Indulge in the Best High-End Coffee Makers for the Perfect Cup

other options we tried

  • Twin Boiler Breville Espresso Machine: This workhorse espresso machine didn’t impress our testers enough to make the list. That’s not because the breville double boiler is a poor brewing device – on the contrary, the espresso is tasty and the frother is powerful – but because its performance doesn’t quite justify the exorbitant cost.
  • what to look for when buying a coffee maker

    machine type

    Whether you’re an espresso fanatic or a drip-only person, the choice is obvious: choose an espresso machine or a dedicated coffee maker that suits your needs. if you’re a household that needs options, a combo machine that does both may be more your style. if you like the convenience of capsule machines, these are also a great option, especially if you like individual servings and don’t want a lot of hands-on experience.


    Whether you need just a cup or an entire carafe, there’s a coffeemaker for you. Larger capacity drip coffee makers (10 to 12 5-ounce cups) are great for families or heavy coffee drinkers, but if you only need a cup or two, make sure your machine has a setting that allows brew sizes smaller (one to four 5-ounce cups).

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    machine size

    Another consideration when buying a coffee machine is its size. Be sure to double check the height, width, and depth of your machine with your available counter space before purchasing. You’ll want ample room to maneuver when filling the water tank, opening lids, or pulling out a steam wand.

    additional features

    Great must-have features include auto shut-off, a warming plate, timed brew (so you can wake up to a fresh cup of coffee), and a thermal carafe (great for keeping coffee warm all day long) ). other options you might want are a built-in grinder for fresh ground coffee, a milk frother for creating espresso-based drinks, and some sort of notification for when the machine needs cleaning. higher-end models, like the ones above, will often include one or more of these features.

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    frequently asked questions

    How important is the type of coffee I use?

    It really depends on your preferred flavor profile. The two types of coffee beans most commonly produced are Arabica (Arabica coffee) and Robusta (Caniphora coffee). Arabica is the most popular in North America and tends to be sweeter, more flavorful, and less acidic. Robusta is most popular in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East and is known for its strong, “robust” flavors and high levels of caffeine.

    Other factors that will affect your cup of coffee are where the beans are grown and how they are roasted. Just like wine, coffee beans can be a single origin with different characteristics or a blend that has been crafted to have a specific flavor profile. Regardless of the coffee you choose, the most important thing is that it is pleasing to your palate.

    what grind size should I use?

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    “Grind size is the most important variable when it comes to making a great cup of coffee,” says June Haupts of Santa Barbara-based Welcome Coffee Cart. “If your coffee particles aren’t the right size for your brew device, your cup could taste sour or bitter.”

    coarse and coarse grinds are best suited for french press and cold brew. medium-coarse (less coarse) grinds are ideal for pour-over makers, although it may take some experimentation to determine which grind works best for your preferred taste. medium grinds (comparable to the size of sea salt granules) are great with auto drip coffee. for espresso, you’ll want a fine grind (similar to the size of table salt).

    can I grind my own coffee?

    of course you can! owning a coffee grinder and grinding your own coffee, especially if you do it right before brewing, is the best way to ensure you get the freshest cup possible. There are two main types of grinders: blade and burr. Blade grinders use a propeller-like blade to chop and pulverize coffee beans, similar to that of a food processor or blender. this grinder tends to be inexpensive and works quickly, but you run the risk of having an uneven grind. Burr mills use two rotating burrs to grind the beans, similar to a pepper mill. the result tends to be a more consistent grind, but burr grinders are also more expensive and take up more space than blade grinders.

    what is espresso?

    Espresso is made from finely ground coffee beans in a portafilter. pressurized hot water is sent through the grind, producing a concentrated liquid that has a visible separation between the crema (a layer of extracted coffee bean oil and carbon dioxide), the body (soluble coffee solids, soluble gases and insoluble solids) and the heart (the lower acidic layer of the tragus). the ideal time to obtain a proper espresso is between 25 and 35 seconds; a shorter time may mean your grounds are too coarse and a longer time may mean your grounds are too fine. the ideal temperature is about 200 degrees; higher temperatures can burn or over-extract ground coffee, while lower temperatures can result in a weak, flavorless drink.

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    how is cold coffee different from iced coffee?

    Traditional iced coffee is made by brewing extra strong coffee in a drip machine and chilling it for pouring and serving over ice. cold brew coffee is never affected by heat; It is made by soaking ground coffee in cold water for hours, often overnight.

    “The cold brew process is much more delicate than drip coffee,” says Haupts. “If you put heat in the coffee, you are taking out the bitter and astringent tannins.” Due to its gentler extraction process, cold brew coffee is smoother, has less acidity, and tastes fresher than regular iced coffee.

    can i use my french press for other things besides coffee?

    absolutely. While the French Press is designed for coffee, its filter system also lends itself to making fruit-infused water, iced or hot tea, and cocktails. yes, you read that right: cocktails. read more about it in this guide on how to make french press cocktails.

    how do i steam and froth milk?

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    Steamed milk is usually made with a steam wand attached to an espresso machine. Fill a heatproof milk jug (or mug) halfway with milk, leaving enough room for the milk to expand. with the steam wand submerged, turn it on and then aerate the milk by lowering the jug and letting the tip of the wand gently touch the surface of the milk, then submerge again. repeat this a few times and you will start to see microfoam forming on the surface as the milk underneath heats up. Once your milk is hot and has a good layer of foam, you can use it to make lattes, cappuccinos, and any other espresso drinks that require steamed milk and foam.

    Frothing milk can be made with a battery-powered handheld device (using preheated milk) or a countertop steamer that heats and froths at the same time. Every vaporizer is different, so be sure to check the manufacturer’s manual on how to use an automatic vaporizer. If you’re frothing non-dairy milk, Haupts suggests using something high-fat, like oat milk, for a rich, creamy texture.

    what is descaling?

    This important process is vital to the longevity of your automatic coffee maker or espresso machine. it is intended to remove any mineral residue that has built up inside your machine, which can affect the way the machine works if not treated regularly. some high-tech coffee makers will alert you via a digital display or light that your coffee maker needs descaling. check the manufacturer’s instructions for their recommendation on frequency of descaling; if you’re not sure, you can probably do it every few months (or every month if you have very hard water).

    how we test

    To compile this list, our team of editors and contributors spent hours researching the best products on the market in this category, evaluating key features such as ease of use, material, or price, as well as customer reviews. and other reliable sources. our team also incorporated their own personal experiences testing products in their own lives. We then use these insights from our research and testing to assign a one to five star rating (five being the best and one being the worst) to certain products on the list.

    why trust the spruce eats?

    The author of this article, Bernadette Machard de Gramont, is a Los Angeles-based writer who specializes in global food and wine content. After a two-year stint at the Williams-Sonoma headquarters in San Francisco, she now researches and tests a variety of cookware, bakeware, and wine tools, interviewing field experts to get input from she. her one of her previous lives was spent as a barista at borders books and music cafe, where she learned how to brew espresso and froth milk properly, and subsequently she developed a massive coffee habit and an unusually high tolerance for coffee. caffeine.

    this piece was updated by derek rose, the coffee and tea expert at spruce eats. He researches a variety of coffee products, from measuring spoons to commercial espresso machines, and interviews experts in the field to get his opinion. he normally uses non-electric coffee makers at home, alternating between the bialetti moka express and the bodum brazil french press.


    desiree rose, director of beverages for stouthaus coffee roasters, was interviewed for this article.

    june haupts is the owner of the welcome coffee cart. Started in 2016, Welcome Coffee Cart is a pop-up cafe for events in Southern California.

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