Best Flavored Coffee Guide for Coffee Snobs [2022]

Believe it or not, the topic of flavored coffee can be controversial among coffee snobs and connoisseurs who believe that the coffee bean should remain intact. While I can appreciate the authenticity of unflavored coffees, the world of flavored coffee has a lot to offer… especially when it comes to the best flavored coffee. Since not all flavored coffees are created equal, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of the most popular coffee flavors that are sure to meet the abnormally high standards of coffee snobs. We’ll also cover exactly how flavored coffee is made and why it’s worth trying.

It is worth mentioning that our criteria for what constitutes the best tasting coffee is based on both the quality of the coffee bean, the overall taste, and the quality of the extracts used to flavor it.

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the best tasting coffee for coffee snobs

best french vanilla coffee

lifeboost coffee french vanilla is our top pick for the best french vanilla coffee for several reasons. In addition to being single-origin, organic, and low-acid, these flavored coffee beans are infused with natural French Vanilla oil extract. These extracts are derived solely from their natural sources and ingredients. this results in a French vanilla flavor that is delightfully distinct but not artificial in any way.

  • derived solely from their natural sources and ingredients.
  • zero added sugar.
  • zero added calories.
  • only the highest quality essential oil extracts.
  • natural oil-based extracts versus artificial/chemical extracts buy lifeboost french vanilla
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    best hazelnut coffee

    As one of the most popular coffee flavors, hazelnut has won the hearts of millions of coffee snobs around the world. It is often considered a coffee-flavored dessert with its sweet buttery flavor combined with a delicious nutty aroma.

    fabula coffee has produced a most impressive hazelnut coffee. As well as offering a balanced, slightly spicy hazelnut flavor, it’s low-acid to boot, so it’s a breeze on the stomach. this delicious concoction pairs perfectly with a sweet dessert with its delicate notes of chocolate and cocoa. its sweetness rests on the tongue and has what we would call a lasting character. The coffee beans come from Peru and are roasted to perfection, allowing the natural flavors of the bean to express themselves. enjoy 20% with this fabula coffee discount code: bqc20

    • hazelnut flavor is slightly spicy, with a slight tingle on the side of the tongue.
    • low acidity
    • single origin
    • very refined and subtle flavor buy fabula hazelnut coffee
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      the best coffee with chocolate and raspberry

      out of the gray coffee is one of the many coffee brands on this list that have perfected the art of flavored coffee. their chocolate raspberry latte is a great example of this. there’s something about melting chocolate and raspberries that excites the senses beyond what anyone can do alone. Their coffee is a blend of Colombian Supremo, Antigua Guatemalan & Costa Rican tarrazú beans are used and only natural flavorings are used. The flavor of this coffee is intense and coffee lovers will enjoy a rich dark chocolate experience combined with a tangy raspberry flavor. these beans are perfectly roasted to a medium dark shade.

      • all natural flavors
      • intense & silky flavors of rich dark chocolate covered with tart & spicy raspberries.
      • medium dark roast coffee buy chocolate raspberry
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        the best coffee with caramel

        fabula coffee is back on our list of coffees with the best flavors. this time, it’s their buttery caramel-flavored coffee.

        Caramel is easily one of the most popular coffee flavors due to its solid, smooth, and sweet characteristics. this rich, decadent dessert flavor when combined with the refinement of a high-quality coffee bean produces an experience that has captured the hearts of coffee lovers around the world.

        As with many of Fabula’s other flavored coffees, this brew provides a natural flavor that complements the natural flavors of the beans themselves. These Peruvian beans when combined with the sweet buttery caramel flavor make a match made in coffee heaven. there are even subtle notes of chocolate to accentuate the experience. enjoy 20% with this fabula coffee discount code: bqc20

        • Chocolate nut flavored coffee with a hint of buttery caramel
        • low acidity
        • single origin
        • very refined and subtle flavor buy fabulous caramel coffee
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          the best coffee with caramel

          Coffee lovers who appreciate the subtle sweetness of caramel in their coffee will appreciate this volcanic coffee infusion. caramel is a close cousin of caramel, but it is by no means the same. Invented by Samuel Parkinson in Yorkshire, England in the early 1800s, this magnificent flavor is made with butter and brown sugar. the resulting mixture is then caramelized with vanilla, heavy cream, and salt.

          If you’ve ever eaten caramel plain, you may have been overwhelmed by its sweetness. after all, he is known for his mind-blowing sweetness. however, with this caramel flavored coffee, you will enjoy a well-balanced flavored coffee brew where the caramel flavor is subtle yet distinctive enough to appreciate.

          • Sweet, intense flavor of caramel toffee without any of the guilt.
          • caramel notes
          • medium roast coffee buy caramel
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            the best pumpkin spice coffee

            The competition for the best pumpkin spice coffee is fierce. it is literally one of the most popular coffee flavors in the world of flavored coffees. lifeboost graces this list once again with its natural oil-based extracts used to flavor its coffee. This Pumpkin Spice Single Origin coffee delivers a mesmerizing flavor of pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, and even clove essence. Although it is considered a seasonal flavor, it is certainly a flavor that can be enjoyed and savored throughout the year.

