyn

his story in a nutshell: the first grungy café opened in greenpoint in 2005 and has expanded to chelsea, grand central, park slope and beyond. It consistently ranks as one of the best drinks in New York and consistently has this fantastic brooding poet vibe no matter the venue.

what makes them unique: some extraordinary single-origin roasts developed from farm to cup with the utmost care.

the drink you have to try: their exclusive heartbreak espresso, a mixture of sweet beans from ethiopia and central america.

try it at: their cafe on the lower east side in essex.

irving farm coffee roastersmanhattan and hudson valley

His story in a nutshell: The founders of Irving Farm established their first small lodge at 71 Irving Place in ’96. It soon blossomed into a full-fledged roasting operation in the Hudson Valley converted from a farm.

What Makes Them Unique: It’s a superior coffee without a doubt, but irving is always on the lookout for a great experience.

the beer you have to try: their exclusive offer, the gotham dark roast, an urban version of the traditional French roast.

try it at: their location at gramercy in irving.

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