6 Best Kona Coffee Brands (And Scams to Avoid)

Looking for the best kona coffee brands? this article by a Hawaiian has everything you need to know.

Kona coffee is widely considered the best type of coffee in the world. Between the mineral-rich soil and year-round warm weather, Kona is the perfect place to grow rich, flavorful coffee beans.

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That being said, it can be hard to decide which brand of kona coffee is the best. After all, there are nearly 700 Kona coffee farms! But don’t worry, I’m here to share the best Kona coffee brands for you to try.

Disclosure: This article is written in collaboration with the major coffee roasters on the island. All opinions are from Borders & wish lists.

questions about kona coffee

Does the coffee come from Hawaii?

no, the coffee doesn’t actually originate from hawaii. Coffee was first introduced to the islands from Brazil in the 1820s. This new crop was originally grown in the Manoa Valley on Oahu, but the coffee struggled to survive. In fact, Hawaiian coffee crops did not thrive for several years, at least until coffee was planted in the rich soil of the Big Island in 1828. And, as they say, the rest is history.

why is kona coffee so expensive?

the easy answer is that everything in hawaii is generally expensive. There is limited land in Hawaii, which means there may be limited coffee crops. And the mineral-rich land in Kona is even more limited. So while this rare earth is what makes Kona coffee so tasty, it’s also what makes it so expensive.

On top of that, many Kona coffee brands hand-pick the coffee berries (or coffee cherries, which are the fruits that hold the coffee beans), so there’s also a high cost to consider. manpower.

That said, if you consider yourself a coffee connoisseur and can afford it, Kona coffee is worth it. It is definitely one of the highest quality coffees out there, if not the highest quality.

what are kona coffee blends?

If you are committed to sourcing 100% Kona coffee, you need to be sure to do your research to be considered Kona coffee, blends must have only 10% of their beans coming from Kona. that means 90% of the beans can literally be from anywhere else in the world! so be especially vigilant and look for products that say 100% Kona coffee.

luckily, I’m here to help and have shared quite a few 100% kona coffee products from the best kona coffee brands below.

what is the difference between kona coffee and hawaiian coffee?

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Kona coffee is specifically grown in the volcano-rich soil of Kona, on the Big Island of Hawaii. Hawaiian coffee can be grown anywhere in the Hawaiian Islands. Again, if you’re committed to buying 100% Kona coffee, make sure it also specifically says “Kona” instead of “100% Hawaiian coffee.”

the best kona coffee brands

big island coffee roasters

In recent years, Big Island Coffee Roasters has established itself as one of the best Kona coffee brands, if not the best. First, Big Island Coffee Roasters has won countless awards, including 2022 Micro Roaster of the Year Finalist by Roast Magazine and 2022 Best Local Coffee Company by Honolulu Magazine.

If you want to try this award-winning coffee (which you definitely should), Big Island Coffee Roasters has quite a few 100% Kona coffee options to choose from. their 100% kona peaberry, 100% kona bloom, and 100% kona moon coffee are popular choices.

and last but certainly not least, we can’t forget to mention the fantastic commitment of coffee roasters on the big islands to sustainability. This Kona coffee brand is powered by 100% renewable energy, sourcing beans from local Hawaiian farmers and donating a portion of their profits to wildlife rescue and habitat restoration charities. so while you’re getting your morning dose of caffeine, you can know that you’re also putting a little more good in the world.

*Bonus: Big Island Coffee Roasters also produces a revolutionary “chocolate” bar, where cacao beans are swapped for Kona coffee beans! Officially known as espresso bites, these unique yet delicious bars are a perfect snack whenever you’re in need of a little caffeine.

koa coffee

Like coffee roasters on the great islands, koa coffee has earned more than its fair share of incredible accolades. PCCA Coffee of the Year, Gevalia Tasting Competition and Forbes America’s Best Coffee are just the beginning.

with their up-to-date list of awards, it’s clear you can’t go wrong with any of koa coffee’s 100% kona coffee products. But if you need a little guidance, the Farm Medium Roast 100% Whole Bean Kona, Peaberry Medium Roast 100% Whole Bean Kona and Private Reserve Dark Roast 100% Whole Bean Kona are all fantastic

royal kona coffee – hawaiian coffee company

Hawaii Coffee Company is the largest Kona coffee roaster on the planet! And part of this is because the Hawaii Coffee Company has a few different brands under its umbrella. You may be more familiar with your León coffee brand, but we’re here to highlight your Royal Kona coffee brand.

As the name suggests, the Royal Kona Coffee branch of the Hawaii Coffee Company is dedicated to Kona coffee in particular. But not all products are 100% Kona coffee (some only have 10%), so you’ll have to keep an eye out! That being said, Private Reserve 100% Kona Medium Roast Coffee and Whole Bean 100% Medium Roast Kona Coffee are sure to please.

daddy kona hula coffee

hula daddy kona coffee is one of the few kona coffee brands that only produces 100% kona coffee (at least, as of October 2022). that means you don’t really have to watch out for slightly misleading notes, like “kona coffee” (without a percentage) or “100% Hawaiian coffee” (which is still great, but isn’t the same as 100% kona coffee).

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and while the hula daddy kona coffee certainly offers a great product, try the karen j red bourbon coffee, you won’t be sorry, this kona coffee farm is best known for being a great place to visit on the big island.

While you’re on the farm, you can learn just about everything you’d ever want to know about a good cup of coffee. visit the coffee orchard, enter the roasting room, and even enjoy a free coffee tasting. to no one’s surprise, it’s one of the best places for coffee in kona.

mountain thunder coffee

Like hula daddy kona coffee, mountain thunder coffee is one of the only kona coffee brands to produce only 100% kona coffee. but on top of that, mountain thunder coffee is one of the few brands to have 100% organic kona coffee, which is a real treat.

You really can’t go wrong with Mountain Thunder Coffee’s 100% Kona Private Reserve. With the perfect balance of acidity, aroma, and flavor, you’ll be excited to start your mornings with a cup of this sophisticated Kona coffee.

*pro tip: you can sometimes find mountain thunder coffee 100% kona coffee at costco (especially in hawaii locations) for a more affordable price.

Heavenly Hawaiian Kona Coffee Farm

Last but not least, we have a heavenly Hawaiian Kona coffee farm. this small business has dozens of awards to its name. In fact, their Kona Silk coffee alone has won 13 awards! in other words, it’s definitely worth a try.

To make things even better, if you find yourself in Kona, the Hawaiian Kona Coffee Farm has amazing tours of the farm. there, you’ll learn everything you ever wanted to know about kona coffee beans.

have you tried any of these amazing kona coffee brands? let us know in the comments below!

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