            • derived solely from their natural sources and ingredients
            • zero added sugar.
            • zero added calories.
            • medium roast
            • single origin
            • related article: best pumpkin spice coffeesbuy pumpkin spice coffee
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              the best coffee with whiskey

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              No list of the best flavored coffees would be complete without at least one barrel-aged coffee brew. fans of flavored coffee would be doing themselves a disservice if they didn’t explore the world of whiskey cask-aged coffees…and we say that even if you’re not a whiskey fan.

              The world of whiskey barrel aged coffees was started by copper barrel coffee. they are a brand that has brought this particular niche to the forefront of the world of flavored coffee. we can say from personal experience that its excellent reputation in the industry is well deserved. In order to infuse the flavor of whiskey into these premium Sumatran coffee beans, they are aged in freshly emptied whiskey barrels for months. the end result is an explosion of flavor with earthy woody notes and smooth, sweet tobacco. no list of the best tasting coffee would be complete without copper barrel coffee.

              • Cask Aged: Levante (Son of Liberty Whisky): Single Malt American Whiskey
              • coffee beans: sumatran lintong
              • medium dark
              • tasting notes: woody earth, tobacco, tropical fruits, vanilla, caramelbuy whiskey coffee
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                best kona coffee with macadamia nut

                royal kona meets appears on this list of the best flavored coffees for the first time with its infusion of vanilla and macadamia kona coffee. In addition to their natural vanilla and macadamia nut flavors, the coffee beans are a blend of 10% pure Kona. For those who don’t, Kona coffee is one of the most exotic coffees in the world and is grown in the world famous Kona Mountain region of Hawaii. this mix will transport you to the warm sands of the island of hawaii with its incredibly smooth flavor.

                • 10% pure kona coffee blend
                • All-Natural and Vanilla Macadamia Flavors
                • light medium roastshop macadamia nut coffee
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                  best coffee with irish cream

                  If you’re a fan of Irish cream, you’ll appreciate Volcana Coffee’s premium flavored coffee offering. their medium roast irish cream delights you with an incredibly smooth, rich and velvety flavor that captures the authenticity of quality irish cream whisky. irish creme offers a very rewarding coffee experience that I highly recommend trying. it’s impressively balanced and smooth while bursting with invigorating flavor. enjoy the classic taste of Irish cream without the alcohol but with all the caffeine.

                  • ultra soft and velvety
                  • medium roast buy irish coffee
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                    the best coffee with pecans

                    Boyer’s coffee takes our place as best pecan coffee with its lightly roasted coffee. it is perfect for those who appreciate a refined and subtle nutty flavor with enhanced nutty notes throughout the entire tasting experience. This coffee has mild acidity and a pleasant aroma that is sure to delight your senses. customer reviews highlight the smoothness of the coffee and the virtual absence of bitterness.

                    • very smooth coffee without bitterness
                    • light roast
                    • colorado handmade
                    • part of the profits are donated to build schools within the producer communities buy nut coffee
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                      fire department coffee bourbon coffee

                      The Fire Department (FDC) is a firefighter- and veteran-owned coffee company known as much for its charitable work as it is for its great coffee. We selected this particular beverage for our Best Tasting Coffee list due to its depth and uniqueness of flavor. One of FDC’s most popular is their bourbon-infused coffee, which offers the sweet, refined taste of alcohol-infused coffee. the only thing better than its deep, luxurious aroma is its equally rich flavor. it’s super smooth, super bold with subtle notes of chocolate and popcorn. Whether you’re a bourbon fan or not, you’ll likely appreciate the multi-sensory coffee experience this bourbon coffee offers.

                      • very smooth coffee without bitterness
                      • medium roast
                      • available in ground and whole grain options
                      • alcohol-free
                      • Firefighter and Veteran Owned Business
                      • buy bourbon coffee

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                        why drink flavored coffee?

                        Flavored coffee, as a genre of coffee, appeals to those who appreciate the natural flavors of a coffee bean while also wanting an extra kick of flavor.

                        From a health perspective, flavored coffee is a great alternative to sugar-laden lattes that are guaranteed to send insulin levels skyrocketing. They are also an ideal substitute for those who add large amounts of syrup to their coffee.

                        Flavored coffees have virtually no calories. this is particularly helpful for those doing intermittent fasting or fasting in general, as drinking flavored coffee will not break the fast. plus, for anyone on a ketogenic diet (like me), drinking flavored coffee won’t break keto either.

                        how to find the best tasting coffee beans for your profile

                        Believe it or not, buying the best tasting coffee beans is about more than knowing what flavor you like. there are many other variables that affect the final taste of a good cup of flavored coffee. Of course, all these variables will be subject to the individual.

                        consider the roast

                        Like all coffee, flavored coffee comes in a variety of roasts. you can choose between light, medium and dark. in some cases, coffee brands offer a medium roast which is obviously a midpoint between medium and dark roast. light roasts generally allow more of the natural flavors of the coffee beans to express themselves. on the other hand, a dark roast will have a more smoky flavor that is the result of a longer exposure to the roast. a medium roast serves as a nice balance between the two ends of the roast spectrum.

