The Best Single-Serve Coffee Makers of 2022

The best single serve coffee makers are a convenient way to quickly brew a quality cup of coffee that rivals what you can find at your local coffee shop.

Our favorite single-serve coffee maker, the nespresso vertuoplus by breville (available on amazon for $189.95), has a sleek design and is simply the best at what a capsule coffee maker does: brew a cup of strong and hot coffee without any problem. Its 40-ounce water reservoir isn’t the largest in our roundup, but its rotating bottom handle lets you separate the tank for storage, depending on your counter space.

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If your caffeine demands also include espresso and other types of coffee drinks, we recommend keurig k-cafe (available on amazon), the most versatile single-serve brewer we tested.

a sleek design with a small footprint makes this machine stand out on the counter.

other single-dose coffee machines we tested

how we test capsule coffee machines

We tested nine single-serve coffee makers to find the best.

the tester

I’m valerie li, review cookery and kitchen staff writer, and I’m an avid coffee and tea drinker. For me, a day officially begins when I take my shot of espresso, made by my beloved de’longhi machine. From strolling to the 7-Eleven for a quick caffeine fix to traveling to Jamaica’s Blue Mountain Plantation, I’ve tried coffee from many different origins and varieties.

the tests

We set up the best single-serve coffee makers and brewed at least 10 cups of coffee in each, evaluating how long they took to brew, how easy their reservoirs were to fill, and how versatile they were for making tea, iced coffee, and hot chocolate.

We repeated this process with all machines for a week, and also looked at how simple each unit was to descale, how comfortable they were to use, how portable and well-built they were, and how easy they were to store. we also note security concerns and special features.

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Other qualities we looked for included the taste of coffee and other beverages, speed (all options we tested averaged one cup per minute), brew temperature, how easy it was to disassemble parts for cleaning, and how easy it was to was to recycle the pods.

what you need to know about capsule coffee machines

it’s easy to insert pods into keurig pod brewers.

The launch of home Keurig machines in 2004 quickly shook up the entire coffee world and changed Americans’ daily caffeine habits.

scientifically speaking, the mechanism behind keurigs is similar to drip coffee makers, but much faster: pour hot water over coffee beans and press to extract juices in less than a minute.

After the patent on K-Cup technology expired, many more pod coffee makers joined the game to break Keurig’s short-lived monopoly. Nestlé’s Nespresso soon introduced its most advanced Vertuoline single-serve coffee machine with centrifugal technology, which can improve flavor tenfold.

The two companies are now the largest players in the coffee pod industry.

what to consider when buying single-dose coffee machines

A single-serve coffee maker is, without a doubt, the most convenient alternative to fiddling with a French press or waiting for a drip coffee maker to arrive. Here are some things to consider when looking for a single serve coffee maker.

pods versus reusable filters

The convenience of single-serve coffee machines comes at a price, especially considering the cost of the capsules. Before you buy any single-serve coffee maker, you should also consider the long-term cost of pods.

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K-cup pods are widely available and don’t cost as much as nespresso pods. however, k-pods can be difficult to recycle. Instead, Nespresso capsules cost more and fewer coffee flavors are available. nespresso capsules are recyclable if mailed to the company with prepaid shipping labels or delivered to a collection site.

Another option is reusable filters. they are more eco-friendly and can be purchased in physical stores and online, including amazon. a variety of types are available, including silicone. if you choose a reusable mesh filter, keep in mind that it may be more difficult to clean.

water tank

The capacity of the water tank of single-serve coffee machines can vary a lot. the capacity of the coffee makers we reviewed for the roundup ranged from 40 ounces to 75 ounces. smaller machines can brew just a few cups, but take up less counter space.

However, if you drink multiple cups of coffee a day, you’ll probably want a machine that has a larger reservoir so you don’t have to refill as often.


Just like the water tank, the size of capsule coffee machines can vary a lot. Since the larger machines will likely live on your countertop, you want to make sure you have enough space. smaller machines can be stored more easily and still deliver a great cup of coffee.

how to clean a single-dose coffee maker

Regardless of the brand of coffee pods you decide to buy, it’s important to take proper care of your single-serve coffee maker.

Descaling your coffee maker regularly will keep your coffee tasting fresh.

In addition to routine cleaning, such as wiping and rinsing, you should descale your machine once every six months. Why is decalcification important?

The water we use to prepare coffee contains minerals, commonly calcium and magnesium. minerals can build up over time and gradually build up as lime. this can affect the brew temperature and flavor of your coffee. eventually, it could cause your machine to malfunction.

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