5 Best Guatemalan Coffee Brands 2022 — Top Picks & Guide

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If you’re familiar with coffee, you’ve probably heard of the Guatemalan variety. But did you know that Guatemala is the world’s tenth largest producer of coffee and the second largest producer of specialty coffee?

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Most Guatemalan coffee is roasted at or above 5,000 feet, giving it a sparkling acidity and making it ripe for specialty coffee aficionados.

The world of coffee being so big, we would like to be your guide through the hills of Guatemala. To help you find your new favorite brand, we’ve shopped and tested dozens of coffees and created this list of the five best Guatemalan coffee brands of 2021. We’ve also written detailed reviews and a quick buyer’s guide. Keep reading to find out about the best coffee in Guatemala!

a quick look at the 2022 winners

the 5 best Guatemalan coffee brands

1. peaberry coffee from volcanica guatemala – best overall

the guatemala volcanic pea is a very popular bean and for good reason. It is a rich and complex experience. At its best, the Guatemalan Volcanic Pea is a shining example of what Guatemalan coffee is supposed to be: lightly spiced with dazzling acidity and chocolate tones. the price is not prohibitive. in fact, in the world of specialty coffee, we’d say it’s about average.

also a versatile bean. the best method to prepare this bean is a cold infusion, which allows the acidity to be the star of the show. This is a full-bodied, medium-roasted coffee.

There have been some complaints that this coffee can be a bit stale when delivered. however, our beans arrived fresh and tasty!

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2. guatemalan cold coffee cooper’s cask


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While Guatemalan Organic Cooper’s Barrel is roasted specifically to brew cold brew, it’s equally delicious in a pour-over, French press, or drip machine. this is a wonderfully light coffee with hints of orange, caramel and chocolate. it’s also certified organic and small-batch roasted to a perfect medium level.

This flavorful coffee is creamy and smooth, and is available in a coarse grind size!

There have been reports that this coffee was delivered stale. however, this roaster’s customer service has an excellent reputation and is known for giving full refunds.

3. two volcanoes guatemala – best ground coffee

Two Volcanoes Espresso Coffee Beans

When it comes to pre-ground coffee, this blend of two volcanoes is ideal. it is a dark blended roast, which gives this coffee the best chance of being more flavorful. when a roaster is making a blend, especially in bulk, it is very easy to get the coffee proportions wrong, have a defect, etc. That’s usually why roasters roast coffees like this so dark, especially if it’s going to be sold pre-ground.

although it’s a blend, it still has the notes you’d expect from a Guatemalan coffee, especially chocolate and caramel. you just won’t find them that pronounced.

It should be noted that with pre-ground coffee, you have a higher chance of getting a bad batch or having it go stale soon after you receive it because the shelf life of the coffee decreases dramatically once it has been ground.


4. Guatemalan volcanic coffee – best decaffeinated

As a medium roast, Volcanica’s Guatemalan decaf offering makes a delicious cup. notes of chocolate and nuts manifest in a creamy and full-bodied experience. it’s similar to our first selection, although being decaf it slipped down the list.

This coffee was grown in volcanic ash, which is where we find much of the brightness in the acidity. remember, these are the same beans as the caffeinated ones, and the only difference is that they have been processed to remove their caffeine.

5. pablo’s pride guatemala coffee beans

Pablos Pride Gourmet Coffee

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For the last coffee on our list, Pablo’s Pride is pretty darn good. It doesn’t have the complexity that many Guatemalan coffees have, but it does have hints of chocolate and caramel and is full-bodied.

It may be best to play around with your brewing method with this coffee. People have all kinds of different experiences with Pablo. some swear by coffee pots, others by cold brew, but everyone agrees this coffee is good. one complaint is that it is very low in acidity, which is what usually accompanies a drink.

buyer’s guide: how to find the best coffee beans from guatemala

There are so many things to think about when considering what type of coffee to buy, even once you decide to buy Guatemalan. the roast, the area where it was grown, the preparation method you have at home, all of this is important. So how do you know which one is right for you when it comes to Guatemalan coffee? here are some factors you might want to consider…


You’re buying Guatemalan beans because you’re interested in their unique flavors, so you don’t want a roast that overwhelms those flavors. Light roasts leave complex fruity and floral flavors in the coffee, so the lighter a Guatemalan coffee is, the more complex it will be. here you will find notes of spices and fruits, along with chocolate with nuts and caramel.

If you prefer dark roasts, there are plenty of good options too. even with a dark roast, chocolate notes often shine through in a Guatemalan coffee. you will find hints of other flavors (fruits, spices and caramel), but above all, you will be drinking a creamy cup of coffee with chocolate.

single origin or mix?

If you’re a specialty coffee aficionado, you’ll probably prefer a single-origin bag. single-origin coffee beans will have the most unique flavors, while blends often provide a smooth, full flavor. A bag of single origin coffee contains only beans from one producer, crop or region in a single country. Keep in mind that blends may contain beans from all over the world, so if you want to explore flavors specific to Guatemala, you’ll want to make sure you choose an all-Guatemalan blend.

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The results of the best Guatemalan coffee brands have arrived! our favorite is guatemala de volcanica peaberry coffee, a spicy, tangy, chocolaty bean that sells for a reasonable price. If you prefer ground coffee, we recommend Dos Volcanes, which is a full blend with hints of chocolate and caramel. And if you’re looking for a decaf option, try Volcana’s Decaf Guatemalan Coffee, which is impressively flavorful, creamy, and full-bodied.

With flavors of chocolate, caramel, and nuts, plus a high-altitude sparkling acidity, it’s easy to see why Guatemalan coffee is so popular. The world of coffee is wonderfully huge, so we’re glad you’re exploring it. The first step can sometimes be the hardest, and we hope these reviews have helped you on your way to the perfect Guatemalan bean. you can continue the adventure by trying different levels of roasting, preparation methods and processes with your new coffee beans.

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