                        Most specialty coffees will be light or medium roast.

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                        consider the price

                        the price of flavored coffees varies. I found that as with most things, you get what you pay for. Certain designations like USDA Organic, Fair Trade Certified, Shade Grown, and Rain Forest Alliance will generally increase the price of coffee. As someone who may appreciate saving money on your coffee, always check to see if a business offers discount codes or coupons. many times signing up for a recurring subscription will save you additional money.

                        consider buying single origin coffee instead of blends

                        Single origin coffee is coffee originating from a single farm or region. this generally results in a higher quality coffee experience as you will enjoy consistent flavor and more importantly consistent quality. in contrast to single origin coffee, they are blends. Blends are a mix of beans from different coffee farms or regions. blends can be great, but many times not all beans are of the same quality. with certain blends, lower quality beans are used as filler.

                        ethics and business practices

                        Whether you’re buying flavored coffee or regular coffee, it’s always a good idea to check the business practices of a coffee company. the coffee industry has a very extensive supply chain. as a result, many coffee workers and farmers are drastically underpaid. Furthermore, given the worldwide popularity of coffee and mass harvesting practices, the coffee industry has certainly left its environmental mark on the world. This being the case, it is worth finding out if a coffee company practices sustainable farming and sources its coffee ethically.

                        how do you make the best tasting coffee?

                        Flavor is almost always added to coffee beans after roasting. if flavor were added to coffee beans prior to roasting, the flavor would dissipate and be lost during the roasting process. the flavor is added while the beans are still warm shortly after removing them from the roaster. Time is really very important in this process. if done too quickly while the beans are hot, the flavor will burn. if done too late, the hardened husk of the coffee bean would prevent 100% absorption.

                        The flavor added to the beans can be natural or synthetic. natural flavors tend to taste… well… more natural. Plus, when you use natural flavors, you also benefit from the antioxidants, or health benefits, that come from the natural extract.

                        The best-tasting coffee isn’t made simply by adding flavored oils to the beans. rather, it’s a detailed process that involves getting the right beans with a flavor profile that complements the added flavors. it is a formulation rather than an afterthought and the best flavored coffee brands are intimately familiar with this science.

                        what are some of the most popular coffee flavors?

                        Some of the most popular coffee flavors include seasonal Pumpkin Spice, Hazelnut, Caramel, Mint, French Vanilla, and of course, Salted Caramel. Many of the seasonal or holiday coffee flavors are highly sought after due to their limited availability. in fact, it’s not uncommon for coffee lovers to buy their favorite seasonal coffees in bulk to have a sufficient supply throughout the year.

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                        adding flavor to your coffee on your own

                        In addition to buying pre-flavored coffee, you can naturally flavor your coffee at home. For example, try adding cinnamon sticks, cloves, nutmeg, or cocoa powder to your morning drink. An added bonus is that many of these spices are rich in antioxidants and confer additional health benefits.

                        Here is a list of ways to naturally flavor your coffee after it has been brewed:

                        • raw honey
                        • cinnamon, vanilla extract, cloves, nutmeg, cocoa powder
                        • almond milk
                        • ginger
                        • stevia or monk fruit (for those who don’t want to increase insulin levels)
                        • Well, what if you don’t feel like going out and buying all the individual ingredients to flavor your coffee? After all, being a coffee snob doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate convenience. if this is the case for you, you may want to consider using java flavored sugar melts. java melts are flavored sugar made to measure for coffee. by the way, it can also be used for baking. They offer a number of flavors frequently paired with coffee, including mocha, caramel, French vanilla, and hazelnut. One nice thing about flavoring your coffee this way is that you can “season” your coffee to your liking.

                          Don’t forget that you can also use syrups to flavor your coffee. Coffee syrups are a great way to flavor your coffee to your specific preferences. There are many brands of coffee syrup to choose from, with one of the most popular coming from none other than Torani. At the same time, many coffee brands have entered this market and have produced flavorings that work particularly well with the brews they offer. brewpoint coffee is one such example, offering syrups that can be used to flavor both your coffee and cocktail.

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                          the best-tasting coffee: final thoughts

                          Our hope is that this article provides a solid introduction to the world of better tasting coffee. we also hope it has helped to dispel any unfounded stereotypes that snobbish coffee purists may have about flavored coffees.

                          the best-tasting coffee on the market (especially for coffee snobs) is often refined and subtle. when done right, the flavor is naturally full but by no means overpowering and the natural flavor of the coffee bean will remain distinctive. the list we present in this article is obviously subjective, as everyone has a different flavor profile. but we can say with certainty that these are some of the most popular coffee flavors available and will certainly help you expand your coffee horizons.

                          We will regularly update this list of the best flavored coffees. If our readers have any suggestions, feel free to comment below and share your experiences.

                          If you’re still not convinced and are just a coffee purist through and through, check out our list of the best black coffees for some great options.

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