10 Best Gourmet Coffee Brands of 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

best gourmet coffee beansIt’s been a true delight touring the world of gourmet coffee. Our search to find the top ten options took us through many notable luxurious coffees. As we whittled our list down to present you with only the best gourmet coffee, we kept factors that are important to connoisseurs in mind.

The coffees on our list came here because they are the most flavorful, rare, rich and aromatic options on the market. Wherever possible, we’ve also tried to include some gourmet mixes that won’t completely blow your budget.

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our favorites (compared to 2022)

the 10 best gourmet coffees

1. kopi luwak coffee from volcanic farm – best overall

kopi luwak is one of the rarest coffees in the world. the beans are consumed, digested and eliminated by feral cats. then they are harvested, roasted and processed to create a truly unique coffee.

The digestive process, while gross, brings out unique flavors, along with a distinctive syrupy mouthfeel, in the beans. In addition to creating a rich chocolate flavor, digestion also reduces the acidity of the coffee, making kopi luwak one of the best gourmet coffees for shoppers with sensitive stomachs.

there is a warning. coffee this rare comes at a price. Kopi Luwak is one of the most expensive coffees out there. if you want to try it, you have to be willing to pay a lot of money. Do you want to try volcanica’s kopi luwak without investing in a whole bag? the company also offers a two-ounce sample size.

There are some ethical issues to consider before purchasing a bag of kopi luwak. Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous companies that keep civet cats in subhuman conditions to produce this rare coffee. That’s why you’ll want to be careful where you buy kopi luwak. We recommend Volcana’s Kopi Luwak because it comes with a certificate of authenticity and is free-range and cage-free. Overall, this is our pick for this year’s best gourmet coffee.

Do you want to know more? read our complete guide to kopi luwak coffee.

2. lifeboost pacamara luxe gourmet coffee beans

lifeboost pacamara

lifeboost is known for its healthy and sustainably grown coffee: the beans are certified kosher, fair trade, organic, and free of pesticides and mycotoxins, as well as being low in acid. the pacamara limited collection has all of that, plus something more unusual: the rare pacamara bean is one of the largest in the world.

what does it taste like? expect a creamy mouthfeel and a strong yet sweet flavor, with hints of chocolate, nuts, and even flowers.

just like volcanica beans, this coffee is not cheap. however, if you have the budget, you’ll be rewarded with a truly special cup of coffee.

3. Cask Aged Kentucky Bourbon Copper Barrel: The Finest Ground Coffee


cooper’s cask kentucky bourbon barrel aged coffee is another delicious gourmet coffee. Made from single-origin Colombian beans aged for two months in Kentucky bourbon barrels, this coffee is an aromatic delight.

Flavor-wise, this medium-dark roast coffee has a pleasant sweetness, mixed with hints of chocolate and fruit. and wait until you taste the end of the bourbon!

This strain isn’t as unique or rare as our top two picks, but it has an unusual and delicious flavor and is available at a more reasonable price. And if you don’t like it, the Cooper Barrel offers a satisfaction guarantee.

4. swiss water processed koa kona coffee – the best decaf coffee

Koa Coffee swiss water decaf

If you’re a decaf drinker, you may think your gourmet options are limited. come in, koa coffee! This Hawaiian coffee company offers delicious gourmet Kona coffee beans in a pretty amazing decaf variety. these beans are processed with water in switzerland, the excellent chemical-free decaf method that locks in flavor, so you won’t even miss the caffeine.

koa decaf is a full-flavored coffee with the distinctive kona flavor. Since it’s a whole bean coffee, you have the opportunity to maximize the freshness factor by preparing your own ground coffee. the company also offers a pre-ground variety if you don’t have a grinder.

This coffee isn’t a cheap option, but if you’re looking for gourmet beans, you’re probably up for it. It’s worth mentioning that some customers have reported difficulty opening these coffee bags. at this price it would be nice to have resealable bags that open easily. still, this gourmet coffee is likely to blow your mind!

5. freshly roasted coffee ‘tanzania peberry’ whole bean coffee

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Tanzanian Peaberry Coffee, Whole Bean Bag, Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC

This rare product consists exclusively of “peaberry” coffee beans. Peaberry coffee consists of only ten percent of all the beans that are harvested in any given year. they are prized for the unusually rich, full-bodied flavor they provide. Of course, as rare as they are, they also tend to be very expensive, and such is the case with Bag of Fresh Roast Coffee LLC.

However, if you can forgive the price, you’ll benefit from a rare coffee that’s smoother and richer than just about anything else you can find. As a bonus, the company also strives to ethically roast its coffee in an environmentally stable environment.

6. death wish organic whole bean coffee

Death wish whole bean coffee

death wish is the self-proclaimed strongest coffee in the world. the manufacturer loads the beans with more than twice the caffeine of an average cup, making this a coffee not suitable for beginners.

but it’s not just trick coffee. In addition to being strong, it is also delicious. the surprisingly smooth flavor will appeal to drinkers who can handle a bold brew. it also comes from a fair trade company that emphasizes environmentally friendly business practices.

It’s expensive, but the uniqueness factor may justify the cost.

7. Jose’s French Roast Organic Whole Bean Coffee


Jose Gourmet Whole Bean Medium Roast is a moderate blend that favors a milder flavor profile. The Brazilian blend places great importance on freshness, harvesting and roasting the beans shortly before packaging. the idea is to ensure that consumers receive the coffee shortly after it is processed to maximize flavor.

The flavor of the coffee itself is bold enough to entice the drinker, but it has a distinct sour aftertaste that undermines the experience a bit. if you have a sensitive stomach, you probably won’t like this coffee. however, if you just want an affordable option with a great taste, this will be a good option to try.

8. san francisco bay coffee ‘breakfast blend’ whole bean

San Francisco Bay Coffee, Breakfast Blend - Whole Bean, 2-Pound

The two-pound bag of San Francisco Bay Whole Bean Coffee is a good choice for shoppers who like the gourmet taste but also require the convenience of true bulk buying.

The company takes a scientific approach to its beans by performing soil tests and a variety of other treatments to ensure it has all the data needed to deliver a great cup of coffee.

These efforts have been rewarded. this breakfast mix features notes of caramel, cream and citrus. Although the coffee seems to have a deeply acidic bent, it is still a good option for buyers who need a value-based product.

9. wallenford roasted whole bean blue mountain coffee

16oz (1lb) Roasted Whole Bean 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

blue mountain makes very good and very expensive gourmet coffees. such is the case here. luxury coffee is grown, harvested and roasted in small batches to prioritize quality and flavor above all else.

the coffee features an intensely rich, aromatic smell and a deeply smooth flavor that gourmet coffee enthusiasts will love. the company is also committed to paying fair wages to farmers, harvesters and roasters.

Keep two things in mind: First, this is one of the most expensive cafes on our list. it also comes in very delicate packaging that cannot be resealed. the bags break easily and will almost certainly be damaged the first time you open them.

10. stone street ‘brooklyn roast’ whole bean coffee

Brooklyn roast coffee

We conclude our list with stone street “brooklyn” roasted coffee beans. this blend features a smoky and sweet flavor profile, with subtle chocolate notes also present. It’s also relatively affordable given the quantity, making it ideal for gourmet coffee fans on a budget.

Not a bad coffee by any stretch of the imagination, but it just doesn’t compare to some of the better options on our list.

buyer’s guide: how to select the best gourmet coffee beans

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In the tips highlighted below, we make it as easy as possible for you to select the right gourmet coffee for your needs. read on!

choose your roast

As you explore the wide world of coffee, you’ll discover that there are three main types of roast: light, medium, and dark.

Selecting the right style will have a big effect on your overall drinking experience. here are some things to know about each option that can help in the selection process.

1. light roast: light roast coffee will be the most delicate in flavor. Because this is a more subtle blend, many flavored coffees are lightly roasted to make room for the unique flavor they are trying to achieve.

The smooth taste of a light roast coffee leads many to believe that it is also lighter in caffeine, but that is not the case. in fact, light roast coffee tends to have more caffeine, which is something to keep in mind. Light roast coffees also tend to be more acidic than other varieties, which can be uncomfortable for drinkers with sensitive stomachs.

2. Medium Roast: As the name suggests, this is a very moderate style of coffee. not too subtle, not overpowering, it’s what goldilocks might call perfect.

3. dark roast: dark roast puts all the flavor of the coffee to the fore. tastes are often bold and rich, but can be confrontational for people who prefer something a little more subtle.


You don’t usually think of coffee as weird, but there are actually aberrations that can provide unique flavors, while driving up the price of coffee.

For example, peaberry coffee accounts for only 10% of all beans harvested each year. They provide a rich, smooth flavor that other beans can’t compete with, but they’re also very expensive.

kopi luwak is another example of extremely rare coffee. feral cats have eaten, digested, and excreted kopi luwak beans. It sounds gross, but the digestion process brings out unique flavors in the beans. it also substantially reduces the acidity of the beverage, making kopi luwak one of the smoothest coffees out there.


Economic buyers tend to buy coffee in bulk to get the best possible deal. unfortunately, this is often not possible in the world of gourmet coffee. most of the more sophisticated blends are sold in smaller quantities.

This is really for your benefit. when drinking rare and expensive coffee, you want to maximize the freshness factor. smaller amounts mean that each cup you drink is consumed a short time after the beans have been processed and packaged.

Just know that by buying smaller amounts of coffee, you may be improving the taste, but you’re hurting the value.

whole bean

most coffee connoisseurs prefer whole bean coffee. This is because the moment you grind the beans, they immediately begin to lose their flavor.

You can buy pre-ground coffee if you want to keep the process as simple as possible. however, if you really want to indulge, consider buying whole beans and experimenting with a grinder.

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Our gourmet coffee reviews have probably shown one thing: shoppers who want the best coffee they can get have a tough choice ahead of them.

Let us clear things up a bit by highlighting two prominent options from the list you just read. If you want to treat yourself to something truly distinctive, consider our rare top pick, Volcana’s Kopi Luwak. Prefer something a little less adventurous? try the exclusive limited collection lifeboost pacamara.

prefer pre-ground beans? We recommend the Cooper Cask Kentucky Bourbon Aged Beans, which are conveniently available in five grind sizes. Are you looking for a good decaffeinated coffee? try the delicious decaf koa kona coffee.

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